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About the ROADS LESS TRAVELED series

Do you know what an Eco Warrior, a Digital Nomad, the New Rich have in common? If you know the answer, then you probably already belong to the growing tribe of those who are consciously creating our next culture. If you do not, you must see this!


Roads less Traveled” promises a fascinating look at whole different way of living. In this 13 part series, Natalia Kantor travels in search of today's most unconventional lifestyles around the globe and the people who choose to live them.

Those people are called Yurt Dwellers, Eco-Warriors, Digital Nomads, New Rich, The Futurists, Burners, Seekers, TEDsters, New Radicals, Mom-trepreneurs and Couchsurfers to name a few.

They’re everywhere. They're sitting next to you on the bus hooked in to their iphone and call it work. They’re traveling the world, experiencing the best planet has to offer, if not by boat, by bike then by using air miles. They’re living in yurts. They’re building earthships. They’re creating radical communities in the desert. There’re experiencing mystical transformations. They’re constructing temples in the caves. They’re planting organic farms, in-house gardens and developing eco-villages. They’re inventing flexible work schedules, retiring early, packing their bags, hitting the road and raising their children with alternative schooling.

About NATALIA KANTOR (host / creator)

"For the last five years I have been fascinated by and researching alternative lifestyles. Alternative to what I know life to be in the western culture. I myself am looking for an alternative and this thirst has lead me places that inspired and showed me a wide range of possibilities I could have never imagined." ~ Natchi


My name is Natalia Kantor but you can call me “Natchi”. I am 29 years old and I have realized that I don’t want to sit behind a desk in an office job until I’m 62, until my life equals a bigger house in the suburbs and more consumer junk. But, what are my alternatives? Even if for most people that might not be the case, even if most are contempt and happy with the way things are, we all enjoy flirting with the idea of taking a different road, choosing a different life or simply pursuing a dream. For this very reason, the concept of “Roads Less Traveled” has been created.”

Roads Less Traveled is about exploring other realities, alternative lifestyles to realize that there are other ways to live, that we do have choices other than settling for the dictates of the status quo. Most importantly, it all comes down to this one question: What is absolutely essential to live a happy, healthy and a fulfilling life?”


Because something else IS possible!

It’s 2011 and it is evident that we are at the ripping point that will change the way North Americans live their lives. Until recently, an unconventional independent lifestyle seemed impossible. Difficult to envision and too exotic for most of us, it was something that only a few people dared to attempt. Today, it seems we all dream of getting away and finding the secret to a better way. Maybe it is the threats of climate change, environmental disintegration or maybe we live in a time of unparalleled opportunity to create the lifestyles we want to live. There are a growing number of people who have struck out and believe they’ve found the answer, and many more who are getting ready to join them. There is social change taking place and observing the lives of those ordinary people who chose differently is what we need right now to show us the way.

"Our main goal is to bring attention to a possibility of a different way of living!" says Natalia Kantor. "Roads less Traveled draws people into a world they wouldn't normally explore, but just might always wanted to."


Eco-Warriors are individuals who care for our environment through their activities and decision making.


In 2002 David Masters In 2002 David Masters retired from his career as a broker and driven by his passion for the outdoors, started Lunatic Adventures Inc., a wilderness guiding company. Three years later, in an effort to pursue a more environmentally aware lifestyle, David moved his home and office from the busy city of Toronto to the quiet countryside of St. George. He built a Yurt, installed solar panels, a wind turbine, a composting toilet, and opened up his home as a model in sustainable living; thus evolved The LUNA Project. The interest generated by David’s alternative lifestyle soon lead to the construction of a multi-use classroom Yurt and the creation of an alternative learning center.


Me and my crew (http://www.roadslesstraveled.tv/crew-2/) have been working hard and mostly for free to launch this project. We've paid for all the filming of the Eco-Warrior episode, but now we have to come up with almost $10,000 for what people in the business call “post production”. Stuff like editing, sound design, music composing, the final sound mix, colour correction, and titling. And there's insurance, rights clearances and the like.

Additionally we want to take some of the money to invest in researching future episodes and promotional materials to get more funding, so ROADS LESS TRAVELED can kick off. You can check out some of the potential characters of future episodes here: http://www.roadslesstraveled.tv/episodes/


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