Ultimate's first professional instructional videos have arrived. Learn the game. Practice the game. Take over the game. RISE UP.

The Mission

Welcome to RISE UP, the sport of Ultimate’s first professional instructional video series. If your goal is to become a better ultimate player or make your team better, you've come to the right place.

The mission of RISE UP is to improve the level of play of Ultimate teams and players through the creation of engaging instructional videos created by experts. 

Our goal is to create useful teaching tools that empower players at any level to call a friend, grab a disc, and immediately improve their game. 

The Story

RISE UP began with a story that many Ultimate players can relate to. It started in the heart and mind of an ultimate player who found himself addicted to a phenomenally intriguing sport community, and wanted to learn everything he could about how to play, but lacked the resources or connections to help himself get better. As someone who attended a school that lacked Ultimate tradition, I found myself, essentially, teaching myself how to play, learning by trial and error, and watching other great teams and players at tournaments in order to gain insight. Those incredible teams seemed to, not only be miles ahead of where I was, but also, because their schools had recognized, established Ultimate culture and programs (i.e. Wisconsin, Carleton, Paidea, Amherst), those players also seemed to be learning at a rate that was much quicker than me and my small-school teammates. I realized those programs had people (captains, coaches, alumni) who had played at the highest level of the sport, and were now passing on everything they knew, allowing players to skip the inefficiency of trial and error, moving quickly towards best practice. My team didn't have access to people like that. The deck seemed to be stacked against us. 

This situation still exists for a majority of the players in the ultimate community. Enter, RISE UP.

The Need for RISE UP

The sport and community of Ultimate is growing and expanding at an incredible rate, an Ultimate renaissance is at hand. Thanks to incredible organizations like Skyd Magazine, Nexgen Network, and Ultivillage, Ultimate players and fans who have been starving for more of what they want are finally feeling like they have resources to quench their thirst.  With this growth in the spread of news, knowledge, and ideas, we think it makes sense that there should also be progress and growth in the way people learn how to PLAY Ultimate. We are proud and humbled to hope to create what will be an ultimate education revolution... RISE UP. 

The Product

What will each video have? Each video will include:

  • 1. An explanation of why the skill is important
  • 2. Game footage (NGN + Skyd Magazine) that shows high-level players using the 
  • 3. A step-by-step explanation of how to perform the skill
  • 4. A drill to help you practice AND an explanation of how to coach the drill
  • 5. How to evaluate success using the skill

Where will I be able to watch the videos? www.RISEUPultimate.com. 

How much will each RISE UP season cost? $20 each for Seasons 1 and 2.

How many videos are in each season? Approximately 10-12.

How long is each video? Videos will be approximately 3-12 minutes long, depending on the content. For example, it might only take 3 minutes to teach you how to throw an upwind huck, but it might take 12 minutes to explain everything you need to know in order to break a 3-man trap zone. 

When will Season 1 be released? Fall 2012. 

How often will new videos be released? Approximately weekly. Videos in a season will be released regularly over a span of about 2 months. 

Will there be any free content? Yes. For each season, we will release at least 1 (but probably more) video for free, and some teasers of other videos. 

Who is the target audience for RISE UP? RISE UP is meant for anyone who wants to get better at ultimate or improve their team. This includes coaches, youth, college players, club players, international players.... everyone.  Specifically, RISE UP was created for players who don't have access to someone who has the high-level knowledge or coaching experience to help them get better. 

What content is planned for seasons 1 and 2?

Season 1: Handler Offense

  • The moment of the catching: improving your hands
  • Stationary dump cutting: reading the defense and reacting
  • Motion dump cutting, from the sideline
  • Backhand give-go moves
  • Practicing give-go moves
  • Receiving and attacking from dishy cuts
  • The dump swing
  • Horizontal stack handler cutting and clearing
  • The 3-man game: vert stack handler movement
  • Receiving the pull
  • Being the 2: what to look for from the defense
  • Picking the disc up from a turnover
  • Walking the disc to the line after an end-zone turnover 

Season 2: The point of attack (Marking and Breaking the Mark)

  • Marking from motion (the stop-continue drill)
  • Changing the mark to combat horizontal and vertical offenses
  • The best possible break-mark drill
  • The 'shimmy' move
  • Breaking a thrower's rhythm with off-rhythm jabs
  • The force-middle mark
  • Hucking and the straight-up anti-huck mark
  • Marking against the hammer
  • Marking matchups
  • Practicing off-hand throws
  • Practicing throwing into space

What content is planned for Season 3 and beyond? We currently have ideas for over 200 total videos, but want to make sure we create content that people really want. During Season 1, we will be getting feedback from subscribers in order to guide our decision making on what videos get created. 

Will there be DVD's? For now, the plan is no, just the website.

Why did you choose the name RISE UP? We spent a serious amount of time considering the right title for this project. After much deliberation, we chose RISE UP because it's empowering, a call to action, to grow, and succeed. RISE UP is an Ultimate education revolution.

The Team

Mario O'Brien - Producer/Creative Director

  • 4-time Rhino Captain, 2 years International Ultimate Coaching Clinic Experience (6 countries), 12 Years Coaching Experience in Multiple Sports, 5 Years Teaching Experience (Middle and High School - Math and Spanish), Master's Candidate - Curriculum and Instruction + Educational Leadership and Policy

Elliot Trotter - Marketing/Business Manager

  • Skyd Magazine Founder/Editor-in -Chief, 7 years playing Ultimate, 4 Years Coaching Experience, Event Manager at Cu1timate, Seattle Voodoo

Andy Lovseth - Web Designer/Manager

  • Co-creator of "The Huddle", 15 years playing Ultimate, 6 years Coaching Ultimate Experience, 10 years Web Design Experience

Ben Wiggins - Coach for Seasons 1 and 2

  • 3-time USAU Club Champion, 2003 Callahan Winner, 5-time Sockeye Captain, Co-creator of "The Huddle", 12 years Ultimate Leadership/Coaching Experience, Instructor at University of Washington (Biology) and Doctoral Student in Education

Team on This Campaign: