RiderState, The social game for bike users

RiderState is a geolocation-based social game for bicycle users. Riders take part in a game where they'll conquer their cities and achieve different challenges

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The crowdfunding campaign is over, if you want to help the project, you can contribute clicking on the Paypal button

La campaña de crowdfunding ha terminado, si quieres ayudar al proyecto, puedes hacer tu aportación en el botón de Paypal

Riderstate is the first geolocalized game especially conceived for adventurous and competitive bike riders. The Riderstate app, currently available for Android and iOS devices, allows players to access a worldwide game board where they will be able to complete individual or group challenges by partnering up with other players in real time adventures of conquest and domination of territories

“Promoting a cleaner and less oil dependent society while staying healthy”        

Mobility and pollution are a serious issue in many cities around the world. The Riderstate app is an initiative that aims to help solve or mitigate these problems by using gamification techniques as a way to promote the use of bikes in our society. Riderstate is also a fun and effective way to motivate anyone looking to get in shape and stay active and healthy on their bike! 

Here is the map of the conquest, we wait you!

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1. How to play RiderState

We think that the best way to explain how the game works is to show you a brief demo:

RiderState is a very intuitive game. Just gear up, hop on your bike and turn on the app, as soon as you do, your smartphone GPS will collect the information the game needs about your current location and you are ready to go.

RiderState's main features are:

  • Game board: Riderstate divides the world into 10,000 m² zones, each of which represents a potential territory to be conquered
  • Route tracking: Smartphone GPS technology enables RiderState to gather important information regarding your location, speed, distance, altitude, etc. at each time, record it. RiderState analyzes this information and applies different algorithms which determine your final score. Users can compare this score to users in the rest of the world
  • My Territories dashboard: Users can keep track of the different scores and conquered territories by accessing the “My territories dashboard” in in app menu.

Play against other world players or create a closed group with your friends and keep the competition private. 

2. The RiderState plot

A big change is silently taking place…

"The Bicycle Revolution"

The Riders

Citizens become warriors ready to work together and fight for a common goal: to conquer the world on their bikes!

The Corporation

Each Rider will compete to become the governor of his street, neighborhood or city, and implement a bike riding policy.

However, it will not be easy. "The Corporation", an industrial lobby with a strong political influence, will do its best to keep the status quo and maintain its control of the worlds transportation habits

The Clans

Riders all have a common goal but are divided into different social groups called ¨clans¨. Clan leaders will have the responsibility and honor of representing the rest of the Clan members when planning strategies in the RiderState virtual world.

3. Why we need your contribution?

Please help us finish RiderState!!!! We have already developed an alpha version of the app with the basic features, but, we need your contribution to maintaining and improve RiderState.

We will use your money for:

  • Pay our iOS and Android developers
  • Improve the game dynamics
  • Improve the graphic interface

We also need to promote the game worldwide, in order to improve the experience for everyone. The value of the game and the experience it offers players increases with every additional user.

The next figure shows the strategy we will follow depending on the level of funding we are able to achieve:

We won’t forget our commitment: if we are able to raise at least $24000, we will donate 3% to the World Bicycle Relief.

At RiderState we are aware that bicycles are a luxury in many countries. World Bicycle Relief is an NGO that meets the growing demand for high-quality bicycles in the developing world. Since 2005, World Bicycle Relief has provided over 120,000 bicycles to more than 13 countries in Africa and South Asia.

4. Rewards delivery

5. What if we do not reach the goal?

We are fully confident, and we will work for 1000% in order to reach the goal. However, we have chosen the flexible crowdfunding mode, so if we don't reach the campaign target, we pledge to release a powerful game, removing certain features in order to get a live app on February 2014.

Be assured that regardless of the campaign result, we will deliver the full rewards to our backers.

6. RS philosophy and team

Our society is currently undergoing a process of extreme urbanization. Studies show that 90% of the world population will live in big cities in the near future. Good mobility and quality of life are things worth fighting for.

"Play a game to promote the bicycle as the preferred mode of transport and provide a solution for complex problems"

RiderState will help to solve this problem through the promotion of bicycle practice, using the game as a base and applying different gamification techniques, letting the bicycle of being an eligible solution for complex problems.  

Here is the RiderState team:






Support the RS movement. In reward for your support, you will be assigned a priority Rider ID (the priority Rider ID distinguishes you as one of the founders or first citizens of RiderState).

In addition, your name will be listed as a RiderState sponsor both on our corporate website and into the Indiegogo campaign page


Priority access: Are you ready to conquer the World and fight against The Corporation?

You will be one of the FIRST RIDERS and you will have a priority access to the RiderState game two months before the public launch.

Additionally, your Rider profile will include a special badge, which shows others Riders you are one of the original conquerers


Be a part of RiderState’s history! Name a street inside the game. The street will show your name FOREVER.

The 50 first Riders will receive a special discount for their prompt support.

Moreover, you will have PRIORITY ACCESS to the app and the First Rider badge


If you have a startup or you're a fellow entrepreneur, with RiderState you can locate your project on the map for other users to see (for example, on Silicon Valley).

Put your startup name on a street inside the game and your startup’s logo and basic information, anywhere on the map.

If you are a member of HUBnet or Tetuan Valley, add "HUB" or "TETUAN VALLEY" with your data and we reimburse you 25%. 


BIKES vs CARS, a Sweedish documentary directed by Fredrik Gertten will be available online exclusively through RiderState before the official release. 

Moreover, you will take part of the history of RiderState, putting your name into a street inside the game, and having PRIORITY ACCESS to the app and the First Rider badge.

BIKES vs CARS online will be available at the end of 2014


Are you ready? Get the official RiderState's t-shirt and help us expand the movement. Are you ready to conquer the World?

