Revenge & Retribution

18-year-old Ashley tries to help out her superhero boyfriend with his increasingly dangerous problem, but ends up getting severely injured and hospitalized.
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Hello Everyone,

Thank you for coming to our page. My name is Daniel Stampe. Joining me is my good friend, Steven Freekin, who is the Producer/Cinematographer on this project. I am a film student at The Art Institute of California- Los Angeles. I am also a published author of 2 novels now ("Love & Transformation", "Revenge & Retribution"), which are apart of a trilogy. Writing and filming are huge passions of mine. My dream is to someday become a Director and a Screenwriter. 

This campaign is for a short film that is based off of my 2nd published novel. We are shooting March 1st- March 4th, 2013. After that, the film will be in post production until it's release at a special screening in June, while also releasing on video websites online (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) the day before.

This is also a feature film opportunity for me. Last year, I wrote a feature film script based off of the 1st novel. I pitched it to movie studios last June. While they loved the idea and how original it was, they were hestitant to go through with it because of the required budget (around $100 million being that it's a Superhero genre film).

They want proof that something like this can work, so I am using this short film as Test Footage to present to them this Summer, along to various Film Festivals. This is not for commercial use. I care more about making an impact on you than making a simple buck. I know our economy is tough, but your contribution would be making a huge difference to this film.

This Test Footage will be the example that something as fresh and original like this can work. I want you to be apart of this- because if you are, it's an even bigger indicator for studios that we want stuff like this on screen again. And think: When this feature film does gets made, YOU were the reason behind it because you supported this first step!


What Your Money Will Be Going To

 Donation Breakdown:

Our project needs $3,500. Your donations will pay for Permits and Rental Fees for the locations that we will be shooting at. We have four locations, two are public and two are private (A beach, a hospital set/soundstage, a beach house, and a street).

Your funds will also pay for Transportation (which includes Fuel), Rental Vehicles to transport the Cast, Crew, and Equipment to each location.  

The Cast and most of the Crew will be working for free on this film. Since we can not pay for everyone, the best way for us to appreciate their contributions is to provide excellent Catering for our 4 days of shooting.   

We will also be building a Hospital Hallway Set for one of the sequences in the movie. The reason being is because we contacted local hospitals and facilities in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. They gave us unreasonable prices that we can't even image affording (some even more than our required budget).

Another major aspect of the movie that your funds will go into is Wardrobe and Makeup. We have a specific color palette for the movie which will be achieved through the use of Costumes, Makeup, Blood and Prosthetics, and Cinematography

Lastly, your funds will go to securing Special Equipment (Lenses, Jibs, Steadicams) and Production Design (Props, Set Decorations, Art Direction).

We have a variety of perks that range from $5-$1000. Each perk has a reward that comes with it, from a Special Thank You credit to an Executive Producer's credit. Other rewards includes Posters, T-shirts, Digital Download copies, and Blu-ray/DVD combo packages.

Another special reward that comes with one of the perks is an Invitation to the screening of the movie in June. There, you will meet the Cast and Crew in person.

If we don't reach our goal then will have to downgrade our movie and remove categories that we can't afford (The Hospital Set, Blood and Prosthetics, Production Design, and Special Equipment).


The Impact

Our project will not be possible without your donations and support.

As young filmmakers, we are fed up with the entertaiment industry recycling the same projects over and over again. We believe that there is no self respect for the audience anymore, and no one is taking risks to branch out into uncharted territory.  

The studios are making films that try to reach to the lowest common denominator instead of making films for a particular audience (teens, young adults, adults, and senior citizens).  

By donating to our project, you will become a proud believer when this short movie is made into a feature length movie in the future, knowing that you were there in the beginning when it all started.

We want to make movies that are not only entertaining (The Dark Knight Films, Inception, Django Unchained, Armageddon), but also a reflection of the time period that we are living in terms of govt, economy, politics, drugs, and war, the same way the generation of the 60s and 70s (The French Connection, The Conversation, The Parallax View, All The President's Men).

Don't get us wrong, we love popcorn movies (Transformers, Super Hero movies), but why does it have to be only entertaining? Why can't there be substance? Why are they told the same way? Why are they made like the audience don't have brains? Those are questions that we keep asking ourselves as filmmakers. Our goal is to make movies that  people won't have to ask these questions in the future.  


An Easy (and Free) Way You Can Help Us

We understand that some of you folks just can't donate to our project, but you can still help us in other ways:


Since we couldn't allow this in our donation options (due to the donation being free of charge), here's what you need to do and what your reward will be:

Share this link with everyone you know. For each person that you share this to that donates, you will get that reward once our Campaign Date ends.

EXAMPLE: Say your friends donate to a total sum of $500. You will be getting that reward, without having to pay anything! All you have to do is share and convince them to donate. So, say that your friends only donate to a total sum of $75. Since we don't have a $75 reward, we will round it up to the $100 reward, and give that to you. This will apply to each reward if you are put in that circumstance.

We understand that some of you cannot afford to donate or don't want to, so this is the perfect way to help us out, while still getting a reward in return for your commitment.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you share and don't have any donations from anyone that you share this with, you will not be getting a reward. You must also provide us a list of names of each person that you share this with that ends up donating. This will be documented proof that you have done this reward legitimately.

Submissions for this will be due by February 23rd, 2013. Please email us the list of names. Shipping dates apply for each of those rewards listed for this reward as well.

We would like to remind you to use the Indiegogo share tools!

Thank You, everyone. Please donate, share, and support.

"Like" and follow us on our Facebook page where we will be posting updates on the project, documenting it from beginning to end!


You can also add me on Twitter for updates on this project to:


To purchase a copy of my novel, here is the Barnes & Noble link. They give the best deals:


Check out Steven Freekin's Filmmaker's Reel:



Daniel Stampe & Steven Freekin


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    The Supporter

    Special Thank You Credit in the movie, and on IMDB

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    The Fan

    The above plus you receive a T-Shirt poster of the movie.

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    The Super Fan

    All of the above plus a 11 by 17 sheet poster of the movie signed by cast and crew.

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    All of the above plus a digital download copy of the movie.

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    All of the above including a DVD/BLURAY combo package of the movie. The Discs will include special features, where it explores the making of the movie from beginning to end, plus audio commentary by the director and producer.

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    The Challenger

    All of the above with an invitation to the movie screening in June, where you will meet the cast and crew of the movie.

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    The Champion

    All of the above plus an Executive Producer's credit on the movie along with the copy of the first novel.

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  • $1,000USD
    Donation Master

    You get everything listed above plus copies of the 1st and 2nd novel, an Executive Producer's credit, and an invitation to attend a private screening.

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    Estimated delivery: July 2013
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