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Calling all zinsters, screenprinters and DIY lovers: Roberts Street Social Centre needs your help!


Roberts Street Social Centre is a creative space for people to come together in Halifax. We are currently home to the Anchor Archive Zine Library, Inkstorm Screenprinting Collective and the Peoples' Photocopier.

Over the 7 years we've called Roberts Street our home we've hosted artist residencies; provided skillshare workshops; screened films; been a place for Food Not Bombs to cook; had back yard fires and punk shows; and held many meetings.

Keep all this momentum going! On May 1st we will be moving to a new home after being evicted from our current Roberts Street location.

We're really excited about the potential of our new space. We want to continue the programming we've built and start new projects too! Setting up shop in a new location comes with a hefty price tag. Our collective DIY ethic will be put to task with renovating our new space, but it all adds up! Our total fundraising goal is $10,000. Over the next couple of months we'll be introducing other fundraising initiatives too. We set a really modest goal on Indie-Go-Go so we need your help to surpass it!

Funds raised will go to:

- Ramp & retrofitting to make our new digs physically accessible

- Building materials to make shelves for our zine library, a loft area and walls

- New work tables for crafting, art and workshops.

- Inkstorm studio including: a washout station, dark room and printing area

- Renting moving vehicles

- Provide a cushion for increased bills, rent and repairs while we get back on our feet

This site is all about fundraising money but we are also looking for in-kind donations of building supplies, helping hands and the following appliances in good and working order: stove, mini fridge, washer and dryer.





media release:

Social Centre Calling on Community for Ideas, Money HALIFAX – Roberts Street Social Centre, a community and art space in North End Halifax, is appealing to the community for support after notice that their lease at 5684 Roberts Street will end as of May 1, 2012. The centre is asking individuals and organizations for suggestions for a new location and for financial support including donations or support securing loan or grant funding. "Community members have been supportive in the past, and we hope that new and exciting ideas will come from our appeal,” says Jill Ratcliffe, a member of the Roberts Street Social Centre collective. “But we are definitely concerned about finding somewhere affordable with rising rents and taxes in the North End.” Six years ago, the Roberts Street Social Centre was a private residence that held the Anchor Archive Zine Library. Since then, programming has expanded to include a screen printing studio, a residency program, a community space for workshops, movie screenings and meetings, and a resource for low-cost photocopies. The centre operates on a budget of about $34,000 per year. Programming will continue as usual for the time being, and the centre is exploring its options to ensure that programs will continue beyond the May eviction date. “Roberts Street has built ties in our community through welcoming people with free and low-cost art- and media-based programming,” adds Ratcliffe.“We do not want to see the north end become a place only for high-end development.”

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