Reversion - The Meeting

The Second Chapter a of Science Fiction adventure game situated in the city of Buenos Aires.

What's Reversion and why indiegogo?

Reversion - The Meeting

Reversion is an adventure game at it's classic style (Point & Click game), situated in the city of Buenos Aires.

In the year 2035, the city is completly isolated from the rest of the country because of an event that happend 20 years before. Our character wakes up in that bleak future without memories, and as he keeps in touch with that reality, he starts to realize that he has the key to revert the events.

The first chapter of the game can already be freely downloaded from our web site. (www.reversion-eljuego.com.ar)

Actually we are developing the second chapter of the game, and it's there where we need your help. We have this ingiegogo campaign for our international fans and another campaign in the site idea.me for our local fans. :)


What will be seen in the second chapter?

Reversion - The Meeting

Reversion - The Meeting

Reversion - The Meeting

The Chapter 2 will be a lot more captivating than the first one.

  • A lot of important details of the core argument will be revealed.
  • There will be more diversity of sceneries, with beautiful exteriors and more recognizable places from the city of Buenos Aires.
  • It will be considearbly longer than the first chapter.


What will be done with the amount gathered?

The focus will be the development of the second chapter. If it greatly exceeds the initial target, that money will be invested in financing the next chapters.

We have enough plot to produce at least 6 chapters, and based on the amount gathered we will develop as many chapters as we can.

Reversion - The Meeting

Among the things planned for the future, is the idea of porting the game to different mobile devices, as iOS or Android.


Who is developing it?

Reversion - The Meeting

The game is being developed by 3f Interactivo (http://www.soluciones3f.com.ar), a small Argentinian company that started developing custom software. Reversion is our first production in the world of videogames, and we are very excited with the results obtained up to now.

The team is composed of an ilustrator, an interfaces designer, several programmers and a lot of people that is getting involved in the countless disciplines required to acomplish a good product.

We hope you enjoy it, but we are not satisfied with that, so we have prepared a variety of rewards if you wish to accompany us during this project.


Thank you very much!!!!



As you can see, within the rewards, we have prepared a T-shirt with the characters of the game!

Reversion - The Meeting

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