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Two filmmakers capturing the new sounds of the South
Thomas Ramsay
Nashville/Chattanooga, Tennessee
United States
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    My mother named me Thomas Ramsay, but Chattanooga named me TeethMarx. I moved to Chattanooga in 2005 for college and I consider it my second home. Now I'm back in my hometown of Nashville trying my hand at the film industry.
   When I graduated in the summer of 2011, I immediately sought out opportunities to get my reel started. I gained an internship at a film equipment rental house and learned a great deal in the time I was there. The access to a vast array of equipment and expertise let me learn and practice. And with that, my first real step into DIY filmmaking came when I got a call from some old friends in Chattanooga: Moonlight Bride, a band I have been a fan of for some years and had built a dedicated local following by making great original music. After much chatting and brainstorming, I made my way back down to Chattanooga to shoot a music video with them. It turned out to be one of the most exciting, chaotic, and fun weekends of my life, and the band loved the work and experience so much that they enlisted my friend Chris Anderson and I as their go-to video guys. We've shot two live shows since then and the band wants us around for much more. The end goal: a DVD companion to their new full-length album coming out this fall!
    This is where we need YOU.


    What can you do to help?

     With your contributions, Chris and I will be able to travel with the band independently and rent the equipment we need. We believe Moonlight Bride is on the way to great things, but they don't have enough to cover these costs. They have done a great favor to us by giving our filmmaking career the break it needs, and we want to pay back the favor the best way we can. With the money you provide, we can be by their side, capturing their live performances, recording sessions, and off-stage shenanigans in what will be a very exciting year for both of us as they work on and release their new full-length album later this year! 



    The Give and The Receive

    This Campaign will be refreshed and ongoing between now and mid-summer; the perks may change with each refresh but the money will always go towards the same things.

    Your contributions will go primarily towards these tasks:

    1) Renting the equipment we need to capture all the golden moments we can.

      We are relying on the film equipment rental business for our needs until we can afford our own gear. 

     I will be shooting primarily on the Canon 60D. For the live shoots I will need at least two of these cameras-- one on a tripod and one on a shoulder rig-- to get a good variety of shots. My goal is to capture at least 8 of their live shows in various cities between now and August. Other equipment such as lights and audio may be necessary depending on what else I may shoot with them (offstage moments, recording sessions, interviews, etc). The two cameras with lenses, memory cards, and accessories average about $1000 for a week of use. We will try borrowing what we can from friends but we must always be prepared to rent what we need.

     2) Going on the road with the band to capture them doing what they love most: playing live.

     The band has a van, but more often than not it is full, so putting two more people into it is physically impossible most of the time. With your contributions, my team could afford the gas to follow the band in our own vehicle and be able to travel independently in case there are scheduling conflicts. A place to sleep is our own concern, we just need to fill the tank.


     3) The finished product: A companion DVD to Moonlight Bride's new album!

     The culmination of your contributions and months of hard work will be a companion DVD to be released alongside Moonlight Bride's new album, projected to be early fall. This DVD will contain the music video we shot earlier this year, another music video currently in production, a compilation of live shows shot in various cities, a short documentary about the band, behind-the-scenes footage from the video shoots, and an assortment of other visual goodies for fans to enjoy.

     It is unclear how many copies of this DVD will be made, but rest assured that for any contribution, you will receive one copy to enjoy. We are currently looking into DVD authoring services so that each copy will be a high-quality mastered rendering.


    ... And now the receiving end.

    For the minimal contribution, you will receive one copy of this companion DVD for Moonlight Bride's new album. Other perks include regular updates on what we're doing and where we go, tshirts, exclusive footage, early viewing of footage, autographed copies, and much more!


     Make Some Noise!

    You can help out in so many ways by spreading the word about this campaign to your friends, rich uncles, and fellow film and music lovers. Get the message out on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, or whatever the kids are bopping to these days on the web.
     Any video updates I post will be available on my Vimeo page. There's already one little ditty from the video shoot up there and plenty more to come!
     And hey, if you've never heard of Moonlight Bride, be in the dark no more...
     Thank you for visiting and please contribute!
     More perks coming soon!


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    You will receive one copy of the DVD upon or prior to official release

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    Showtime II

    --One copy of the DVD upon or prior to official release -- Moonlight Bride t-shirt screen-printed lovingly by hand on quality jersey cotton

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    --One copy of the DVD upon or prior to official release -- Moonlight Bride Tshirt screenprinted by hand -- EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes footage from our shoot of the "Lemonade" music video. -- Digital download of Moonlight Bride's Twin Lakes EP

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    Mucho Mercho

    -- One copy of the DVD upon or prior to official release -- Moonlight Bride tshirt screenprinted by hand -- Digital download of Moonlight Bride's Twin Lakes EP -- Digital download of Moonlight Bride's full-length album Myths --Screenprinted-by-hand Poster

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    Front Row

    --YOUR NAME in the credits! -- One copy of the DVD upon or prior to official release -- Moonlight Bride tshirt screenprinted by hand -- Digital download of Moonlight Bride's Twin Lakes EP -- Digital download of Moonlight Bride's full-length album Myths --Screenprinted Limited Edition Poster --

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