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Help fund Director/Writer Xando Geddes and Co-Director/Co-writer Samuel Wheeler raise the money to shoot our film Reverie at Castle Kronborg in Copenhagen.
Samuel Wheeler
New Zealand
1 Team Member

Letter from the Director: Xando Geddes

Reverie is that kind of film that I always wanted to make. For me making it will be like turning every dream of a person who likes Theatrical works into reality. The power of holding a camera and shooting a play within a play is the most pleasant experience that a filmmaker and his audience can have. I want to create a world that nobody ever seen or dreamt of it before. Something that can live forever in our minds and also can help the world be a better place to live.

The words of William Shakespeare and the way he understood humanity were a gift from heaven. Since my teenage years I dreamt of filming/living in a castle. Feeling the presence of its spirits and ghosts. Trying to hear the stories they wanted to tell me. These are the feelings that I will show in this movie. A fantasy story in a magical place where everything is possible, taking Hamlet where he belongs. His Elsinore, our Helsingor. It will be a fantastic experience and I promise to capture every inch of historical beauty and ethereal vibrations on my camera.

Letter from the Director: Samuel Wheeler

As a film-maker in New Zealand I don't usually have the opportunity to spend time in a castle with an international cast and shoot a film! The last time I had that opportunity was on the set of Underworld 3 where I got to chat with Bill Nighy about the Rolling Stones inbetween takes. Although that was also a unique experience it wasn't a REAL castle in the country of Denmark! Which is positively saturated with history and culture! That makes this film a once in a lifetime opportunity. An incredible adventure with my fellow director Xando and an opportunity to celebrate the works of Shakespeare and the beauty of the castle with a cast of talented and passionate actors. 

We intend to really honor the history of Denmark and the works of William Shakespeare in those ancient halls. We even intend to design a replica crown like the one the real King Hamlet wore into battle in times past (you can see a replica of the crown at the bottom of the page). We hope that you will join us on this incredible journey, following us through the stages of production and with your donations you can help make our dream come alive to see the passion we all have for this project reflected in our final film.

The Story

The story follows Ed, an actor and aspiring playwright who has travelled to Copenhagen to find inspiration in the castle Kronborg. Instead he encounters the ghost of Shakespeare and his manifested characters that have been trapped in the castle grounds by the evil sorcerer McDuff. 

The film explores the themes of inspiration, the power and beauty of the works of William Shakespeare, history and the importance of culture in relation to the human condition.


Dan Schlosser was born on February 20, 1956 in Denmark. He is an actor and writer, known for Clash of Egos (2006), Faktisk (1989) and Olga: The Last Grand Duchess (2003). Dan is currently working as speaker on the Danish version of Jeopardy

Sandra Virginia Bereza is an actress and director, known for Søndag (2012), Bølle Bob - Alle tiders helt (2010) and Supernatural Tales (2012).

Ole Dupont  is known for his work on A Hijacking (2012), 2900 Happiness (2007) andMinor Mishaps (2002).

Alexander Behrang Keshtkar as the Sorceror McDuff. Alexander has a strong history in independent short film.

Claus Ankersen is a Danish author , spoken word artist and installation artist.

Steve Davy to play Prince Hamlet and Lukas Miklik-Stolar is our Horatio. Also Andrew Philip Murray will play Catherine's Father, the pubs owner.

USP [Unique Selling Proposition

Our greatest unique factor is the location itself. Essentially the castle is a character in itself and it wouldn’t be the same film if we tried to film it on a set or at a different location. The castle is beautiful and has great history. We have an opportunity to capture this on film and this will allow our audience to completely Immerse themselves into this reality that we set up for them to tell our story.

Distribution Plan

Festival Market: Quill Pen Films will begin its festival exposure for the film at Festival de Cannes 2015 and then enter our film into multiple short film festivals throughout the world for six months following it's world-wide premiere.

3D CCTV China has approached Nocturnal Customs Limited for Stereoscopic content for broadcast on their 3D channel network. The director of Nocturnal Customs Limited would like to shoot a stereoscopic version by using a double tripod mount. The film would then be shot simultaneously in true stereoscopic HD duel streams and then a stereoscopic edit can be done specifically for them.one year, broadcasters in different regions for 2 years negotiating
Marketing to different broadcasters in different region's ie. 3D CCTV China for China, HBO for the USA, Sky TV NZ for Australasia

Video on Demand. Quill Pen Films will be selling the film on Itunes and other VOD streaming services after the exclusive contracts with our broadcasters are completed.

 A replica of the actual crown that king Hamlet wore...

The Track Record

Xando Geddes and Samuel Wheeler already have had their own low budget independent films at Cannes. Marche du Film in the Court Metrage. This year they want to collaborate with each other and with the support of an established production company and the fantastic cast and crew assembled by our star and producer Sandra Virginia Bereza. She has been helping in hiring the critical staff and talent, and finding the funding our film and involved every aspect of the pre-production. we have a lot of faith in her and she has put her heart and soul into this project with us.


Other Ways You Can Help

We know that times are tough but you like our idea and you still want to support us? here's how you can!

  • Get the word out! Tell any business associates, family and friends that would also like to help us about our film!.
  • Use the Indiegogo share tools! Share our campaign on your twitter, facebook and your other social networking sites!


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€8,000 EUR goal
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This campaign ended on March 24, 2014
Select a Perk
  • €5EUR
    Name in the Credits

    Write your name in the credits and enter the history of cinema!

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: May 2015
  • €15EUR
    Photo album of the filming

    Filming as if you were there; you receive the pictures by e-mail! Email address required.

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: May 2014
  • €15EUR
    DVD of the Film

    Receive the DVD in your mailbox with a personalised letter of thanks.

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: May 2015
  • €25EUR
    Poster of the Film

    Decorate your living room with the film poster autographed by the crew.

    1 claimed
  • €40EUR
    Film premiere

    Come and enjoy the film premiere in Copenhagen; red carpet and glitter will be awaiting you!

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2015
  • €80EUR
    Visit to the film set

    You are our backers, we want to get to know you! Visit us on the film set and explore behind the scenes of the project.

    1 claimed
  • €100EUR
    Dinner with the film crew

    Let's meet! Dine with the team and ask us any questions about the film, our lives, our goals and much, much more.

    1 claimed
  • €150EUR
    End of filming party

    You are now part of the film crew, so come and celebrate the end of filming with us.

    0 claimed
  • €250EUR
    Be in the film!

    You can visit the set at the castle Kronberg and appear in the film as a tourist in a tour party in the film! Be part of the magic and spend the day with our Star!

    0 claimed
  • €500EUR
    V.I.P. Perk!

    You get multiple perks!... 1. Be in the film! 2. End of filming Party 3. Dinner with the film crew 4. a seat at the private screening 5. an invitation to the films Premiere in Copenhagen 6. Poster of the Film 7. DVD of the Film 8. Photo Album of the filming 9. Name in the credits

    0 claimed
  • €1,000EUR
    Elite Investor

    All the V.I.P. perks PLUS... a listing in the special thanks. A seat in the private screening.... all major and minor perks.... AND! you get to be with us for the final shooting day. The ballroom scene with Ed and Ophelia's duet at Castle Kronborg. You will receive special catering/ Elite V.I.P. directors chairs, champagne and food served by our production staff.

    0 out of 8 claimed
    Estimated delivery: May 2014
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