This is an inspiring story about how rock climbing saved the lives of 5 extraordinary people through a series of life changing events. Maybe it will save yours.
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Hey Rock-A-Holic Fans - check out our new official trailer here (courtesy of our filmmaker Chris Alstrin):

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hey  friends, fans and family,

Our RockaHolic IndieGoGo campaign is officially over! THANKS TO OUR GRACIOUS FUNDERS we reached $7120. That is actually a huge deal for someone who has never fund raised. So yeah we are so grateful! While we didn't quite make our target we will still be able to tell our story and complete our film! With a master storyteller like Chris Alstrin leading the charge our epic and unique story will be a dream come true! Thank you Chris, the cast & crew for helping us raise funds!! 

Next up will be:

* Working on prize fulfillments for those who donated

*Film updates 

*Screening  information

*And  our filmmaker Chris Alstrin (of "Wide Boyz" fame) will be making the creative process come alive over the next few months with editing our footage!

 Thank you Vitaly Korolev and Karin Mosher Wilson our angel investors who both donated $500 each. They are Assistant Producers and will get to be a part of our awesome crew! From the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU! :) 


The stories you’re about to witness are all completely true.  They are stories about adversity, fear, courage, hope, and redemption. They are inspiring stories about ordinary people taking their lives into their own hands, and doing extraordinary things to transform their lives in extraordinary ways.

Michael’s Story

In January 2010, Michael overdosed on speed, also known as Meth… for the second time. He almost died which really scared him and while on a hospital gurney with an IV in his arm he knew he needed a change. He wanted to live so he admitted to himself he needed help.

After he was released from a San Francisco ER, he stumbled passed a local rock-climbing gym on his way home. He looked in, looked up, and watched climbers scale these amazing 50 foot walls, supported by nothing but a rope and a belayer. He had this moment of clarity. He wanted to be a climber so he took a class the next day. 

He began climbing indoors 4-5 days a week.  Suddenly, rock-climbing filled the void in his life that he’d tried to fill with drugs.  Suddenly, rock-climbing became something he couldn’t live without; it became his new addiction. He was hooked.  At around the same time he admitted he had a problem with drugs so he started to attend 12 step meetings and he got sober.  He then discovered an outdoor climbing group called "Get Your Climb On."  (Get Your Climb On). It was an amazing community. 

In this group he met other climbers who shared some of the personal challenges he faced and more. Stacey, Maureen, Ben and Craig - Their stories include drug and alcohol addiction, lung cancer, mental illness, and climbing accidents which led to the loss of a leg.  Their stories are filled with courage, strength, recovery, and hope.  Through a series of life changing events, one common thread brought them together: rock-climbing. 


Michael was so moved by these climbers that he wanted to tell the world about them. He had an idea to do a film about how rock climbing saved each his life, their lives. So in his quest for the perfect storyteller he found Chris Alstrin (Alstrin Films), award-winning filmmaker for “Wide Boyz,” and pitched his story to him. After a few business calls Chris gladly agreed to tell Michael's inspiring story.  This was just one of many miracles yet to come. 

Today Michael is now 2 years and 8 months sober.

The above story is just one of many in the rock-climbing community.  But Michael's story is unique. Through his meet-up, Michael met climbers from all walks of life who shared a common passion for rock climbing.


We created this Indiegogo campaign to bring you a compelling feature film about an amazing community of people who find that a dangerous sport like rock climbing could actually save lives. But the film is about more than that.  It’s about the mountains we all have to climb in our lives.  It’s about the importance of community and support in times of struggle. It’s about the strength needed to overcome the impossible and show the world that anything is possible. 

Their stories will make you laugh, make you cry, give you thrills, chills, and maybe change your life in a meaningful way.  It’s about the triumph of the human spirit. 

"Rock climbing saved my life.  Maybe, in some small way, it can help save yours."  - Michael 


We have done most of the heavy lifting in terms of pre and post-production work, awe-inspiring footage on locations from California to China and back again, capturing epic rock climbing locations along the way.  So in order to continue the great work and tell the rest of our story we need your help to make this dream a reality.

Every dollar counts, and we would love for you to be a part of our journey, and so we appreciate any help you have to offer.  At various donation amounts, you could receive an official t-shirt from the film, DVDs of the finished film, as well as DVD copies of our director, Chris Alstrin’s, previous works, a exclusive invite to our film premier or even spend the day with our filmmaker to learn how a film is made.  You could even receive Assistant Producer credit in our film!  Even the smallest investment brings us one step closer to our goal.



  • Production Costs: $8,387.50
  • Post Production Costs: $11,462.50
  • Music Rights/Licensing: $1,250.00
  • Travel & Logistics: $3,000.00
  • Marketing & Public Relations: $750.00
  • Festival Entry Fees: $150.00
  • Grand Total: $25,000
Even if you can’t contribute financially, that doesn’t mean you can’t help:

Help us get the word out and make some noise about our story, our journey, and our film. Use the Indiegogo share tools to post on Facebook, Twitter and more.

From the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU!

Michael Dorame ~ Executive Producer ~ Aaron Fong - Producer

                                Director ~ Chris Alstrin


Cast: Michael Dorame, Stacey Collver, Ben Polanco, Maureen O'Reilly, Craig DeMartino, Aaron Fong, and Shannon Warner

Climbers/Extras: Mark Perdue, Yang Yan Wang, Yongbang "Abond" Liu, Xio Ting, and Steven Roth

Executive Producer / Original story by Michael Dorame

Producer: Aaron Fong

Director/DP: Chris Alstrin

Production Assistant / 2nd Shooter: Samuel Crossley

Screenwriter/Copy Writer: Joshua Pitta

3rd Shooter: Nick McDonald

Designer: Sly and Swift

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    Adventure Film Making course

    A weekend (2-day) course with Chris Alstrin and Samuel Crossley in Colorado. This is an excellent opportunity for independent or aspiring filmmakers to learn from experienced adventure filmmakers. Travel and accommodation not included. Date TBD. You will also receive a DVD or download of Rock-A-Holic and an optional Thank-You credit in the film.

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