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Revolar Instinct: No-Fee, Discreet Personal Safety
One-inch wearable with 3 GPS alert levels (Safe, Find Me, Emergency), step tracking, & item finding.
Denver, United States
Arrow Electronics
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$158,381 USD total funds raised
305% funded on May 5, 2017
Everyone deserves to feel safe when running, going out, living alone, away at school, or on the job. That’s why we created Instinct. With 1, 2, or 3 clicks, it texts contacts your location and if you’re safe, uneasy, or in an emergency. Plus, Instinct has customizable messaging for each alert, step tracking for late-night jogs, item finding, and other hidden talents. We designed Instinct so you love wearing it every day, so it will be there if you ever need it. Available on

After her sister was assaulted, Revolar’s co-founder Jackie Ros thought of a “magic button” that could send for help. The idea resonated with co-founder Andrea Perdomo, who fled violence in Colombia as a child.Together, they created Revolar.

"Has the potential to make millions of peoples' lives safer."
– Brian Cornell, CEO of Target

With 1, 2, or 3 clicks, Instinct lets chosen contacts know your live, updating location and if you’re safe, uneasy, or in an emergency. Traditional safety devices tend to treat complex situations as 0-to-100 emergencies. We built Instinct after listening to 100s of survivors, and we designed our Teal, Yellow, and Red tiers so you can get help before a situation goes from bad to worse.

Instinct is our second-generation device. In our first year in market, we’re proud that our Revolar Original wearable sent out over 30,000 alerts for users in more than 60 countries around the world.

This is our Indiegogo page for our discounted black color preorder, which will ship by September. You can find Arctic White Instinct devices at select retailers like TargetAmazon, and T-Mobile, or you can purchase an Arctic White Instinct on Indiegogo and receive a special Indiegogo-only free gift package with every order.

To find a store near you that sells Arctic White Revolar Instincts, visit our Store Locator.

(White available on

Common Uses for Revolar Instinct

Medical Alerts – Instinct makes it fast & easy to reach out to loved ones with your location and specific instructions. Unlike other devices, there are no fees for sending alerts.

(Messaging and data rates may apply.)

Student Safety – Instinct gives college students a simple, fast way to ask for help from friends. It also gives teenagers a discreet way to let parents know if a party is out of control or they need to be picked up.

Senior Safety – Many can’t afford $30/month for safety support; that's why Instinct has no ongoing fees. Plus, along with sending for help, it can be used to check in with family or to count steps when out on a run.


Customer Reviews

"Finally! A safety device that respects your intelligence. Have you ever bought a product or service that, designed with the best of intentions to be simple to use that your options are sometimes overly limited or restricted? Fortunately, the Revolar Instinct is simple to use, yet it also allows for a great deal of personalization to your individual preferences."  - Amazon Customer

"It is so comforting to know when my daughter is out and about that she will be able to communicate with others when she feels uncomfortable or scared. I like knowing that I and others will be able to pin point her location and get the help she needs if the occasion arises. I actually just got one for myself as there have been several car jackings lately, and I feel safer knowing I can get help with just a click away. What a great device to have." - Amazon Customer

"This product has exceeded all of my expectations. The product itself is beautiful and lightweight, allowing me to wear it with every outfit. I have the option to keep it hidden in my bra or wear it clipped on to the outside of my pants. The app interface and setup is also really simple and easy for anyone to use." - Amazon Customer


  • With 1, 2, or 3 presses, Instinct™ lets contacts know your continuously updating location and if you’re safe, uneasy, or in an emergency. Contacts receive alerts via text and email (they don't need an app).
  • Customize your alerts: choose what they say and which contacts get each level of alert.
  • Silent vibrations let you know when each alert is successfully triggered and when a contact views your alert & location, so you can focus on the situation at hand.
  • Two clicks can optionally make your phone ring with a pre-recorded audio call, for any situation when you need a "voice" on the other end of the line... or when you need to find your misplaced phone. (Available in the U.S. and in several other countries. To see if this feature is available in your country, please email
  • Replaceable battery with up to 1 year of life included: no installation, no charging, no cords, no hassle. We'll send you a notification when you need to change the battery.
  • No monthly or ongoing fees or charges whatsoever. IP68 Waterproof (2m depth), military-standard drop proof (2m drop), and just 1" in size.
  • The free Revolar app for iOS & Android also has a "Find My Revolar" feature that makes your Instinct device beep audibly so you can find it (and your keys) if misplaced.
  • Works via Bluetooth® Low Energy with Revolar's free app for iOS & Android (compatible smartphone required). Instinct is on "standby" by default, so it won't drain your phone's battery like other Bluetooth® devices, and it won't interfere with other Bluetooth® devices.
  • Item Weight: 0.6 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 1.3" x 1.06" x 0.4"
  • Color: Raven Black

The Contact Experience

Contacts don't need the Revolar App to receive alerts, which are sent by text and/or email.

Text and email alerts contain a unique link to a map of the user's live location with personalized instructions from the user depending on the alert tier.

The Free Revolar App

This free mobile app allows you to connect Instinct to your smartphone, update your Revolar contact list, customize your alert messages, view your step count, contact Revolar Customer Care, cancel alerts with your PIN, and more.

Device Compatibility

Instinct sends alerts by connecting to your synced smartphone via Bluetooth, so it works anywhere in the world where your synced smartphone has data service or WiFi.

