Roaming Hungry

A non-profit feature length, indie comedy/zombie movie directed entirely BY A 17 year old looking to get into the film industry!
Julian Figueroa
Vancouver, British Columbia
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UPDATE APRIL 17th, 2013:

Woohoo, already got one donation! Keep 'em coming folks :)! For anyone interested in seeming some stills from the movie, I am making a gallery that I will keep updated every so often. I'll post a link tomorrow.




So I thought I'd give this crowd funding thing a go since it has proven itself successful. Basically, when I was 17, back in Summer of 2012, I started writing a script for a feature length movie.

Plot Outline:


The zombie apocalypse like you've never seen it before. Three very distinct groups and their stories play centerfold to the world of "Roaming Hungry". Wreath, a 24 year old mama's boy, is forced to leave his house to find a job by his mother. In this effort to find employment, he accidentally hits the first trace of zombie in the apocalypse, a zombified girl by the name of Sarah . Wreath takes care of the zombie in secret whilst feeding it and eventually falling in love with it in his garage. In a different light, a trio consisting of a girl named Stella and her two contesting love interests, Josh and Brendan find themselves trapped in a provincial park amidst the zombie invasion, struggling for survival. And last but not least, two stoners, Carl and Reggie venture on a vacation up a mountain to escape the looming apocalypse only to find themselves on the trail of a strangely agile zombie clown who will stop at nothing to devour the brains of them both.


A little bit about me: My name is Julian Figueroa. I'm 18 years old and I love filmmaking. I'm currently enrolled at the University of British Columbia and I'm planning majoring in Film Production with a BFA.

Over a period of 18 days, from August until March, I gathered some awesome high school friends of mine and they all volunteered as actors in my awesome dream project, which I, as young as I was (and still am) managed to direct, edit, film, write and produce.

There were big moments of doubt that the project would never reach completion, especially considering some of us were going on to university and our senior years, but alas, the entire movie was completed and the product looks awesome.

The Impact

So if the movie is already completed, why am I making this campaign, you ask?

Because I want to show the fruits of all of our labour to a bigger audience. In this day and age, everybody can make a film, put it on Youtube or Vimeo, and call it a day. But I want people to see this film, because I personally think it is really funny and a very entertaining movie overall. And this movie is as low budget as one can get - there was no crew per se - only me and a few of the actors which helped me in post and pre production.

My way of reaching a bigger audience is by showing it at a local theatre. However, to show it, I need about 1,000$ for about two nights of screen time, due to all the staff that need to be employed to make it work. The film will be SCREENED FOR FREE on a first-come first-serve basis.

Other than that, the film is completely NON-PROFIT. That's right - after the goal amount is reached, and the film premieres, you'll be able to find it free on Youtube. And for those who want a bang for their buck, donating anywhere above $20 will get you at the very least a signed DVD copy of the film for your own viewing.

My friends and I have worked hundreds upon hundreds of hours for this film and it would mean so much if we could show it at a theatre so that more people can enjoy it. At the very least showing this film will help each of the actors (as well as myself!) have something truly unique to put on their resume and hopefully it will help kick start their careers in whatever field they decide to pursue!

What We Need & What You Get

Unfortunately the big hitch with raising a $1,000 dollars when you're a college student is that not much money is available to you with tuition fees and living expenses in the way. Especially if you come from a small town (like all of us) where work is scarce too!

The perks are all listed on the side. At any rate, as long as you meet any of the perks you will recieve a copy of the film, the minimum amount needed being 20$. Don't feel obliged to donate any specific amount though - there will be an online version available sometime in June as long as we meet the target.

If the goal reaches more than the target, then the additional funds will be donated to Chatelech Secondary's (High School which I graduated from) Film Production program. Perhaps an additional screening too if there is that much of an excess.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you don't have any money to donate, you can still help out a ton with this project. The ultimate goal here is to just get this movie seen by people, as it is non-profit. 

Here are a few things you can do to help spread awareness!

1. Like the "Roaming Hungry" Facebook Page at

2. Share the Facebook Page or Trailer. This can really help a lot - most shares on average on Facebook will garner us about 30 likes.

3. Share this indiegogo campaign with friends on Facebook. Who knows, maybe they'll want to see their name in the credits!

4. Share on any other social media site. I hear Reddit is a good place to make some noise!



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    DVD w/ Bonus Features + Poster

    If you donate the above amount, you'll get the DVD with all the aformentioned bonus features and a 27 x 40 inch poster of the movie, signed by the cast. And we'll draw a zombie version of your face on the back.

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    If you are so philanthropic that you'll donate this much, you will get credited in the final product as a Producer and you'll get everything else previously mentioned. Seriously though, if you can spare this much than you are absolutely awesome.

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  • $100CAD
    Producer Credit + Above Perks

    If you are so philanthropic that you'll donate this much, you will get credited in the final product as a Producer and you'll get everything else previously mentioned. Seriously though, if you can spare this much than you are absolutely awesome.

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