Rock Your Inner Mama! A new mindful parenting CD

In this new CD, I guide parents to create the family dynamic of their dreams with patience, mindfulness and compassion.


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In Just One Simple CD, I’ll Show You How To Start, End & Live Each Day As The Amazing Parent You Strive To Be.

Dear Rockin’ Mamas (And Dads, You Rock Too),

I knew I had landed on a unique idea when I could confidently call myself “Cool as a Cucumber” during my son’s major meltdowns.   

I also knew I was onto something when my parent coaching clients started asking me to record our sessions so that they could listen to my guided visualizations over and over again. 

Now, it’s time to get this CD on the market so that parents everywhere can have a quick and easy way to reset themselves and show up for their kids as completely awesome.  When we act consistently with our parenting goals and family values, we thrive.  And when we thrive, our kids thrive.  That’s what this CD is all about.  Listening to this CD inspires parents to stop their habit of barely surviving and build new practices of parenting with compassion, positivity and strategies that work.    


It’s Like A Quick Mental Yoga Workout For Parents 

I use these visualizations during parent coaching calls and my clients love them.   They are relaxing, practical and related to the core set of principles from which I coach, known as the “Rock Your Inner Mama Mantras.”  My clients wanted these recorded, so here we are, making a CD.   With this CD, I can help more parents say with confidence, “I’m cool as a cucumber,” and truly mean it.     


About To Fly Off The Handle?  Relax Your Body and Open Your Heart To A New Way Of Parenting  

  • Start the morning right with a 3-minute reminder of your parenting goals.
  • Listen in the car for 5 minutes before you pick your kids up from school or come home from a busy work day.
  • Prepare yourself for tricky transitions, meal time stress and bedtime battles.    
  • Say Good Night with a sense of peace, gratitude and compassion.  
  • Overcome insomnia as you fall asleep to soothing music and positive imagery. 
  • Learn how to set your intention to be a rockin’ parent in any circumstance.

Let Me Guide You On A Journey To The Heart Of Parenting.  Your Kids Will Thank You!  Mine Did. 

When I started my private practice as a PCI Certified Parent Coach® & Strategist, I began seeing huge results in the lives of my clients AND in my own family.   I have two spirited boys who challenge me every day to rise above my ego and dig deep (inside and out) for strength and wisdom.  My children reap the benefits as much as I do.  We all reach a boiling point, and we all need support.   That’s why I’m creating this CD (to support you) and that’s why I’m here on IndieGogo (so you can support other parents).  Coaching and strategizing with parents is the most satisfying work I’ve ever done, and you’re making it possible to expand this offering on a whole new level.


Success Stories From Clients Who Have Experienced These Visualizations Live During Coaching

“I feel more confident in my parenting, more confident in myself and more present for my son. I often think, “How would Rachel guide me in this situation?”   She offered me tangible tools and skills that I took and applied to my whole life.  I carry these tools and Rachel’s voice with me daily.   Rachel gave me permission to take care of myself in order to make me a better mom.”  Michelle, Southern California

“Rachel’s visualizations challenge me without making me feel wrong.  Her words guide my thoughts and actions to greater possibilities and deeper connection with my children.  She is a gifted practitioner who delivers results.” Aaron, Northern California.

How Does the CD Work? 

The CD includes a series of tracks that parents can listen to during various points in their day.   These tracks weave together:

  • Practical tips for parents who just need answers in a given moment.
  • Thoughtful questions that encourage parents to look within for those answers.
  • Universal reminders that set the stage for success in any home.
  • New perspectives to help parents refocus their attention and provide much needed hope. 

The Rock Your Inner Mama CD is for you if:  

  • Your stress and lack of sleep is filtering down to your kids. 
  • You lose your patience easily, raise your voice, and regret it. 
  • You’re trying to squeeze every last drop out of your day because there’s never enough time. 
  • You’re burned out on parenting but never want to feel burned out on your kids. 
  • You’re at your wits end with behavioral issues at home.   
  • You’re open to a new and transformational way of thinking about your family.

Actually, any parent can benefit from this series of relaxing sounds, affirming visualizations and quiet reflections on their journey to the heart of parenthood.

So What’s the Status?  

My goal is to release the CD in time for the holidays so that parents can find peace and joy in the hustle and bustle of parenting during this crazy time.   I have already recorded half the CD, done the graphic design and chosen a production company.   I’m so close to being done!  

What if I’m Not a Parent?  

If you're not a parent, but think this CD is an important contribution to parents and children, you can gift the CD, coaching sessions, or seminar series to a parent in need.   

Thanks for joining me on IndieGogo.   Together, we’ll make a difference.


Rachel Sklar, MSW
Rachel Sklar, MSW

Parent Coach and Strategist  


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