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the premier resource for robotic magic
Joshua Madara
Seattle, Washington
United States
3 Team Members
One of the major themes I explore in my work at hyperRitual is the mediation of magic, especially through digital, electronic, and new media. Magicians often employ various artifacts to express their intentions or alter their states of consciousness: wands, cups, daggers, pentacles, drums, bells, incense, candles, cards, stones, and many other things might be interacted with in the context of a magic ritual or to communicate a magical idea. I believe we can interact with robots in these contexts, and that their animated and responsive natures allow for novel ritual designs and magical experiences. Here is an example that I recently exhibited.

So, here is my pitch: I want to write a book about robotic magic (robomancy). The first that I know of. Actually, more than that: I want to create a community of robomancy enthusiasts. I don't want to write something people will read and say, "Wow, this is cool, but I don't know how to build or program robots."  I want to make something that inspires magicians to make robots, and inspires roboticians to make magic, and that uniquely shows how to do each in the context of the other.

Now, while I love fine occult books, and have friends who write and publish them, I want to make a living, online book that needs not wait for a second edition because it is continually updated with new information, ideas, and designs. A book with (embedded, not auxiliary) multimedia including HD video; hyperlinks; file downloads; interactive programs; and integrated social media so readers can discuss and share their own ideas and works, all within the same cyberspace. Thus, Robomancy.com, in two parts:

Robomancy in Theory and Practice (A TalisManual of RobotiCraft) will feature reflections on and applications in robotic thaumaturgy and theurgy including a variety of magical and ritual designs involving astral, virtual, and mechanical robots, and techniques for blending magic and robotics to help you create your own designs. In order to appeal to a wide audience including novices to robotics, the book's examples will use free, open-source, and/or affordable technologies popular with amateurs and hobbyists. The book will be rife with links to supplementary resources, and will observe the principles of Open Sourcery while conserving some of the aesthetic, curiosity, and mystery of talismanic books and the grimoire tradition. All content will be licensed under Creative Commons to encourage re/distribution, adaptation, and, most of all, participation.

The Robomancers' Guild will be an integrated social network including discussion forum, robomancer blogs (you can have your own!), and access to member swag, exclusive content, and special offers as a way of showing gratitude to participants.

The site is expected to go live at the end of this year (December 2012).


Why a fundraiser?

All of my previous projects were funded from my own pocketbook, but the scope I envision for Robomancy demands a greater investment. I figure IndieGoGo will be a fun way to crowd-fund the project while raising awareness and interest, and also something of an experiment in the viability of funding esoteric projects this way. Your contributions will help me pay for the website development, content creation, electronics and other materials used for the projects described in the book, and of course the funder perks.

I have set a conservative, all-or-nothing goal of $1000 for this fundraiser. If we do not raise that amount or more by the next new moon, then all contributions will be refunded.

What perks?

In addition to the satisfaction of having contributed to the world's first esoteric book and community about robots, everyone who funds the project will receive thank-you gifts called perks, many of which are exclusive to this campaign. My friends Cathartech, Rosarium Blends, and Dakota Crane have generously donated their mad skills to creating unique robomantic artifacts to get your gears turning. The various perks are listed on the right-hand side of this page.

If we exceed the $1000 goal, then I will find ways to add value to the project, which I will share in the campaign updates. Also...

Unlock additional perks!

In addition to the perks listed at right...

  • UNLOCKED! All contributors will receive a free Seal of the Robomagi embroidered patch to display on their ritual robes or lab coats!
  • UNLOCKED! All contributors will receive a free laser-cut acrylic Ouranos/Uranus pendant to honor and invoke the wandering star governing electricity, technology, and invention!
  • UNLOCKED! All contributors will receive a free download of Azoth of the Robots animated digital art for meditating on the Anima Machinae (soul of the machine)!
  • If all 5 ROBOMAGUS pledges are claimed, then all (and only) Robomagi (including the Grand Robomagus) will receive a free 8×10 Robotheosis screen-printed diagram in electrically conductive ink on goatskin parchment (or paper substitute for you vegetarians), showing the ascension of a robot into a god!

