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  • $1USD

    Thank you for your support! Every dollar helps. To show my appreciation, I will share with you funders-only updates until the project is completed. [see footnote 1]

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  • $10USD

    Your journey begins here with the first steps in apprenticeship. Same perks as Armchair Robomancer + you will receive an exclusive preview of the Robomancy in Theory and Practice online book; your name will be inscribed on a special thank-you page at; and I will mail you a Seal of the Robomancers sticker! [see footnote 2]

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  • $25USD

    Congratulations; you have passed the trials and been initiated into the Guild! Same perks as Novice Robomancer + lifetime membership in the Robomancers' Guild; high-quality membership card (making you a card-carrying robomancer); ltd. ed. funders-only membership certificate (to show everyone you were into robomancy before it was cool); and ltd. ed. download of a robomantic ritual music track by Cathartech. [see footnote 3]

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  • $50USD

    Your commitment to robomancy is exemplary; you are the backbone of the Guild! Same perks as Neophyte Robomancer + email address and your choice of ltd. ed. Robomancy ritual incense OR essential oil by Rosarium Blends (available exclusively to Guild members). [see footnote 4]

    1 out of 20 claimed

  • $100USD

    You are journeying into the rarer mysteries of robomancy, becoming the heart and soul of the Guild! Same perks as Initiate Robomancer + BOTH the incense AND the oil; your own blog at (to record/share your robomantic discoveries and inventions); and ltd. ed. PCB artifact by Dakota Crane. [see footnote 5]

    9 out of 10 claimed

  • $250USD

    Few have so mastered the robomantic arts and risen to the head of the Guild! Same perks as Adept Robomancer + ltd. ed. Talismachine, and I will include a sigil or similar art of your design in one of the robot rituals featured in the book (I will credit you as the designer of said art and include a link to your website if you wish). [see footnote 6]

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  • $500USD

    There can be only one; you are the Guild's crowning achievement! Same perks as Robomagus + I will ordain you as Grand Robomagus of the Robomancers' Guild, and send you one of the robots featured in the book with a signed certificate of its authenticity and a custom ritual program written just for you. [see footnote 7]

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