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Revolution Y is a generation piece that explores a day in the life of Alex, an agoraphobic, who leaves her door unlocked for the dazed and confused.
Isaac Hoffstein
New York City, New York
United States
2 Team Members

Update (5/1/13): 

Revolution Y has been featured as Indiewire's Project of the Day in contention for Project of the Week and Project of the Month! Check out the full write-up here: http://www.indiewire.com/article/project-of-the... 

What Is Revolution Y?

Influenced by Richard Linklater films like Slacker and Dazed and Confused, Revolution Y is a generation film. It tells a story of Alex (23), an attractive young woman who's figured out how to live without ever leaving her apartment. She works, shops, and eats online. The film explores her relationships with three consecutive visitors seeking real world guidance from someone who has long left it.

Over the progression of the film, we meet Paul, the leader of a group of misfits who are paying their dues to a movement mirroring Occupy Wall Street, Michelle, who just quit her job after coming back from a singles trip in London, and Jason, a nine to five cubicle worker who struggles with society's expectations and his own lack of spirituality.

Alex observing the outdoors by her windowsill.

What Is Special About This Film?

While our goal is always to deliver a visually appealing film that is rich in content, we spread our wings a bit wider when embarking on this production.

This film is composed of footage capturing performances from dedicated actors who have not only stepped into their character's shoes, but tied their own unique knots. In other words, they not only became their assigned roles, they helped shape them. Involving the performers in the character building process makes each statement, question, or exclamation that much more convincing; that much more realistic.

The intellectual content of this film, the dialogue, topics of discussion, and emotional pinnacles, are all conveyed through the unique relationships Alex has with each of her visitors. As a generation piece, "Revolution Y" touches on elements of the Occupy Wall Street movement, a disconnect from religion, Freud's philosophy on the subconscious, and most importantly, an innate need to break away from the mundane.

Lastly, this film has been designed to be visually pleasing. The color schemes, prop placement, and perspectives of each frame were carefully composed to comfortably place the audience in the claustrophobic position of a close observer. This way, the tension Alex experiences becomes much more prevalent and effective.

Our director and camera team focusing intently on a shot.

Where Is The Money Going?

The good news is, this film has already been shot! Revolution Y was shot over President’s Weekend, February 15th through 17th. Production was a huge success thanks to our dedicated, and unpaid, cast and crew. We walked away from a three day shoot with hours of raw footage documenting exceptional performances within intricately designed frames.

The support you show us will go towards the post-production costs of the film. Our expenses include equipment necessary to edit the footage, sound designing our final visual product, and the over-expensive submission fees for film festivals. 

What's In It For You?

Before we even discuss materialistic incentives, we'd like to address a legitimate perk that everyone who supports us in any way receives. We all have an obligation to promote the arts just as we have an obligation to promote morality. Anyone who merely mentions this project to a friend is doing their part in the global initiative to help support the arts.

Besides the good feeling associated with enriching the world, you can expect an internet shout out, a copy of the movie, a special thanks in the rolling credits, or even Associate Producer Credit should you be willing.

Who Are We?

We're a newly formed production company, Fantastic Pace Productions. We have one experimental short film under our belt, and are very excited to share our new and more ambitious project with you. You can check out our last film, Spaceman, by clicking here.

Isaac Hoffstein


Born in a conservative community in Brooklyn, New York, Isaac was always looking to create something of value while challenging the norm and expectations set around him. After enrolling in NYU Tisch School of the Arts for Film & TV production, he began doing just that. He has already produced and written short films that have been recognized by local NY film organizations and is currently on the producing teams for two big-budget feature films. Last fall, he wrote and directed the aesthetically pleasing experimental short film, Spaceman and is now looking to complete his latest, Revolution Y.

Ikey Douek

Producer/Assistant Director

Ikey contributed to the film as a meticulous planner and executer. Having successfully performed the role of assistant director for Isaac's last short film, Spaceman, Ikey has taken on the double duty administrative and creative role on Revolution Y.

How Else Can You Help?

If you are unable to donate to this project, that's OK. Just please help us by spreading the word. Share this page on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and any other social media outlet! 

We're open minded. If you'd like to help us in any other way, or if you would like to know more about Revolution Y, e-mail us at RevYFilm@gmail.com

Thank You

We thank you for being interested enough to read this far and look forward to sharing our finished product with our supporters and the world.


Isaac & Ikey

Fantastic Pace Productions

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  • $5USD
    Our Appreciation

    Receive a thank you mention on Fantastic Pace Productions’ Facebook page!

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  • $15USD
    A Digital Copy

    Receive a digital copy of “Revolution Y” when it is complete and a thank you mention on Fantastic Pace Productions’ Facebook page!

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    Best Seat In the House

    Receive a DVD and digital copy of “Revolution Y” when it is complete as well as a thank you mention on Fantastic Pace Productions’ Facebook page!

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    Your Name on the Big Screen

    Receive a DVD and digital copy of “Revolution Y” when it is complete as well as a special thanks in the rolling credits!

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    Associate Producer Credit

    Receive a DVD and digital copy of “Revolution Y” when it is complete and Associate Producer credit on IMDB and in the rolling credits! You'll also be invited to the screening in New York City!

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