Rise - the wearable sit tracker that motivates you to sit less.

Be healthier and sit less. Track how much you sit and compete with friends and co-workers.

Rise is the first wearable device that monitors your sitting and motivates you to do less of it .



What is it?

Studies have shown that people who work while sitting down have twice the rate of heart disease as people with standing jobs. Sitting increases risk of death up to 40%--even if you exercise.

Rise keeps track of how much you sit throughout the day. It pairs with your smartphone to show you your sitting trends, send you reminders to rise off your chair, and allows you to compete with friends and co-workers. 

By making you more aware of your sitting habits, Rise motivates you to make simple changes. Rise makes it easy for you to set goals, feel motivated to sit less, and be healthier.

How Does It Work?

The great thing about Rise is how seamlessly it fits into your lifestyle. It is small enough to fit into a coin pocket of your pants. Or it can be attached magnetically to any type of pants, skirt, or dress—and it’s so light that you forget you are wearing it. 

Rise can be worn anywhere below the waist and above the knee.  Simply place the magnetic back either inside your coin pocket or behind the front panel of your pants or skirt, and Rise will magnetically attach on the outside.

Existing fitness trackers aren't designed to track sitting, and since they are typically worn on the wrist or waist, they don't even gather the information necessary to know if a person is sitting.

Rise tracks when you are sitting and when you're not and communicates wirelessly (BlueTooth LE) with your smartphone (both Android and iPhone).  A cover folds over the USB Micro B charging port, making sure Rise is weather resistant. Our free application uses the information to let you know when you've been sitting too long and to compare your habits to others.  We've designed it to have almost no impact on your smartphone's battery life.

How does Rise help me sit less?

Data = Motivation. Set time limits for sitting for a specific stretch during the day, and an overall limit of sitting for the entire day. The app will display how much time have spent sitting, will keep you motivated by showing graphs as you decrease sitting time and increase time spent out of your chair.

Goals. Rise also knows when you’re standing. Using the app, you can set goals for time spent standing, and see your progress over time. 

Reminders.  The app will give you small reminders to rise up off of your chair when your set limits are reached.

Social. Rise to keep you motivated to sit less by competing with friends and co-workers.

Why We Need You

We have built a working prototype. We have our manufacturer picked out and are ready for production. We need your help to make this possible. Raised funds from this campaign will help us be able to open molds for manufacturing so we can ship our product and get it into your hands.

Your contributions and pre-orders will make it possible for us to create a product that we believe will help many people improve their lives. By helping people sit less, Rise will help people improve their health and add years to their lives. 

We love wearable technology! This is the first of many devices to come that will track movement and make your life easier.

Thank you in advance for backing Rise.

Meet Our Team

Morgan - Electrical Engineer

Chris - Biz Dev, UI/UX Design

Scott - Industrial Designer

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