Rites of Passage: April Performance by Quicksilver Dance

Help us pay our dancers!

We did it! What's next?

A tremendous thank you to all of our supporters! We are so honored and grateful for your contributions -- and inspired by what a community can do when it comes together to reach a goal! Let's keep this momentum going!

Our Reach Goal is $5,000 -- for our Summer Season

For those of you who would still like to contribute -- fear not! All additional funds raised above and beyond our orginal goal will be saved to continue paying the dancers for our exciting Summer Season.  (Quick preview: this includes a full-length performance on the Boston Common in July as part of the brand new Outside the Box Festival!) 

A total of $5,000 will allow us to pay the dancers an honorarium for summer performances.  So every dollar you give will still go directly to the artists involved.  Thank you again for your support! 


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What’s quick and silver and dances all over?

Hello! and Welcome to the 2013 Indiegogo campaign for Quicksilver Dance: a modern dance company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which is growing like crazy!  In the last year, we’ve had two prestigious residencies, created several new, exciting dances, built up our core number of dancers from five to eight, and continued to reach out to new audiences.  We are on a roll! 

And now, Simmons Hall at MIT wants us back!  In what is becoming an annual tradition, Quicksilver Dance will transform the quirky theater in the architectural wonder that is Simmons Hall into another world.  On April 19th and 20th, 2013, we present our newest show:

“Rites of Passage”

The dances in “Rites of Passage” will bring you back in time to many different ages of humanity:

  • "Epoch Tales" is back by popular demand! Eight dancers echo the movement of various life-forms throughout evolutionary history, illuminating how the world may have moved from protozoa to primates.
  • “Got Art?” takes you on a journey through the history of consumerism, using text and movement inspired by print advertisements of the last hundred years.  This new dance promises to make you laugh out loud and think different(ly) about your daily dose of ads.
  • New sections of "Festivals and Visions,” based on 14 grand murals by the Spanish impressionist painter Joaquin Sorolla, explore the rituals, festivals and lifestyles of different regions of pre-WWI Spain. At our fall performance, we presented the first 6 sections, and now we are working on the remaining 8.  When all the sections are complete, “Festivals and Visions” will be Quicksilver's first full evening-length piece, a moving feast of ritual and culture. 

We hope you are as excited about these new pieces as we are. And guess what?  You can help to make it happen!

Our Goal is $4,000

This goal will allow us to pay each of our eight dancers $12 per hour and cover our fundraising costs.  It's not much; and in the future we hope to be able to pay the dancers more – but it's a start.  And in a world where dancers usually work several different jobs - waitressing, tutoring, teaching dance to kids - to support their passion, being paid to dance is what makes high-quality performances possible.

We are fortunate to have limited costs for the show.  Simmons Hall very generously funds the lights and lighting designer, in addition to providing their magical theater.  And because of Simmons’ sponsorship, tickets to the show are FREE!

So every dollar you give will go directly to the hard-working artists who will share their passion with you on April 19th and 20th! 

We have several fun and personalized perks available for you as a thank you for your donation.  See the sidebar for details!  Many of the dancers, and local friends’ businesses, will be contributing their creative energy and skills for these perks - so look for an option featuring your friend.

Our Very Own Rite of Passage

Quicksilver Dance has been growing by leaps and bounds over the last year.  Our overarching goal is to build a more sustainable and consistent organization, rather than a “pick-up company” of dancers.  Paying the dancers is one of the most important steps towards this goal, and is a big challenge for the entire dance world, especially here in the Boston area.

So your support not only helps a short-term goal of enabling the artistry of eight individual dancers, but will also foster the continued growth of Quicksilver Dance as an organization. 

Other Ways You Can Help!

We also greatly appreciate the many other ways you can help besides giving money: 

  • Come to the show!  Bring your friends! 
  • Get the word out, for the show and the fundraiser!  
  • Multiply your gift through the magic of social media, by using the Indiegogo share tools above!  
  • Got a venue, or an idea for a future collaboration?  Write to us at quicksilverdance@gmail.com!

The Two Who Tango

It takes two to tango, two to have a performance (dancer and audience) and two (donor and dance company) to make productions happen. We hope you’ll be our partner in all of the above.  We can’t thank you enough for your support!



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