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"ROCKBOTTOM - Songs of no money" is a feature documentary about poverty and rock´n´roll !
Marc Helfers
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"ROCKBOTTOM - Songs of no money"

is a feature documentary about poverty and Rock´n´Roll.

Five episodes showcasing a variety of musicians from different dirty cities all over the world - united in their struggle and their unbelievable, outstanding musical talent.
They won´t stop, they won´t go away, they are resilient and stars in their own right - „ROCKBOTTOM“ is the first film about poverty and Rock´n´Roll !

The film has an international approach - with me, the director Marc Helfers and the  production company Neue Stereo Filmproduction coming from Berlin/Germany. 

„I have always been interested in the unknown faces of Rock´n´Roll, the so-called underdogs, who represent what I believe is the true soul of rebellious music.
Hasn´t greatness in music always come from struggle, poverty and rebellion ?
Music that moves me is rebelmusic - coming from the blues, developing into rock´n´roll and growing into punk, reggae, hiphop !
My protagonists are confronted with struggle, they are the antithesis of superstardom."

Aside me as the director, there is Martin Groß on the project as executive producer.
Our company - Neue Stereo Filmproduction (www.neuestereo.com) - is our common baby and it has been for a while now. The company is state of the art, when it comes to music and film.
I have directed over 60 musicvideos for the European market, was nominated for the German Grammy called ECHO and Martin and I have documented and featured many famous stars and musicians in many of our documentaries and films about music.

The topic of „lack of money“ is spoken about in interviews and thoughts by the musicians. The film shows their current situation and avoids too many recounts of the past and opinions of other people - it´s all about their personal views, ways of life, statements and the current storm they are put up against.

The soundtrack to the film are songs of different genres, all dealing with the topic "lack of money".  This is the reason for the subtitle „Songs of no money“.

We have already started working on this film, but it is a million miles away from completion.
If all goes well and this campaign and all that follows is a success, we should be able to finish the film by the start of 2015.

Two episodes of the five (maybe even six) episodes have already been shot at our own costs.

Some of this material was used to create the trailers for this campaign.
Here´s a short introduction to the first two protagonists.

Our Protagonists

Super Bad Brad is a guy from Brooklyn, who´s been singing on the streets of New York for almost 30 years. The same street corners, the same soulful songs from the 70s, a time of uprising and a time when New York was wild, crazy and dangerous.
Super Bad Brad is still wearing the same shirt, as he did when he first set up his Boombox and Mic in the 80s, but the New York around him is not the same anymore - it now is clean, very safe and boring. „I'm the only one left ! They did away with all the other freaks. They´re all gone, while I'm still there. I won´t give in just yet ! Consider it my form of civil disobedience“ he says.

Texas Terri Bomb is a "fucking living legend".
She started her career in L.A., at the end of the 80s. Crazy times, drugs all over the place and lots of fun. She made many famous friends at that time - Marylin Manson or  Angelina Jolie... But then Tex never became rich and wealthy - she became the queen of the underground.
„But sometimes being a legend simply doesn´t pay your rent ! I am the best known unsucessful person in the world !“ she says.
She is almost 60 and is far away from sunny LA, stuck in a small apartment in Berlin. Once again she is at the crossroads of life, earning money at the cloakcheck and still fighting to continue with her music. „Never shut up !“ is one of her Undergroundhits and symptomatic for her situation.
Critics say she´s the female Iggy Pop !
You´re in trouble, if you´d just call her Terri - so: don´t mess with Texas !

What do we need the money for ?

These two very inspiring, great protagonist are the starting point for „ROCKBOTTOM“.

The crowdfunding campaign starts from here, not aiming at paying for the complete film, but for the next steps, the absolutely vital costs that have to be covered - mainly costs for traveling to the next possible protagonists. (see „what we need“ below)

We are currently looking for the three other stars for the movie.

The episodes should represent very different angles on the subject, which is why the following musical styles and places are on our wishlist for further shooting:

DUBLIN a mostly drunk irish folkpoet.
BEIRUT Lebanon´s only Reggaeartist, still singing about peace.
BAMACO/ACCRA young hiphop artist from Westafrica.
JAPAN an electronic artist lost in cables and gadgets.
SOUTHAFRICA forgotten jazz legend

Nothing is set and certain, apart from that this story wants and needs to be told. We will research on the remaining cast and narrative for the film and will keep you informed on every step of the way.

What we need ?

This film is costly. Not only does it take a lot of time in research, production and postproduction, but there are also the actual costs for all that is needed to make a film. These are positions like equipment, travel expenses, rights issues....the list goes on.

The overall cost of the film will be approximately 85.000 Euro !
It would be difficult to fund this huge amount from Indiegogo, which is why, we have reduced our funding goal to 15.000 Euro! After deducting all fees to indiegogo, paypal, ect we will be left with approx. 13.600 Euro.  

Of course, it would be superb and of substancial use, if we exceed the goal !

Whatever exceeds the goal will cover further costs from there on.
Let´s aim for more, but 13.600 Euro is our minimum goal !

We have several great people working on the film aside Martin and me, soundpeople, extra camera people, graphic designers...

