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Funding for a batman fan film starring Charissa Saveria AKA DJ RAP as the Huntress!
Justin Zagri
996 Facebook Friends
Burbank, California
United States
1 Team Member



We have added a new crew member to the film! Set photographer LIANA MINASSIAN will be joining us on the shoot. She took pics of the rehearsal and will cover the movie poster shoot and the film shoot itself. Her resume includes photography from all walks of life including music journalism, covering bands like GREEN DAY and NO DOUBT. Check her out at www.lianarosephoto.com. She will not disappoint!


www.riddleofthemask.com just added its first pictures from our first rehearsal! Check em out!


The website for the film is now live. Check it out and keep an eye on it for updates on the film! www.riddleofthemask.com



These days, the biggest summer blockbuster is the comic book film.

Also, young filmmakers and fans have more opportunities than ever to show their work to the world.

Why not do both?

While the concept of a fan film is nothing new, it is rare that a fan film production is taken to the quality level of a major studio. Films like "Portal: No Escape" paved the way for higher standards for short films, and as professional equipment becomes cheaper and more accessible, the bar for fan films is and should be raised higher.

This film will be a take on one of the more clever villians of the D.C. universe, the RIDDLER, as well as one of the lesser known heroines, the HUNTRESS.

Growing old and frustrated with his life, Edward Nigma gets a chance to answer the greatest riddle of all when he captures the HUNTRESS, a hot-headed heroine who is on the edge of pushing her own emotional boundaries.

The story is an exploration of these characters and what makes them tick. Huntress is known for her physicality, and not her intellect in the field. Riddler is the opposite of this coin, and Huntress needs to find a way out, or die.

The film is one scene in one location, where the stakes couldn't be higher. The goal is to create an exciting psychological thriller that relies on its dialogue and its characters.



Beau Marie will be playing THE RIDDLER. His immense talent and love for all things Batman will bring a perspective to the Riddler we haven't seen before.

Charissa Saviero, also known in the music world as DJ RAP will be the HUNTRESS. Well known in the music industry, she wants to branch out into acting, and has already shown amazing talent.

Adam Ward will be the role of Vic Sage (THE QUESTION), Huntress' love interest. Adam is a seasoned film and theater actor, whose credits include the award winning festival release, "Android Love."



Justin Zagri - Writer/Director

An award-winning filmmaker, Justin has grown up with comic books all his life. He wants to take the fan film to the professional level and bring solid writing and character development to an exciting and though-provoking story.



Adam Zagri - Story

Adam is just beginning to break into the industry, but has a talent for finding great ideas and telling unique stories. He has been published several times in local newspapers and newsletters, and is the mastermind behind this original story.


Shawn Lebert - Writer

A fellow filmmaker who has immense respect for the DC mythos, Shawn participated in the writing process and gave new life to both the script and the Riddler. Currently, he is in development for a web series.


Jesse Aragon - Director of Photography

An immensely talented DP who is armed with the RED Scarlet camera, Jesse will bring the tone and feeling this film needs with dramatic lighting, bringing out the best in our actors' performances. His experience and clientele include Chrysler, Neurofocus, Walmart, TaylorMade Golf, Legendary Entertainment, and Cinemation Studios



Chrissy Lynn - Costumes/Make-up

A professional cosplayer, make-up artist both in practical and Special effects, a costume designer, and much more. Chrissy understands these characters to their core and wants their costumes to be of the highest standard, personally crafting much of their clothes from scratch.


Joey Biagas - Sound

Sound is secretly the most important part of a production. Everything else can be stellar but without good sound, the film suffers. Since Joey is a notable musician and leader of musical group "Setting Sunrise", he knows his equipment and knows how to get the best quality sound possible.


Alexander Arntzen - Music

A multi-award winning music composer who is finishing his tenure at Berkeley college of music, Alex's talent is only equaled by his drive. He has created everything from sweeping orchestra adventures, to intimate romances, to pulsing electronica.




Films become more expensive as the bar is raised in quality. People need to be paid, equipment needs to be rented, cast and crew need to be fed.

Your contribution will fund the following:


-Director of Photography

-Camera Rental (RED Scarlet)


-Sound Mixer and Equipment




-Lunch and Crafty 



If this film gets fully funded, audiences get more than just a fan film. They get a quality piece of work held to the highest standard. They get an entertaining, thought-provoking film that is FREE for anyone to watch. It will also encourage young and aspiring filmmakers to tackle a fan film with a high sense of standard so not only can they know how much fun it is to work on a fan film, but become better filmmakers in the process.

If this film exceeds its goal, (which would be stupendous), the extra funds would go to the following:

-Promotion (website, poster, buying ad space on social networks, etc)

-Extra payment to cast and crew

-We'll make another fan film! I'm thinking Harley Quinn next...


We all have to pay the bills. If a contribution isn't in the cards, we would love it if you could SHARE this campaign with everyone you can on your social networks, with your friends, fellow comic book fans, and with indiegogo's sharing tools. 

We also would LOVE some creative input. We will be communicating regularly on how you can contribute creatively with promotional material, contests, and more. Any help or creative input you can provide would be vastly appreciated! 


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This campaign ended on June 5, 2013
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    Thank you! You will be sent an email from the director thanking you for your donation.

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  • $5USD

    You get the above perk, and will be entered into a raffle to attend one of DJ RAP's shows! (LA area only, date TBA)

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  • $10USD

    All of the above, including an 8 x 10 copy of the teaser poster, signed by the director!

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  • $20USD

    You get all of the above, but instead of an 8 x 10, you get an 11 x 17 poster, and a DJ RAP T-shirt!

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  • $50USD

    You get all of the above, an associate producer credit, 2 8 x 10's of the character sheet movie posters, and are entered into a raffle to win the riddler cane prop from the movie!

    10 out of 30 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2013
  • $100USD

    You get all of the above, a producer credit, and a FREE ticket to an upcoming DJ RAP show! (date TBA, LA only)

    1 out of 15 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2013
  • $200USD

    You get all of the above including THREE tickets to an upcoming DJ RAP show (date TBA), a 27 x 40 official poster of the movie, and an executive producer credit.

    4 out of 8 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2013
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