Run is a short film about a young woman getting chased by her past, hurdling through new obstacles, and recollecting the jumbled elements of her situation.
Josh Mruz
Minneapolis, Minnesota
United States
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A Minnesota made short film.  A story that explores an unconventional structure and approach.  Throughout the film we follow the character Olivia through the chaotic events of her far from ordinary day.  The story is told from her point of view as we slowly learn more and more through her jumbled recollections.  It's a drama filled action piece that comes full circle in the end.



   Josh Mruz has had a fascination with movies for as long as he can remember.  But it wasn't until his last year of high school that he realized making movies was what he really wanted to do.  After quickly trying to find film schools he stumbled upon the program at Minneapolis Community and Technical College.  After studying and working on various projects for three years, he graduated with a degree in Editing and Post-Production.  At MCTC, Josh was nominated for "Best Editing" at the school's annual Excellence Awards for "Your Mother's a Hunt".  Josh has been working hard as an editor on numerous projects including: short films, music videos, and most recently, five episodes of a web series.  He also co-directed the halloween themed short film "My Favorite Holiday" last year, and directed the recently release music video "Sleep when we're dead".

My Favorite Holiday:

Sleep when we're dead:

Editing Demo Reel:



   Samirah Abu-Nasser has also been drawn to movies for as long as she can remember.  Over the last year and a half, she has been pursuing numerous projects as an actress and model including a nice little short film "For The Love Of Chocolate" and the award winning Z-Fest short film "Episode 5".  But she's not just interested in being in front of the camera.  She is also a passionate student in the film production program at Augsburg College.  With this project especially, she is interested in testing her abilities as a producer.  Her and Josh came up with the story and script for Run.  In the future she would like to move on to directing a project of her own.

For The Love Of Chocolate:

Episode 5:


Director of Photography

   Anthony Cousins is a real up and coming cinematographer in the Twin Cities.  Also an MCTC Cinema Program alumni, Anthony has a great visual eye.  He is known for his love of the horror, but he's really just a movie lover like the rest of us, a fan of every genre.  Josh and Anthony met in their first year in the program, and slowly started becoming great friends.  They have worked on many projects together including "My Favorite Holiday" which Anthony served as a co-director and dp.  Most recently Anthony co-founded the production company Pandemic Pictures, where he shoots and produces a number of short films, music videos, and commercials.  We're very excited to have him on the project!

Cinematography Demo Reel:


What we need and why?

This campaign is essential in helping us get the film made.  We are all very passionate about filmmaking, this project in particular.  But the truth is, making movies isn't cheap.  We're all starving artists, and we work hard at our day jobs to get by.  We can't really afford to make these films completely out of our pocket.  So we're looking to our supporters (who we are forever grateful for) to help us get this thing off the ground.  We have a cast and crew of good talented friends who are awesome enough to work on the project for free.  But there's some shortcuts we can't take, things that we just need to make this project hit it's full potential.  Some of those include:

- Feeding the cast and crew (we plan to shoot for 3 days)

- Wardrobe

- Props and Art Direction

- Makeup

- Equipment rentals (including lenses, nd filters, lights, stands, sandbags, dolly and track, handheld rigs, etc.)

- Sound (hiring a good and trusted production sound recorder, and whatever equipment they may need including: sound recorder, mics, boom pole, etc.)


We will NOT be taking any of this money as rates for our selves.  Whether we reach our goal or not, every cent we make will go towards this film.  There are ways we can cut corners if we have to.  But the less shortcuts we have to take, the easier it will be for us to focus on what's happening in the scene and the better film we will be able to make.  If we exceed our goal, the same goes.  The more we raise, the more luxury we will have to make every shot, every scene, and every detail as awesome as we imagined.

Any help is a big help.

It doesn't matter if you can donate $10 or $100.  Every contribution will help us get just one step closer to achieving our vision.  We'll never be able to thank you all enough for your help, but we do have some cool perks for those of you who can contribute.  

And even if you can't contribute in a finacial way, you can still help us by spreading the word and sharing our campaign.  

This film will be MINNESOTA MADE to support our Twin Cities film community!

Thank you all so much just for taking the time to check out our campaign!  We can't do this without you!

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    Get an exclusive chance to watch a work in progress cut of the film. And ask Director Josh Mruz anything you want about how the film was made and anything you want about any part of the process. Plus all the previous perks including an Executive Producer credit!

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