EVERYONE working on the film has agreed to do this for free, untill we make profit from it in the end.
All of us will personally not receive anything from the Indiegogo campaign.
Thank you for all the help to these people !

Our aim of 13.600 Euro will enable us to continue on the project and would cover the necessities, the actual hard costs, that we can´t afford to put in the project ourselves, aside of our time, equipment and effort we are already throwing in the ring.

In detail we need:

Adequate „Thank you“ payment for every musical protagonist
Travelexpenses for 3-4 further destinations
Accommodation during time of shooting
Visas and Permits for shooting.
Starter-Budget for handling musical rights issues.

How to support ROCKBOTTOM ?

The financial support through this campaign is vital for the film.
If you really like the trailer, the idea and feel, please do support us !

We have a wide range of interesting perks. Check them out ! Become a No1Fan !

Please LIKE and SHARE and contact us on Facebook !


In order to widen the outreach of the campaign, make sure to post it on your social networks, via Mail and personal conversation. 

Spreading the word is so important.

And in any case, be sure, we are very thankful for your help however big or small !

Martin Groß/Marc Helfers

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  • €5EUR

    Imagine this: Our film is a streetmusician on your streetblock ! You are walking by and throwing in a few coins. Every Euro counts. As a WANDERER we will send you a private thank you note and updates on the project via EMail.

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    Estimated delivery: June 2014
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    DIG IT !

    If you say „I DIG IT“ and you really want it...you will get a digital copy of our film for this very low price. Never again will it be available at this price. Here´s the Digital Online Version in HD

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    Become the headliner of our line - up. This perk is the regular ticket to our show. We thank you ever so much. HEADLINER receive the following: Digital Online Version in HD (+additional scenes and songs) Special Digital Online Booklet with stories and pictures about ROCKBOTTOM.

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  • €40EUR

    Become our groupie and you will have access to our Premiere and Aftershow Party in Berlin and of course... Digital Online Version in HD (+additional scenes and songs) Special Digital Online Booklet with stories and pictures about ROCKBOTTOM. ....and a mention on our „Funder´s Wall“ on our Website for all GROUPIES.

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    Estimated delivery: February 2015
  • €40EUR

    So you´re OLD SCHOOL...great ! We will gladly supply you with our film - In a box, assembled by us just for you, the postman will bring you: Private DVD Copy of our film Digital Online Version in HD (+additional scenes and songs) Special Digital Online Booklet with stories and pictures about ROCKBOTTOM. ROCKBOTTOM Stickers, Poster and Button ! (does not include postal costs)

    5 out of 500 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2015
  • €50EUR

    It's the same as the OLDSCHOOL perk, but it's deluxe! Why? The musicians and the musicians and the director will sign it!

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    Estimated delivery: February 2015
  • €80EUR

    You re a NUMBER ONE FAN ? We will give you more too. The encore consists of everything included in the OLDSCHOOL Perks plus a Rock Bottom T-Shirt ! You decide whether you want Texas Terri Bomb or Super Bad Brad on the Shirt. 25 Euro of the Perk go to the musicians directly ! This way you can help make the film and help your favourite musician along. (does not include postal costs) ....and you will get a mention on our „Funder´s Wall“ on our Website for all NUMBER ONE FANS.

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    Estimated delivery: February 2015
  • €125EUR

    For those of you who would like to get in touch on a deeper level we have this package. It includes our film and 30 Minutes of ILL COMMUNICATION. Including: Digital Online Version in HD (+additional scenes and songs) Special Digital Online Booklet with stories and pictures about ROCKBOTTOM. A special Skypeconference of 30 Minutes with you and some of the people behind ROCKBOTTOM answering any question thinkable on the topic of his film.

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  • €125EUR

    You are mentioned in our thank you credits at the end of our film and will receive... Digital Online Version in HD (+additional scenes and songs) Special Digital Online Booklet with stories and pictures about ROCKBOTTOM.

    4 out of 50 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2015
  • €300EUR

    If you´d like to entertain your friends with a ROCKBOTTOM evening...The director or producer will come around and show the film and will be ready for question and answers. Also: Digital Online Version in HD (+additional scenes and songs) Special Digital Online Booklet with stories and pictures about ROCKBOTTOM. ....and a mention on our „Funder´s Wall“ on our Website for all ENTERTAINERS.

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  • €1,000EUR

    Book one of our CAST (TXT for Berlin SBB for NYC) for half an hour of exclusive Solo Liveshow. ROCKBOTTOM Live ! Just for you, at your event, party, whatever. You´ll also receive the digital copy, the DVD and a T-Shirt. This offers goes out to all of you in NYC and Berlin only ! 400 Euro of the money will go straight to the artist and the rest goes to support our film.

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    Estimated delivery: February 2015
  • €1,500EUR

    Hey, big spender. We will be exceptionally happy to welcome you on our team. Every BIG SPENDER is seen as an Assosociate Producer ! You not only receive a very special mention in the credits, but you will receive all of the listed perks above and a invitation for 5 to be our guest at the Berlin Premiere of the film. We wont pay your trip, but will get a special treat when you get here. Anybody can become a BIG SPENDER and help ROCKBOTTOM get on it´s feet.

    0 out of 4 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2015
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