Rise of the Robots

Fly shooter PC game.


Hi. My name is Alex. We are a small team.
I'm an independent game developer. I like mechanics, robots, unusual mechanisms and machines. I develop a game about self-controlled bots and machines. I hope you get fun my game.

The Game

'Rise of the robots' is PC downloadable single-play RPG fly shooter. Gameplay is free movement on the maps and perform various tasks in the missions.
   The tasks are:
   - get to a point on the map,
   - destroy the key object,
   - target allied artillery,
   - save the Union Robot,
   - to accompany a self-propelled howitzers to the designated area,
   - and so on.
   ... Oh, yes THE MAIN. You have to destroy iron scoundrels runaway of control.
   Crush technique is that they create: armored trains, ships, submarines, flying vehicles.
   Break bots fortresses. Destroy plants and R&D laboratories, which robots seized.
There are many original units. Armored self-shield bots with unusual weapons. Armored trains with bots on board.
Futuristic zeppelin with bots on board. Ships, submarines, all have bots and guns on board. Board gun and bots are separately destroyed. Large armored mechs with bots and guns on board.
Interesting landscape: rocks, rivers, bridges, tunnels and grottoes, railway tunnels.

Game link: http://www.antilopka.com/RiseRobots.htm
Some units pictures you can see on this site.

Game story.

Briefly. The main hero is a cadet flight school Special Forces. The school received the alarm. There is a private island.
The island has maintained secret development of robotics and cybernetics for military purposes.
Communication with the island is lost. You were ordered to go to the island and get to know the circumstances.
As you progress through missions, you learn that the uprising of robots is extraterrestrial (alien) interference...

What will your money.

Current state of of the project - playable demo. You can play in 2 missions. 4 missions are under refactoring (bad gameplay and art).
I will hire free-lancers for some jobs.
Some art work:
- game map environment (technical dumps, abandoned buildings, mine ore, broken cars, structures, etc).
- vegetation (trees, bushes).
- some big units in final missions (alien robots).
All sounds: shoots, explosions, mechanical sounds, environments, etc. Or I'll buy the right to use them. In demo all sounds are from public sites.
Two sound tracks.
And I take little money for full-time work on this project. Need finalize code: mission links, save game (between missions), logic for perspective units (many interesting units), units functional for mission task, AI, etc. Debugging, balance settings, final release building.

15 missions are planned in the game. It includes interesting quests.
Plus may be 2 huge maps (Moon and Mars) if the same perks are successful.
About 80 (units and buildings) ... large amount of work.

You can also help: your ideas of the gameplay, suggestions and comments.

Playable Demo.

You can download demo installer on: http://www.antilopka.com/RiseRobotsInstaller.exe
Or download archive (rar): http://www.antilopka.com/RiseRobots.rar
DirectX9 (if need): http://www.antilopka.com/DirectX9.rar
In installer DX is included.
For video please select 720p, fit to frame (frame is 1280x720).


Game controls:

    Movement - WASD.
    Fire - left mouse button.
    Drop - space.
    Fast rotation - right mouse button.
    Select weapon - 1..5. (see picture of weapons with hints).
Also you can fix/unfix camera to cursor. Show/hide messages.
Set all of this in Settings -> Controls menu.
You can set graphics, sounds.



WinXP, Vista, 7, 8. DirectX9. Video card for 2.0 shaders minimum (for some old built-in cards may be problems, execute demo for fix it). 1Gb RAM (512Mb if WinXP).



This project was conceived not only as a game. Will distribute some of the utilities for game development. There are MapCreator, MapEditor, Export plugins for 3ds Max 2008 included in perks.

And entire art: models of all units and maps, all textures.
Screens of some models: http://www.antilopka.com/Models.htm

Explanation and assistance is provided to all.

May be it help get the funding for the project, I hope.

For perks please send your email.



email: alexey.nosenko@gmail.com, antilopka2011@gmail.com
icq: 123737014
skype: antilopka2011

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