Rubitect: help us combat a common life threatening condition with technology

Milestone 1: Initial clinical prototype development and testing

                     About Rubitection Inc.

Rubitection is a medical device start-up company in Pittsburgh, PA. We are developing a technology to address the clinical need for effective and reliable early bedsore detection and assessment with a technology we are developing called the Rubitect Assessment System. It was initially invented and developed at a research laboratory at Carnegie Mellon University. We are continuing the development of the technology outside of the laboratory to produce a tool to help improve patient care by providing clinicians with an objective method to accurately evaluate a patient's skin independant of the patient's skin color or the caregiver's skill level. To date we have successfully designed, and tested a laboratory experimental prototype. The results of the tests indicated the technology works. However to get the technology to caregivers and patients, we need to continue its development outside of the laboratory. We want to continue to move forward with your help to achieve our first milestone of developing our first clinical prototype. 

                                                     Why we need your help!

  • We need funding to continue development outside of a laboratory setting 
  • We want to make our technology avaiable to clinicians to help patients
  • Traditional funding sources have been difficult  to secure in a recovering economy for early development
  • With your KIND support we can raise bedsore awareness  

             The problem we are addressing

  • Difficulty with the monitoring and the assessing early stage bedores
  • Unreliable early bedsore detection due to subjective manual testing techniques which relies on manual and visual inspection
  • Difficulty with detecting bedsores early on light and dark skin colors

                               About our technology, The Rubitect Assesment System

  • It is a handheld tool
  • It will allow reliable early bedsore detection by a caregiver
  • It will provide quantitative and objective detection of an early stage bedsores on any skin color
  • It is non-invasive (safe, a thermometer is non-invasive tool)
  • It can be used by caregivers in a nursing home, hospital, or home care setting

          Current milestones

  • $250,000 will help us complete the initial phase of development
  • We want to make a functional prototype for future testing on patients 

        Why you should care

  • Bedsores are preventable with effective early assessment and treatment
  • Bedsores are common wounds around the world
  • Bedsores are a threat to public health and the economy
  • Wealthy actor Christopher Reeves lost his life to a bedsore (if it can happen to him it can happen to anyone, even you)
  • 60,000 people die every year from bedsores in the US 
  • Bedsores can be a sign of negligent care 
  • Bedsores affect 2.3 million people in the US including diabetics
  • Bedsores cost the US healthcare system (you) $11 billion in 2006
  • Medicare does not reimburse for bedsores acquired in health facilities since they are considered a medical error
  • This is an opportunity for YOU to participate in improving the standard of healthcare and improving overall quality of care for patients

               How can YOU help US!

      1. FundingYou can can donate any amount to help fund our current milestone of raising $250,000 to build a clinical prototype of our technology.

  • Our 1st major milestone gets us one step closer  to a final product that we can give to caregivers to improve care
  • Our long term goal is raise enough money to complete a series of milestones to get this technology into the hands of caregivers.
  • To do that we will eventually need to raise a total of $3 million. We will raise this amount through launching various milestone-based funding campaigns.
  • You can help us achieve our long term goal by spreading the word!  If we can raise the money early, then we can focus on developing the technology and making it available for you and your loved ones.  
  • NOTE: Please note that all donations will be considered a gift and are therefore NOT TAX deductible.

      2. Sharing: Tell your friends and family. SPREAD THE WORD! 

  • Even if you can't contribute right now, tell your family and friends to visit this page (www.indiegogo.com/rubitection) to support us, raise awareness, and check out the COOL prizes they can receive for supporting a good cause. 

      3. Awareness: Share your experience with bedsores on our facebook page and on our twitter page. Share any information you feel would boarden awareness.

  • Tell us your about your experience or the experience of your loved one to raise awareness
  • Follow us on Twitter and Like Us on Facebook

      4. Healthcare Locations: Suggest a healthcare facility, hospice, home care agency, or nursing home that you think would benefit from our technology or who would want it,

          Who our technology benefits

  • Anyone with limited mobility at risk for bedsore development
  • Diabetics (diabetic foot ulcers are a type of bedsore wound)
  • People in the intensive care unit
  • Individuals in nursing homes
  • People with lower body impariments (paraplegics, Veterans, etc)
  • Elderly (65+ years or older)

                                     What we will do if we raise more money

We will use the money to support the next prototype development, business development, and to further investigate Food and Drug Adminstration (FDA) regulations for the technology. Getting this technology to caregivers will take a significant amount of finanical support because its a medical technology and must follow required guidelines and certified processes.


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