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The world's 1st premium, triple-barrel smoke pipe.
Chicago, Illinois
United States
1 Team Member

*rolét contains no electronics - it is not an e-cigarette.

Engineered with precision, the rolét™ is a premium device for the casual smoker. Social like a hookah and pocketable like a cigar, it was designed to embrace the organic camaraderie that smoking creates between friends and strangers alike. Whether it's sharing a smoke on the ski lift with a stranger or at a music festival with friends, the rolét is all about portability, sharing, and convenience!


1. Load the three chambers with loose-leaf.
2. Slide the sleeve over the main device to a secure fit.
3. Light the exposed chamber with a basic lighter or match then smoke.

Prototype 1

rolét's design was originally conceived and fabricated as a single cylindrical device with three exposed channels and three corresponding carb holes. After completing this prototype and testing it out with friends, a number of areas for improvement were identified. Some of the key brainstorming insights were:

  • Users had difficulty aligning the flame with the targeted chamber.
  • The flame often burned chambers that weren't being targeted.
  • Multiple exposed holes interfered with the devices per use efficacy.
  • The device lost aesthetic appeal once a chamber was burned.

Prototype 2

Early design and engineering refinements produced the above prototype which aimed to address the user concerns and insights mentioned above. The solution for the majority of concerns, was a cylindrical sleeve which reduced usage to one chamber / carb hole connection at a time, made the device more air tight, and maintained a clean appearance between the device's three chamber usage cycle.

New insights for improvement identified in this prototyping round:

  • Create a secure fit between the sleeve and main device.
  • Create a tactile indexing mechanism to improve communication of the three chamber rotation.
  • Create a flush and integrated appearance at the connection point.
  • Additional engineering refinements to the internal geometry of the device for improved reliability.

Prototype 3

*Prototype 3 prior to DLC Surface Finish Test

*Prototype 3 in Black DLC Matte Finish

Updated refinements produced the above looks-like works-like prototype. You'll notice the stainless steel ball plunger in the second picture which is one of my favorite features of the device. Not only does the ball plunger create a smooth and secure fit + rotation mechanism, but it aligns nicely with the device's overall design simplicity. It also provides the user with a wonderful tactile mechanism for more intuitive use. This is the prototype that was used in the rolét video, and it's currently being tested for life cycle failures.

Overall, I'm very pleased with where development stands to date, and I will have a new production sample prototype to show off very soon.

Design Details

rolét is a two-part cylindrical device enhanced by a handful of premium design features:

First, there is a  17.5mm diameter x 126.5mm length cylindrical Aluminum Pipe with three internal  ¼” inch diameter extruded Smoke Channels which run the length of the device, converging at the Inhalation-End. Each Smoke Channel has its own corresponding Carb Hole.

A cylindrical Sleeve slides directly over the aluminum pipe to create a flush and continuous appearance. A ball plunger, commonly found in screwdrivers, is used to create a positive and secure fit between the pipe and sleeve. The sleeve closes the device at the Burn End with a Chamber Reveal Hole which limits access to one Chamber at a time. The sleeve also has a Carb Reveal Hole that aligns with the Smoke Channel in use.

Bonus: It Hits Dangerously Smooth!

Another major part of the design and engineering effort with the rolét was focused on solving an age-old smokers pain point - that burning, unforgettable choke cough.  To do so, I specifically chose to fabricate the rolét out of an Aluminum alloy, which in unison with rolét’s unique geometry, creates a brilliant, patent-pending, heat transfer effect.

Explained in more detail, instead of inhaling the smoke directly from the chamber at burning temperature like you would with a normal pipe, the combination of rolét’s aluminum material and geometry create a highly efficient heat transfer through a thermal engineering principle commonly referred to as a heat sink. As smoke flows along the length of the rolét smoke channels, the heat transfers into the alloy walls of the device dissipating the heat to a near-ambient inhalation temperature. This is the same method commonly used in cooling high-performance computer chips.

smoke socially™

Thanks to Teelaunch for providing rolét t-shirts and stickers!

Important Delivery Information

The rolét™ will be available for most countries throughout the world. rolét will not be held liable for any additional shipping and customs duties that occur outside the USA. This is because rolét will not use local logistics hubs outside of the US; all items will be shipped from the the US.

For backers in Illinois, please add an additional $5 to your pledge amount to cover local sales tax.

For International / non-US backers, please note that rolét will charge an additional $20 for most pledges to cover shipping and other costs.

If you have a specific question about shipping, please message me and I'll do my absolute best to support you!  #smokesocially


1. What type of cleaning/maintenance is necessary?

The rolét can be cleaned using basic soap and water, rubbing alcohol or other standard pipe cleaning chemicals. You can also insert a standard size pipe straw through the inhalation end and pull it out through the burn end to further clear the device's channels.

2. What are the dimensions and weight of the rolét?

 126.5mm length x 17.5mm diameter. It weighs approximately 2.5 ounces.

3. What materials are used in the construction of the device? What will the smoke come into contact with before reaching my lungs?

The product will be made entirely of hard-anodized aluminum which is a durable food-safe material that also spreads excess heat.


rolét branded products are for adult use only. To become a backer of this campaign, you must be 18 years or older and abide by all local laws.

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  • $3USD

    On top of receiving exclusive rolét project updates about ongoing development and the story of its creation, rolét will pay-it-forward through the device's magical power of three - to good people everywhere!

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    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $10USD

    Show the world you love us with a "rolét: Smoke Socially" Sticker Decal to put on your guitar case, car, cooler, laptop, snowboard, surfboard, or anywhere else you'd like to stick it. *Includes Shipping to US Domestic (Add $5 for non-US or International Shipping).

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    Estimated delivery: October 2013
  • $25USD

    Show the world you love us with a "rolét: Smoke Socially" American Apparel T-Shirt and Sticker Decal. *Please indicate your shirt size (Mens: S-3X or Ladies: XS-2X). Includes Shipping to US Domestic (Add $5 for non-US / International Shipping).

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    Estimated delivery: October 2013
  • $75USD

    Be the first of your friends to own an original rolét device at a significant Indiegogo discount! *Includes Shipping to US Domestic (Add $20 for non-US / International Shipping).

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    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $89USD

    Get a Sticker & T-Shirt + become the 1st of your friends to own an original rolét Device at significant savings. *Please indicate your shirt size (Mens: S-3X or Ladies: XS-2X). *Includes Shipping to US Domestic (Add $20 for non-US / International Shipping).

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    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $195USD

    Get three (3) roléts at an exclusive Indiegog price. *Includes Shipping to US Domestic (Add $20 for non-US / International Shipping).

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    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $295USD

    Get five (5) roléts discount at an exclusive Indiegogo price. *Includes Shipping to US Domestic (Add $20 for Non-US / International Shipping).

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    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $495USD

    Get ten (10) roléts at an exclusive Indiegogo price. *Includes Shipping to US Domestic (Add $20 for Non-US / International Shipping).

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    Estimated delivery: December 2013
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