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TL;DR readable link: http://www.heavy.com/news/2013/11/robin-temple-video-va-malpractice/
Signe Green
2 Team Members

Reddit asked for a campaign to donate money to the US Air Force Veteran Robin Temple. As an honest person, I decided that since no one else has set up a fundraising account for her that I could do it knowing that I would be one of the few people in the world that could be trusted to give her every single penny raised. 

I have found her Facebook profile and will contact her to distribute all raised funds.

Update! Hello Redditors, and the rest of the world! After hours and hours of searching and reaching out to many people, I managed to find the real Robin Temple!

I am working diligently to get all the information needed to get all of the funds directly into her hands as Indiegogo's policy states. 


I have connected with Robin Temple. She says she doesn't know how to repay all of the kindness she has received this far! I sent her all of the money I have received by 5:30 pm Swedish time that has accumulated in the PayPal account connected to this campaign. Any and all money donated goes directly to the lovely Robin Temple. :)


Update #3!! 

I continue to send Robin the PayPal funds that are sent in daily, thank you to all of you who have contributed to making her story known! There is now a We the People Campaign , and we need signatures! Please help this story be heard! All of your contributions are welcome - Robin has said again and again, she never asked for money. She just wants to help others, by getting her story out, and stopping this from happening to anyone else. Thank you so much!

Update # 4

Robin has made a second video, which I am not certain all of you have seen. It is definitely worth watching. Robin Temple's Second Video

Update #5

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help the cause:

  • If you are a malpractice lawyer and would help me fight this pro-bono or on a contingency - Please get in touch. Please.
We are not only looking for help raising money, spreading awareness of malpractice, or spreading the story of Robin. We're lookign for someone who is willing to help Robin get money to survive on, something that might allow her to visit a civilian doctor so that she might be able to get surgery that will give her a happier life. 

  • If you are a doctor and you think you might be able to help Robin in any way, make her days just a little bit easier, and you're willing to provide surgery or care for free or at a dramatically reduced cost - Please get in touch. Please.

Update #6

I want you to know something that happened to Robin today. She received a call for an appointment between her previously set doctors appointments at the VA Hospital in Tennessee, and she got excited. They offered her help, told her that she was going to be taken care of.
And then they had her set up for a talk with the head psychologist, tried to get her labeled as crazy once again. 

Today Robin was disappointed, hurt once again. She never deserved any of this, and we must never forget that she is not the only one that is being hurt by these actions. She is just one of a very small number of people speaking up and trying to change things. Help Robin make a change!

Update #7:

So sorry there haven't been updates, but I have been moving and didn't have the time, computer or internet to post one.

In the past twenty daysRobin has been making hundreds of posts on Facebook, making many friends online who have supported her greatly. She has been on more than a couple of Radio shows, promoting her cause, and letting everyone know that the horror that she spoke of in her video was her real life. Robin lives every day with the knowledge that she cannot get any help from the doctors who are supposed to provide her careuntil she is actually dying

What kind of world do we live in that we treat people this way? I know that in every other developed first-world country, there is a system that takes care of those who depend on health care. 

Do you know what Robin wants for Christmas? 

Robin wishes she could have care from a doctor that would keep from daily pain, a doctor that would not tell her that she couldn't be helped with surgery until she was officially dying. Robin wishes she had a house she could live in, where the pipes didn't freeze immediately when temperatures dropped in the winter, a home that she could actually walk in and out of(when she feels good enough to go out). Currently Robin lives in a trailerRobin deserves a one story mansion, a top-notch surgeon, and a comfy life after everything that she has been through.

What would you do if you were in her shoes? Would you be as strong as she has been? Would you still be as kind, considerate, and loving as she still is?  

Don't forget to spread the story of Robin Temple. Don't let all the strings of modern holidays cause to you to forget that this season was meant to be the season of giving, the season of caring. Not just for your loved ones, but also for strangers. If you can't do it in the spirit of the holidays, do it for Robin Temple. I can promise you she definitely deserves it. 
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