Reward Khalil Shreateh for finding Facebook flaw in security system.

This indiegogo campaign is to reward Khalil Shreateh the $500 he should of been rewarded from FB for finding a flaw in their security system.
Tanith Lambi
Montreal, Quebec
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My name is Tanith, I'm a freelance illustrator & graphic artist in Montreal, Quebec. 

I started this indiegogo campaign for  Khalil Shreateh, after I read articles online stating that he had contacted Facebook, about a security flaw he found in their system. Facebook claims to reward the public with a minimum of $500 USD for every flaw they find in the networks security system. Khalil reported his finding twice to Facebook's security team & they brushed his concerns off, telling him they didn't think it was a bug.

The video shown is from Khalil's blog:, recording himself reproducing the bug he is warning Facebook's security team about. 

Khalil, knowing he was right felt compelled to show the social networks security team that they were indeed flawed, but proceeding with an initial suggestion he sent via e-mail, stating that he could post to Mark Zuckerbergs personal page, even though he is not listed on the CEO of Facebooks friends list. 

Upon doing so, the security team blocked Khalils account & fixed the loop hole, later admitting that they did have a flaw, but that they will NOT be rewarding  Khalil, because he violated the website’s security terms of service...

Instead of thanking Khalil, for finding something it seems the entire FB security team missed, they're focusing on the fact that he breached an obviously flawed security system to prove his point.. 

This campaign is important to me because I strongly believe people be rewarded for their work, & especially for good intention. Khalil did the right thing by showing the team that there was a flaw, and instead of humbly admitting they missed the mistake, they arrogantly refused to pay a man who is looking out for the privacy of others, including you & me. Facebook should of embraced this mans actions, not condemned him for finding loop holes in their system, something they offered to financially reward the public for. 

With the $500,00 USD that we collect together, we can all show Facebook that we want our privacy protected, by rewarding the very man they refused to reward, because they slipped up! I'm not sure what Khalil will do with the $500,00 but he deserves every penny of it for his efforts to protect the public's privacy & for trying to help a social networking company!

If you can't contribute to the campaign financially, that's ok, everyone's been in a tough spot, but if you pass it along, a neighbor, friend, co-worker or relative could help Khalil out, which means you HAVE helped him out!!

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