Rolled This Way

A nerdy, sexy, fun music video parody of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" ...about Dungeons & Dragons!

We're making a nerdy, sexy, fun music video parody of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" ...about Dungeons & Dragons!  Check out the video above to hear the song.


You enter the Crossed Sabers tavern in Edenfall.  Surely somebody here is looking for adventurers to hire.  You look around amongst the cutthroats and mercenaries.  Tis a dangerous place.

Then you see her.

She is Lady Go-Diva, a glamorous bard, renowned for her song parodies.  She tells you that she has written a new song called “Rolled This Way,” a Dungeons & Dragons parody of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way."  The song is recorded and mixed, and her next quest is to make a music video of it. "The scale is grand.  I will need at least thirty members, cast and crew, to make this happen.  Those I have, but now I seek the funding.”

The room stills as the epicness of this task overtakes those within.

“I am recruiting a party of contributors to partake in an epic quest to fund this music video.”  She turns to you and looks you dead in the eye.

“Will you join me?”



You open your vorpal wallet, then pause to ask, “What will you do with my money, fair maiden?”

“That’s a great question,” she replies with a grin. “ Your INT must be at least 15.”

All tributes will go to:

  • Stage of Sound - We need to rent a large sound stage to shoot on.


  • Basic Gear - Swords and spells are easy, but we are going need to rent cameras, lights, microphones, and more.


  • Set Rations - Hard tack will not cut it for our cast and crew.  The hours will be long and we want to feed our party appropriately.


  • Chest of Drama! - Props, costumes, make-up and the little things that will make this fabulous!  Anything we can't get donated or borrowed.


  • Writ of Insurance - Between the space, equipment and the workman's comp (oh yes, there will be stunts) we need a million dollars of liability insurance.  Seriously, ONE MEEEEEEEEEELLION DOLLARS!



To complete this quest a tribute must be made.  After making a perception roll, you realize that the more you give, the more loot you will receive in return.  How much will you pay in tribute?

$5  --  +5 to Coolness:  You’re so awesome that I will personally sing your praises to my nearly 5000 twitter followers for your contribution.  And by sing, I mean tweet a thank you. (Include your twitter handle in the comment if you would like us to use it)

$10  --  Level 10 Summon Music Spell: We will give you a downloadable copy of “Rolled This Way” that you can put on your portable music playing device thingy.  It has a great beat for running from a horde of kobolds.

$25  --  Runes of Secrecy: We will email you exclusive, behind the scenes photos from the set!  

$50  --  Not a Mimic: You will receive a shoutout on twitter, a free song download, and exclusive set photos.  This treasure box will not try to eat you.  Promise.

$100  --  Haversack of Infinite Awesomeness - Not only will you receive a shoutout on twitter, a free song download, and exclusive set photos; but we will mail you a personally autographed promotional photo of Lady Go-Diva.  Be sure to include your name, email, and mailing address.

$250  --  Immortality: If you are in Los Angeles on Oct. 21 and over the age of 18, we will dress you up as an adventurer and put you IN THE VIDEO!  (Limit 5)



Lady Go-Diva sighs heavily.  

“Should we fail, all will be lost.  There will be no music video, for I can not afford the expenses from the meager coin in my pouch.”


The bard smiles again.  She takes your hand and pulls you into a whirl.

“Oh the things we could do!” she exclaims in delight as she dances you around the pub.  “We could rent armor to make our costumes more authentic.  We could purchase more insurance to include FIRE stunts.  We can make it even more fantastic than we could ever imagine!”




Dizzy from dancing and excited for the quest at hand, you take a moment to steady yourself.

“Aside from paying tribute, fair bard, how else may I assist you in your quest?” you ask.

That’s easy.  Spread the word!  Link to this page on Facebook or Twitter.  Geeks helping geeks is the greatest love of all.



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