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Despite of its popularity in the US airsoft online community years ago, I have to stop making it. Please help me revive this webcomic series.
Ryan Subong
Iloilo City
1 Team Member

My Goal

To revive my webcomic; Airsoft Life of Terdz, and continue the rest of the story from the episode where I have stopped. 

Please check out my comics at: http://airsoftcomics.blogspot.com

My Story

Hi! My name is Ryan Subong and I am from the Iloilo City, Philippines. I am a father, a teacher, a programmer, an artist, and an Airsoft player.

My interest on reading online comics has led me to make my own Airsoft based webcomic: Airsoft Life of Terdz, and it became quite popular among the online community of Airsoft.

I started making it around year 2010 and posted it on my original website AirsoftComics.com. Because I became so busy with my other projects (the one that pays me), I only made 15 episodes for a few months before I decided to stop. The pressure of my job was so tight at that time that I forgot to renew my ownership of my website and I lost it to some domain scavengers.

I temporarily posted my existing comics to http://airsoftcomics.blogspot.com last 2011 just to keep it alive. Despite of not making new comics anymore, I am still receiving requests and questions if when I could continue the next episodes.

You see, I really like to make more episodes but my current situation has no room for it. The success of this campaign will change all that.

(P.S. I took me two years before I was able to get AirsofComics.com back) 

Contribution Breakdown

The only way for me to focus on making these comics is for me to replace my website development jobs. I can only give it up if I could swap it with something that requires somewhat the same amount work and nearly produce same amount of funds.

If you're going think deeply about it, a commitment of making 50 WEEKLY COMIC EPISODES for a WHOLE YEAR is actually a pretty serious job that demands hundreds of hours of accumulated work. 

I think I placed my current goal way too high, so I present to you below my revised Campaign Mid-Goals which is I believe very reasonable enough. There is no need to reach $3,900 to make this campaign successful and I will keep my promises for those who availed the perks. The number of comics and the frequency of release will however be proportional to the number of sponsors and advertisers committed.

My Campaign Mid-Goals

I used to draw my comics using the very old software Corel Draw 11 (2002) and I already lost my copy when my previous laptop gave up years ago. Though I still have my back-up template files, I need a new Corel Draw software so I don't have to re-learn how to draw my next comics on a free open-source drawing tools.

Here is what I am about to buy for $379.95 (plus $29.99 and $5.99 shipping to Asia)...

  www.amazon.com - Corel Draw 6x

I am currently hosting AirsoftComics.com on a shared hosting plan. While my hosting account does a decent job on a low traffic website, its performance suffers a lot when multiple viewers tries to access my site the same time. There were complains that my comics sometimes loads very slowly. 

To solve this performance problem, I am also planning to transfer my web account and file on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) which is more powerful and efficient when it comes to hosting websites. This will cost me $480 a year (plus $120 for a $10/month Cpanel subscription)...

www.fastnext.com - VPS Hosting

What do you get from this?

  • First of all, you get to enjoy the rest of the webcomic weekly for the whole year of 2014. That is 50 comic episodes to look forward to.
  • Second, since this is a website that will draw thousand of online visitors, I will give you the privilege to be recognized as a sponsor and an advertiser. If you have a business or an organization that benefits from web exposure, then a link from my webcomic to your target site can really help you with that. Check out my perks at the right, and the related Webcomic Site Layout below. 

Other Ways You Can Help

Please help me spread my campaign. The more people who knows about it, the greater the chance that this will succeed.

Thank you for reading all the way down here!!!

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$3,900 USD goal
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Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on December 30, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $5USD
    Minor Comic Backer

    Thank you very much! Your name will be listed on the backers page of the comic website!

    0 claimed
  • $10USD
    Major Comic Backer

    Your name will be listed on the backers page of the comic website as a major backer. You have an option to have your name linked to an external site (personal website, Facebook page, Twitter account, etc.) of your choosing. You will also receive the advance sponsor-free PDF version of the comic series through email.

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  • $25USD
    Comic Episode Sponsor

    You get the Major Comic Backer perks plus... You get to sponsor one (1) specific comic episode and your recognition will be embedded on the comic image. Below that comic (see Webcomic Site Layout), a space will be reserved where you can post a picture of yourself or your organization, write a brief description about it, and place a link to a related external site (personal website, facebook page, twitter account, etc.). This will remain permanently with the comic.

    0 out of 39 claimed
  • $50USD
    Side Button Advertiser

    You get the both the Major Comic Backer and Comic Episode Sponsor perks plus... You will own one of the 120x90 advertising space located at the left side of the website (see Webcomic Site Layout) which is shown on every comic. You can place a picture or a logo of an organization, a product, or a service with a link to a related external site. This will remain on the website the entire year of 2014. Note: The earlier you sign up for this perk, the higher your ads will be positioned.

    0 out of 10 claimed

    Top Leaderboard Advertiser

    You get the both the Major Comic Backer and Comic Episode Sponsor perks plus... You will own the only and highly visible 728x90 advertising space located at the center of the website (see Webcomic Site Layout) which is shown on every comic. You can place a picture or a logo of an organization, a product, or a service with a link to a related external site. This will remain on the website the entire year of 2014.

    1 out of 1 claimed
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