A woman is kidnapped by a gang of psychopaths. She's soon aware of the fact that there is no ransom being asked for. They have other plans for her...
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About us

We have been plotting our ”Revenge” in the darkest depths of our minds for quite some time.

Having seen through the completion of three very different film projects for the past four years we have learned a lot about film making and the industry. Efforts in the past have all been self funded with no finincial support from outside parties what so ever.

Our journey from absolute beginners to professional film makers has been quite a ride.

We were recently featured on with our film ”Blood Runs Cold” which has about 12 million viewers a day! (according to some online sources). Our third film ”Wither” will be released theatrically in both Sweden and the U.S!

After a steep learning curve we have landed as a united team with a clear vision of what we want our films to be like and what message we want to send to the audience.



What's the film about?

”Revenge” is all about what a man can become when he shuts down his conscience. The evergrowing darkness in a man's heart seems to have no limits. And ”Revenge” is also about what a woman's inner strength can achieve when pushed into a corner. And just how quickly a person can change into something else when the world is on fire.

A woman named Emma comes to the U.S to sign a multi-million dollar contract for an oil company. She will be there for one night, purely business. At night, after closing the deal she's on the way to meet with the press. She's offered a taxi ride and jumpes in. It doesn't take long before she's drugged and passes out. She then wakes up on the way to a house in a forest, near a lake. She's tied to a chair and gets to meet a gang of three (two males, one female). The leader of the pack soon introduces her to his grand scheme and very soon a business trip is turned into a place in hell.

We want to put all our efforts into making the viewer feel like he/she is right there in the room with the characters. Using a semi-documentary style of shooting we can get away from the ”MTV”-look that so many contemporary films use. We won't let the protagonist kick the bad guys asses with a ”kung-fu kick” and survive through stylistic action. She will be as far from a stereotypical heroine as you can get. ”Revenge” is as much a drama as it is a horror.




Technical aspects

We are known for our high production value. We've been praised many times for our visual effects and audio production. We have an excellent composer named Samir El Alaoui who does all our music. This film will mark the first feature where we shoot the film with a RED Scarlet. The last two films were shot on a Canon 7D DSLR camera which also the concept trailer were shot with. It looks pretty good and we've always manage to get some good results with grading, but now with the power of 4K and RAW we will rival the ”big guys” in Hollywood.

We always put a lot of energy and thought into a great surround mix with a rich sound as we know that the audio visuals are almost more important then the image. Have you seen a film like Transformers with no sound? Not so exciting.


What will the money be used for?

Here's a rundown on what the budget is used for on our 30-day shoot:

Travel and food - 5.000 USD

Actor's fees - 5.000 USD

Special make up - 3.000 USD

Props (like a used car, furniture, tools, weapons) - 2.000 USD

As you can see by the above calculations, the crew behind the camera work for free and will only get paid if the film is a success. We already rent office space, own all our editing equipment and so does our composer which has a recording studio at home. All minor CG effects (like adding a building to the background) will be done for free by us. Most special effects on set will be created by us as well but some major cosmethic changes where a hired pro is needed is included in the make up effects cost. This makes up for a very cheap film but with great results.


Art work by Leo Thörn

Art work by Leo Thörn



Q: You claim your other films are self-funded, why did you turn to crowd-funding this time?

A: Each of our previous films has generated money and because they had such small budgets we have been able to put the profits in to the next project. However, we feel that we no longer can put our private economies at risk as well as spending all our free time. Don't get me wrong, we love doing this but the more time we put in to this the less money we will have to spend, and we want to give it our all.

Q: Why haven't you put up a plead before now?

A: Two reasons, firstly we really wanted to make sure we are good enough at making films before we even started to think about spending somebody else's money. Secondly we weren't aware of this type of funding before sometime last year.

Q: Aren't you guys millionaires? I read in somewhere up high that your latest film will be released in cinemas, why do you need us?

A: It's a great honor and great promotion to be selected by a distributor that picks up our film to be shown in select theaters. But it hasn't been released yet, ”Wither” is set to release in Sweden this August. If there is money to be had from that it can take a year after that before money rolls in. And that ain't gonna be millions. We don't do this to become rich even if we hope there is some wealth to be had down the road. We do this because we live for this shit.

Q: Fifteen thousand dollars seems like nothing, how will you make a good film out of it?

A: One of the perks of being an independent film maker today is maintaining low costs. We already own all the equipment needed for shooting. Stockholm Syndrome Film makes up the core team and we don't cash out a nickle unless the film makes huge profits. Check the budget calculation for more info above.

Q: What will the film look like?

A: It will be shot on the RED Scarlet 4K Cinema camera that currently is industry standard. It's big brother RED Epic was used on the production of The Hobbit. If you're a ”tech geek” just google RED Scarlet for more info.

Q: The plot seems like any other horror film, why should I care?

A: While it's true that many of the themes in ”Revenge” are common among the genre, we believe we have developed a great balance between horror and drama that will allow the audience to get close to the characters. Our ultimate goal is for the viewer to feel the pain, sorrow and emptiness of the characters created by us.

Q: When will this film be completed?

A: We are aiming for completion by the end of 2013! I know, it's a really tight schedule but we can do this. After the film is complete we're gonna find us a sales agent that will then promote the film. We believe it will have it's world premiere at the Cannes Market 2014 and then to be released soon after that.

Q: Reading the above answer, is this fast?

A: Yes, it's really really fast. Many independent films take up to five years to be completed. We just work very fast and can work on a film pretty much every day. We live almost next door to each other so it's time efficient.

Q: I like this project but don't have any money, what do I do?

A: If you can't contribute, please share this page on your facebook. Ask a friend you know that has some money to spend a dollar. Work with us for five minutes and I guarantee it will change to the course of this film.

Q: You mentioned you've done three films prior to this, where can I see something?

A: Click on these links to watch trailers for the last two films. You can also buy them here:

Wither trailer:

Blood Runs Cold trailer:

Buy the film here if you want to check it out:

Q: Where can I read some reviews of your films?

A: Check out the external link below!


Cast and Crew

Written by: Sonny Laguna, Tommy Wiklund, David Liljeblad

Directed by: Sonny Laguna

Produced by: David Liljeblad, Tommy Wiklund

Director of photography: Tommy Wiklund

Boom operator: David Liljeblad

Lightning department: David Liljeblad, Sonny Laguna

Art direction: Tommy Wiklund, David Liljeblad

Music by: Samir El Alaoui

Stunt coordinator: Fredrik Blom

Stunt double: Maria Nilsson

Special make up: Leo Thörn

Special FX effects: Tommy Wiklund, David Liljeblad

CG Effects: Sonny Laguna


Ralf Beck: Jim

Hanna Oldenburg: Emma

My Ekstrand: Marie

TBA: Shirley

TBA: Pete


Final Words

We hope for your support and that the project interest you and that you like us too! Please help share this, twitter, donate, put something on fire, anything that can help us.

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