Moreover, you will take part of the history of RiderState, putting your name into a street inside the game, and having PRIORITY ACCESS to the app and the First Rider badge.

You can choose between two designs, one of which was designed by Brave Bikers Original



If you own a business or other group, club or association, don’t miss out on the chance to add the name of your business or group to the first RiderState game. All users will see your ad located in your social address inside the map of the game. You can also name a street with your business’s name!

The name of the street will remain FOREVER, while your ad will be visible during ONE YEAR. Moreover, you will be a RS Official business or group



Do you want to step forward and have part of the next RiderState promotional video? Be one of the 50 people who will take part of the next official RiderState video.

First 10 backers will have a special price, only $50.

Moreover: T-shirt + BIKES vs CARS online + put your name into a street + priority access to the app + First Rider badge


Get it before the rest of the World, and only through RiderState; get the the Swedish film, BIKES vs CARS, official limited edition DVD a documentary directed by the brilliant Fredrik Gertten. This movie tries to explain why we live in a World dominated by cars. Each DVD will be signed personally by Fredrik.

Moreover: T-shirt + put your name into a street + priority access to the app + First Rider badge

*BIKES vs CARS DVD will be available at the beginning of 2015


RiderState wants to contribute to your business expansion. In order to do this we propose that you create a private group in RiderState:

- Choose your own game dynamic

- Instant communication with all group members

- Customized look and feel

The premium game will be active during ONE YEAR. 

Moreover, name a street and set the location of your business inside the first game of RS. (If you are a Pro-Bike Association, please refer to section 8 of the campaign)



Your support deserves a special reward: The first 10 backers will have a special price of only $130 for this universal smartphone HandleBand.

.Plus: Get your T-shirt + BIKES vs CARS online + put your name into a street + priority access to the app + First Rider badge.



You will be part of the selected group of RS ambassadors. You will have priority access to all the information about the game, as well as, being part of the group in charge of testing the new features of the game. As an Ambassador, you will have a special bagde in your Rider ID profile, in addition to unlimited access to all the RiderState games.

Also as stated before: Handleband + T-shirt + BIKES vs CARS online + put your name on a street + priority access to the app + First Rider badge



Only 10 Riders worldwide are eligible to be a RS Gold member. You will work together with the RS team to design one of the RiderState games. 

You will have a different badge in your Rider ID profile, in addition to unlimited access to all the games of RiderState.

Plus: Handleband + T-shirt + BIKES vs CARS online + put your name into a street + priority access to the app + First Rider badge.


8. Collective promoting of bike use?

RiderState’s main goal is to fill the World with bicycles and to expand the use of bikes as a alternative, economic and sustainable method of transport.

RiderState wants to spread this message through your platform. We ask you to please broadcast our project and our message in your community, to your friends, relatives, etc. Get creative! Maybe you would be willing to publish our campaign URL on your site, and ask your users to contribute to the project. It would be greatly appreciated, let’s work together to make this possible.

If one of your members wants to contribute to the project, ask him to add his name together with the name of your collective on the Indiegogo payment page (don’t mind the format, it is enough if your name appears on this field). 

Once the campaign finishes, we will extract the received contributions with YOUR NAME, and we will donate you the 10% of the amount. At this way, we will pay back your kindly support, and you will use the money to continue with your work spreading the bike philosophy.

9. Keep it GoGoing

We have decided to spend 5% of the profits from RiderState to back other campaigns on Indiegogo. And we want to encourage other people to do the same. Crowdfunding does not work without giving, and if you believe in the keepitgogoing factor we would like to encourage you to visit www.keepitgogoing.org to find out more about the project and the possibility to participate in this campaign.

10. FAQ

In what platforms will RiderState be available? 

RiderState is a game designed for mobile devices. In this first phase the game will be available on iOS and Android OS. Additionally, you will be able to visualize your rides using our user zone (hosted at our website)

When do you plan to release the game?

The games will be published and released on iOS and Android once, the crowdfunding campaign ends (our estimations are for the end of February). The final date will be notified to our users by email.

What languages does the game support?

The first version of the game will support English and Spanish, the game detects your device language, applying it to the app.

Why do we need the money?

Mainly for finishing the first version of the game. We have already developed an alpha version which contains the basic features, but, we need your contribution to maintaining and improve RiderState.

We will use your money for pay our iOS and Android developers, develop new game dynamics and improve the graphic interface. Additionally, we want to expand the game worldwide, in order to attract users globally. This way the game becomes more interesting and interactive. The idea is to be able to play with multiple users across the World

What are the rules for choose a street name?

If you make a $6+ contribution, you are eligible to name a street*, and you can choose any street in the world! Popular streets will be assigned in the order that the contributions were received. Once the campaign finishes, our team will be in touch with all of our backers, one by one, asking for your name preferences.

The name of the street will remain FOREVER. 

* RiderState reserves the right of validation of the street name

How to add the name of my business into the RS map?

It is easy, choose the perk "BUSINESS/GROUPS" and you will be able to put the name of your business on the street of your choice, together with a pinpoint at whatever address you decide*

These spots can belong to private corporations, associations, cycling clubs, user groups, etc. The name of your business will remain during 1 YEAR, from the launch of the game (February 2014)

* RiderState reserves the right of validation of the street name together with the business location

How can RiderState help grow my business?

We know that some business look for new ways to expand their business. From RiderState we want to contribute to expand your business, and because of that, we created the special perk "RS Premium Game". This option allows you to generate a private group inside RiderState, it means:

- choose your own game dynamic

- instant communication with all group members

- customized look and feel

For further information, visit http://www.riderstate.com/faq or email us to info@riderstate.com

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