Let's rock this!

And make occult history, together... robomancer style! Please contribute what you can, claim your perks, and help us spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit, Boing Boing, Tumblr, Posterous, your favorite occult and robotics forums, etc. Thank you!


  1. Thanks again. Your contribution also helps increase awareness of the project, but you can help even more by promising to tell at least three people about us.
  2. Est. delivery April 2012.
  3. Est. delivery April 2012. Listen to some of Cathartech's sonic munitions here.
  4. Email address: Technically, an email forwarding address. Incense/oil: Approx. 0.5 to 0.75 oz. (~50 mL) of loose incense, or 1 full dram of oil. Est. delivery July 2012. Click here to read well-deserved praise for Rosarium Blends products.
  5. PCB artifact: 6×6 in. printed-circuit-board artifact designed by Dakota Crane and etched, numbered, and ritually consecrated by Joshua Madara. Includes instructions for use. Est. delivery July 2012. See samples of Dakota's sigil machines here.
  6. Talismachine: 8×10 in. interactive (and hackable) electronic art print. You can actually connect the print to your computer and communicate with it, reprogram it, whatever. Here is an example of an earlier Talismachine of lesser quality (yours will have a microcontroller and more components). Est. delivery July 2012. Art: All artists will be required to digitally sign a magical contract nullifying the power of the sigil in the event that its true intent is malicious or inappropriate to the ritual the sigil was created for.
  7. Ordination: In person if you can travel to Seattle, otherwise via Skype or similar. Robot: Est. delivery December 2012.
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$1,000 USD goal
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Select a Perk
  • $1USD

    Thank you for your support! Every dollar helps. To show my appreciation, I will share with you funders-only updates until the project is completed. [see footnote 1]

    0 claimed
  • $10USD

    Your journey begins here with the first steps in apprenticeship. Same perks as Armchair Robomancer + you will receive an exclusive preview of the Robomancy in Theory and Practice online book; your name will be inscribed on a special thank-you page at Robomancy.com; and I will mail you a Seal of the Robomancers sticker! [see footnote 2]

    7 claimed
  • $25USD

    Congratulations; you have passed the trials and been initiated into the Guild! Same perks as Novice Robomancer + lifetime membership in the Robomancers' Guild; high-quality membership card (making you a card-carrying robomancer); ltd. ed. funders-only membership certificate (to show everyone you were into robomancy before it was cool); and ltd. ed. download of a robomantic ritual music track by Cathartech. [see footnote 3]

    15 claimed
  • $50USD

    Your commitment to robomancy is exemplary; you are the backbone of the Guild! Same perks as Neophyte Robomancer + yourname@robomancy.com email address and your choice of ltd. ed. Robomancy ritual incense OR essential oil by Rosarium Blends (available exclusively to Guild members). [see footnote 4]

    1 out of 20 claimed
  • $100USD

    You are journeying into the rarer mysteries of robomancy, becoming the heart and soul of the Guild! Same perks as Initiate Robomancer + BOTH the incense AND the oil; your own blog at yourname.robomancy.com (to record/share your robomantic discoveries and inventions); and ltd. ed. PCB artifact by Dakota Crane. [see footnote 5]

    9 out of 10 claimed
  • $250USD

    Few have so mastered the robomantic arts and risen to the head of the Guild! Same perks as Adept Robomancer + ltd. ed. Talismachine, and I will include a sigil or similar art of your design in one of the robot rituals featured in the book (I will credit you as the designer of said art and include a link to your website if you wish). [see footnote 6]

    1 out of 5 claimed
  • $500USD

    There can be only one; you are the Guild's crowning achievement! Same perks as Robomagus + I will ordain you as Grand Robomagus of the Robomancers' Guild, and send you one of the robots featured in the book with a signed certificate of its authenticity and a custom ritual program written just for you. [see footnote 7]

    0 out of 1 claimed
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