  • iPhone 4s and newer models; iOS 9.0+ required.
  • Android 5.0+ required*

*Exclusions apply, some makes/models may be unsupported. Please email if you have any questions about your smartphone's compatibility.

White Instincts Already Shipping & in Stores!

(Black Revolar Instinct available exclusively on Indiegogo)


How Revolar Instinct Works


Preorder Your "Raven Black" Revolar Instinct

As an Indiegogo customer, you can reserve a black Instinct for yourself and loved ones at an exceptionally low price before it retails this fall at $79.99. All preorders will ship by September and will reach Indiegogo backers before they hit stores.

By preordering black, you’ll also help us continue to develop technology that directly impacts people all across the world, and you'll support research and development of new features for your own Revolar Instinct.

Plus, we include a few extra items in all Indiegogo orders – just as an added thank-you for supporting innovative projects like Instinct on Indiegogo!


Safety You'll Love Wearing

We designed Instinct to be more than just the fastest way to send for help.

Instinct helps you stay in touch with positive Check-in messages, move more with step tracking, ditch uncomfortable situations with Ring Me, and get support in non-emergencies with Yellow Alerts. It even chirps to help you find it if it’s misplaced.

So why design Instinct with all this power? Because if you love wearing Instinct every day, it will be there when you need it.

Founding Stories


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a White Revolar Instinct right now?
Via, online partners like Amazon and eBags, and at your local Target store.

Where can I buy a Revolar Instinct near me?
Check out our Store Locator tool to find your nearest Target or T-Mobile location that sells Revolar Instinct. You can also get one via Amazon Prime.

What are the dimensions of Revolar Instinct?
Revolar Instinct is about the size of a quarter, so you can wear it anywhere.

Exact dimensions: 1.3 in x 1.06 in x 0.4 in

How water resistant is the Revolar Instinct?
Revolar Instinct is IP-68 waterproof. "IP" is the international standard for Ingress Protection, and 6 and 8 are the highest ratings for solids (dust) and liquids (water). In short, your Instinct can be submerged in up to 2 meters of water for approximately 30 minutes without an issue. So feel free to take it to the beach, or don't sweat it if it ends up in the wash.

Do I need to have my smartphone with me to use Revolar Instinct?
Yes, Revolar Instinct connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth® low energy, so you never have to pay an additional monthly fee for discreetly alerting friends and family. Revolar Instinct and your smartphone need to be within Bluetooth range (~30 ft to 50 ft) of each other during use.

Does Revolar Instinct drain the battery life of my smartphone?
Barely. Revolar Instinct is able to conserve energy by using Bluetooth low energy, which means Instinct uses much less battery life than other types of Bluetooth products.

Do I need to charge Revolar Instinct?
Nope! We understand the benefit of having one less device to charge. Revolar Instinct uses a coin cell CR2032 battery, which lasts 6 months to a year, depending on use. When you get below 10% battery life, we'll let you know so you can order a fresh battery (CR2032's are just a couple bucks at your local convenience store).

Are iPads or other tablets compatible with the Revolar Instinct?
Revolar Instinct can sync to some Wi-Fi + Cellular tablets, however many tablets aren't compatible at this time. Connect with our team at before using a tablet with Instinct to make sure you have a qualifying device.

Can I use my Revolar wearable while traveling internationally?
Yes, travel on! As long as you have a data plan and are within a coverage area provided by your smartphone carrier. Bluetooth and data must be enabled while traveling. Review our operating parameters for additional details.

Is the Revolar app available in multiple languages?
Yes! Currently, English and Spanish languages are supported. Due to the large variety of countries on our list of contributors, we have not yet been able to complete translations of the app for all countries.

Are there any ongoing fees?
Nope! There is no monthly fee to send alerts or to check in with your loved ones. Standard messaging and data rates may apply.

How much is shipping?
U.S. shipping is free! You'll see shipping fees outlined in the perk, and after you enter your country during checkout (before payment). For orders outside the U.S., any customs, duties, or taxes are the responsibility of the contributor. Please note that we are unable to mark orders as gifts to get around duties.

Can I support Revolar without selecting a perk?
Absolutely, you can do so here. We appreciate your support!

Can I donate a device to someone in need?
Yes, and we'll match it! Click here to view our donation package (it will appear as the top perk).

What is your refund policy?
Revolar wearables are eligible for return within 45 days of purchase (or within 45 days of shipment for pre-orders). Customized product (such as engraved devices) may not be returned. Revolar wearables come with a 1-year limited warranty. You can find the full details of our return and warranty policy here.

When will my order arrive?
Black units begin shipping in September! (White units are readily available at Orders to the U.S. are estimated to arrive within 3 to 8 business days once shipped. International shipping timeframes can take longer and will vary due to the amount of time to pass through customs. You’ll receive tracking information, and you can check the status of your pre-order when logged into Indiegogo.

What if I have more questions?
Connect with our team at any time! Send us an email at, or visit

Everyone deserves to feel safe when running, going out, living alone, away at school, or on the job. That’s why we created Instinct. With 1, 2, or 3 clicks, it texts contacts your location and if you’re safe, uneasy, or in an emergency. Plus, Instinct has customizable messaging for each alert, step tracking for late-night jogs, item finding, and other hidden talents. We designed Instinct so you love wearing it every day, so it will be there if you ever need it. Available on
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