Run Across the Moon

Scott Kolb takes his streamliner motorcycle to the limits in this documentary about speed and salt.
Jason Brownrigg
Brooklyn, New York
United States
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Run Across the Moon

The Documentary:

Scott Kolb will be the first man to take a 125cc motorcycle to 200 mph.

For seven years, he's been building the machine that will put him in the record books for ever. This year, he and his fish-shaped, blue motorcycle will make the journey to the white expanse of the Bonneville Salt Flats to do what they both are meant to do: find the absolute limit of speed and engineering.

Scott’s development of his land speed motorcycle and the pursuit of the 200 mph record are examples of the kind of creativity, passion and genius that we rarely find in our daily lives. At it’s core, the story is a simple one: Scott is building a machine, and he is going to make that machine carry him as fast as it possibly can. 200 mph is considered a milestone on the salt, and it represents a special level of achievement recognized by all land speed racers.

The motor in Scott’s motorcycle is impossibly small. At 125 cubic centimeters, it’s a size usually reserved for lawn mowers and small scooters. Starting with the smallest possible kernel of power and stretching it to a land speed record is hard. The engineering, the invention, and the methods that Scott will need to get to 200 mph are all there in his shop and in his head. Seeing Scott’s motorcycle run on the salt will be beautiful. It will carry with it each ingenious technical insight, every hour of exhausting work, and the individual hopes of everyone who has helped get it there.

This film isn’t about taking a 125cc to 200mph. It’s about not giving up on a dream of speed.

The Cast:

Scott Kolb is an engineer, fabricator, and the leader of a race team that holds seven land speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats in the high desert of Utah. After taking two years off from racing to allow for an engine upgrade and chassis redesign, the team is ready to point themselves west and tear away at the record book.

The Crew:

Jason Brownrigg is a photographer and a filmmaker who loves racing motorcycles. As director and camera operator, he’ll be our window into the world of land speed racing. He and Scott see eye to eye when it comes to bikes, form, and speed.

Emily Cameron is a writer and a filmmaker who is taking on roles as producer and camera operator for our trip to the salt. Her ability to focus on the human side of things will help balance the film, so it won’t disappear up it’s own tail pipe in a flurry of tech talk and motorcycle lingo.

Jordan Seiler is a fine artist and social activist. He joins the team as camera operator and technician. It will be Jordan who keeps the team functioning through the five days of grueling heat and unrelenting sun.

Juan Pablo Tramujas will be our sound engineer. Juan Pablo’s interest in the machines and the sounds they will make are well balanced by his ability to hear the way the wind moves across the salt. Where we are is as important as why we are there, and he’ll use his talents to bring us right there to hear the crunch of salt under our feet.

The Breakdown:

Our biggest expense is getting the crew and all the gear down to Utah to film.  Between travel, shipping, lodging, baggage, equipment rental and meals, producing this film is going to be a tall order.

Post production is our next hurdle.  We plan to work with an editor worth their salt, get the footage through color correction and audio mixing.  Not to mention licensing music.

When all is said and done, we want to get this thing into festivals.  Your funding is going to help us with submission fees to all the best film festivals. Don't worry, though, you all will be our first screeners.

Additional Help:

So, you can't donate right now.  That's okay, we need all kinds of help.  If you have access or cinema or editing equipment, happen to be a brilliant editor, have suggestions, can help with transportation-- or anything else-- we'd be happy to accept anything you have to offer. 

Please share this campaign.  Share it with your friends, your grandparents, your mechanic, your neighbor on the subway, anyone you can think of-- we need all the help we can get.  


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    You're as slick as a streamliner and as fast as they come. Earn a streamliner poster signed by Scott himself-- and the other prizes too!

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    You Salty Dogs will receive the genuine article: salt straight from the Bonneville flats. Everything else, too.

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    Record Holder

    Documentary MVPs, Lords of the Salt, your need for speed knows no bounds. For that, you've earned a producer credit on the film and the whole slew of prizes.

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