Help director Jacob G. Klein make a compelling short film that sheds light on the futility of hopelessness and the power perception has on shaping our reality.

Short Summary

We would like to take a second to talk to you about our upcoming short film project Rope Ladder, a powerful and compelling short film with a  gut wrenching twist ending that will leave you on the edge of your seat.  

It’s a story about a group of interconnected characters, each suffering in solitude, who turn to a rope and ladder for a solution to their problems. Though they are all struggling with hopelessness, their perception and choices lead them to use the same two tools in starkly different ways. It’s a raw and at times gritty portrayal of hopelessness, and how our perception leads to choices; choices that ultimately influence our reality.  

At first glance, you might think that this is just a "dark suicide film". Though, it does involve this topic and it is dark at times, this is not the case. It has a much broader meaning, one that we believe is profound and emotive. It is a film that has heart!

We believe that our duty as filmmakers is to tell stories that move us, stories that can impact the audience in ways that transcend simple "entertainment". We want to inspire as well as entertain with our art and we are confident that Rope Ladder will do exactly that. 

About the Director

Jacob Klein is an award winning American filmmaker based out of Norfolk, Virginia. As a child, he began making short sketches and fake advertisements on the family video camera. The desire to tell stories with the camera never left, and after spending the early years after graduating from college in the business world, he felt the call to tell stories rise up inside. He moved his family and dove head first into film making while simultaneously pursuing an MFA  in Film Production, so that he can teach later on in life. 

He is an artist at his very core. In high school, he began writing a novel and over the last few years, this passion has shifted towards screenwriting. He is a musician and has spent time touring around the east coast as a lead guitarist. He also has an in home audio and video studio where he produces music and edits his films. 

He is a highly visual story teller who admires the aesthetic and visual story telling techniques of directors such as Paul Thomas Anderson, Robert Altman, Terrence Malick and Joel Coen, to name a few. 

Demo Reel:

What We Need

We have a big vision for this film, but in order to bring this vision to life, we need money; a decent amount of it. Please understand, this is not a "for-profit" project. All of the money we raise will be used to cover production related costs such as:

Cast: We have a talented cast coming in from LA and other parts of the country. They are not only amazing actors, but they are amazing people and we want to take care of them while they are here. 

Crew: The same holds true for our crew. We have skilled local and regional crew members and we need money to cover their expenses, put them up and feed them.

We just locked our Director of Photography, Austin Burnette, http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3669023/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1 ). Austin has served as DP on feature films and shorts alike and we are excited about the skill and artistry that he will be bringing to Rope Ladder

Production Design, art department and props: We have an amazing Production designer who will be showcasing some of her skills and talents as she heads up the art department. We need to cover her expenses and give her the tools that she needs to make the film sets look amazing! And we know that she will!

Gear: We are renting some very specific camera and grip/electric gear to help the director, Jacob Klein, achieve the aesthetic look that he is going for. We also want this project to be the highest quality possible, and in order to accomplish this task, we need the best tools available. 

POST: We feel that a film is directed twice; once on the set, and a second time in editing. We need cash to cover editing and color correction to ensure that our film comes out looking as  polished as possible. We also need funds to cover audio post production and sound design. 

FESTIVALS: We are confident that this film is going to be amazing and we want to share it with as many people as possible. We will be going after heavy film festival distribution and we need money to cover our entry fees.

Lastly we need a little spare change for Murphy’s law, we have planned till our fingers have bled but we can’t see into the future. A little spare change will alleviate any problems that could potentially arise.

What you get

Your donations are huge! They mean more to us than you know and we want to reward your generosity! If someone takes the time to give us something, we don’t want to offer a bunch of items that will be shoved in a drawer next month.

Check out our perks and see what rung you can reach on our ladder of awesomeness!!

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t help financially at this time that’s OK, we completely understand. However, you can still help us by drumming up noise for our campaign . Share this page on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites to help get people on board for this outstanding project! With your help, we are confident that we can succeed in reaching our goal! Thank you for your Generosity!

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