Row House Cinema

Row House Cinema is a new single screen neighborhood movie theater in Pittsburgh, PA. Help us bring it to life!

We are building a neighborhood based, single screen movie theater from scratch in the City of Pittsburgh with amazing popcorn and beer.

What are we doing?

Our goal is to create a movie theater in the heart of Pittsburgh to showcase classic and cult films spanning all ages of cinema. The theater will feature approximately 90 of the highest quality stadium seats. We have gutted an existing building and renovations are currently underway. In addition to the cinema, we are also opening up a beer store under the same roof which will provide our customers with one of the largest selections of craft beer in the city of Pittsburgh.

Why are we doing this?

When looking at the ongoing revival of the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh, we noticed something was missing. Going to the movies is something everyone loves to do (there is nothing more classic then the "dinner & a movie" date). The theater will be a social gathering point, and our project will be something that local residents can take pride in.  We also want to provide a space for the community to host events and to use as they see fit.

Architectural plans for the new theater.

Why do we need your help?

In a country dominated by giant multiplexes, opening up a small theater will require all the help we can get. Since we are the first single screen theater (not related to a museum) to open in the United States in the past thirty years we going against the industry standard.  We have thought long and hard about the challenges we will face as a small theater such as competing with the large chains, dealing with the movie distributors, the rise of online streaming, and not showing current blockbuster movies. While these could seem daunting, we think that going against the grain will be our biggest strength, and allow us to operate successfully. We're building out our space to allow for multi-purpose use, which will let us host events other then just screening movies.

The costs involved in a new project like this add up very quickly.  We've raised a lot of the money we need on our own, but we are looking to the community to help us reach our goal.

Architectural plans for the new theater.

Where is your money going?

  • Going Digital!  35mm film is a thing of the past. Within this year, digital projection will be the industry standard. With its higher quality video & audio and ease of distribution, all the movie production companies are switching to this format. In order for any theater to screen a movie, their equipment must be up to the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) standards set by the industry. Unfortunately, many theaters will be closing their doors due to the cost of involved in upgrading to these standards and converting to digital projectors. 
  • Concessions!  Popcorn popper, soda machine, candy dispensers, etc. We need to purchase everything a movie theater needs to operate.  We always want to offer the highest quality product possible.  No stale popcorn here!
  • Liquor License!  Our liquor license will allow moviegoers to bring a beer from our bar into the theater with them.  Also, with the attached project of Atlas Bottle Works, guests will have access to over 600 different craft beer selections to choose from.  
  • Seats!  By building high quality stadium seating, we are ensuring that everyone will be comfortable and have a great view of the screen.
  • Construction!  We took the existing building down to the studs, and are now building up the theater from scratch. 

This is the current stage of our renovations. Lots of work to do!

What are you getting back?

Backing our campaign not only makes you an awesome person, but it gets you some great stuff! This is a great way for you to help us meet our goal and gives you a chance to come and check out the theater when our project is finished. Every dollar counts, so we are offering rewards for every level of donor.

Help us out a little and get your name on the big screen, tickets, concessions, and t-shirts, and merchandise.

Contribute a little more and you can get an annual pass, be forever commemorated with a donator plaque on our most prime seats, or tickets to special events (including a dinner with famous Hollywood producer Pieter Jan Brugge, who has produced the movies you see below).

Be an MVP of our indiegogo and you'll be very handsomely rewarded. We're talking about advertising space for your business, picking a movie marathon for use to show, or even a rental of the entire theater for any kind of event you want (another great reward for a business).

Oh, and by the way...everyone gets a sticker!

Thanks From Us

We want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for helping us reach our funding goal.  Every single dollar counts!  Without your generosity, ventures like ours would not be possible.  If you like our project but can't contribute at this time, do the next best thing and spread the word to people in your community. Lets get everyone excited for what is sure to be a wonderful addition to Pittsburgh! 

Team on This Campaign: