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'Revelations' is a short sci-fi costume drama with influences of Steampunk and Cyberpunk.
Revelations The Film
United Kingdom
12 Team Members



We are postgraduate media production students from Bournemouth University, UK and for our final Masters project we are producing a short 15-20 minute sci-fi costume drama, with elements of Steampunk and Cyberpunk.

Revelations is a sci-fi costume drama heavily influenced by neo-Victorian Steampunk and Cyberpunk subcultures.

Our story is set in an alternate timeline where World War I never ended and the country is surviving on the war economy.

Themes of class and social divide are strong throughout the film, which centres around the Graysons; a noble born family who plan to marry off their daughter, Amelia to wealthy high-ranking official, Hugo in a bid to maintain their upper class lineage.

We follow Amelia as she struggles to gain approval from her authoritarian mother, Jane whilst also trying to satisfy her own needs as an individual and deal with her growing attraction to poor foot soldier, Cassius.

Revelations deals with what it means to assert your independence as an individual and the sacrifices that must be made in its pursuit.

We have a great story and a great crew, but with your generous contribution, we hope to gain access to some fantastic locations and costumes for our film and make it the best it can be. Not only is this film part of our final Masters submission, we believe in the project enough and see the potential of this film to take it around the festival circuit.

Geoff Willis – Director

‘While searching for a Master’s project, Chris approached me with the possibility of creating a story that blends aspects of a world I was, at the time, unfamiliar with (Steampunk), with that of a world in which I am very passionate about (Sci-Fi). After a few meetings with Chris, it became clear to me that there was something in the story that was really different and exciting. I also relished the idea of getting involved with the Steampunk and Cyberpunk community and having the opportunity to get those people involved with the project itself, as these are the people who will really give the film its great sense of authenticity.’

Ranjana Easwar – Producer

‘I wasn’t really aware of what Steampunk or Cyberpunk was, so when I heard about Chris’ story and the aesthetics surrounding it, it instantly piqued my curiosity. After meeting with Chris and Geoff to discuss the project I was immediately hooked. Katie came on board as a script editor and screenplay writer and translated Chris’ story into a fabulous screenplay. I have previously worked on costume dramas, which has given me the experience I can now bring to Revelations. Apart from that, I have always enjoyed Geoff’s directing style and working with a talented crew has only proven to be an added bonus to this already exciting and different project.’

Christopher Taylor – Story Creator and Editor

‘I created the story originally as a back up masters project to my web documentary series 'Journey into Steampunk.' Thankfully I was green lit for the documentary. I handed my idea over to Geoff (the director) and through the team that has been pulled together, we created a compelling and emotive love story. I am and still in to the cyberpunk/ cyber goth community and my brother introduced me to the Steampunk community. The idea of cyber steam is what lead to the characters and the aesthetic drive in the film. I am excited with the direction this talented team wishes to take it and hope I can do them and the community justice in the edit of this film.’

Katie Lymn – Script Editor and Screenplay Writer

‘I’ve had something of an interest in Steampunk for a while, beginning with the happenstance of playing ‘Final fantasy IX’ (On the archaic Playstation 1) which I found completely charming and absorbing. I’m also a big fan of the sci-fi genre in general, so when I heard that the script for Revelations was in development, I jumped at the chance to get involved. With the script now completed, I’m confident that we are really going to produce something aesthetically beautiful whilst also appealing to a broader audience in terms of genre and style.’

Aaron Cook - Director of Photography

'I am constantly improving on techniques and skills needed for the industry. I enjoy working with a highly motivated team and realize that effective collaboration in filmmaking make the project a success. The director and script are my inspiration to work on this project. I am excited to join this fantastic team on Revelations!'

Jordan Crosse - Sound Designer

'After Geoff heard about the project , he immediately tried to get the best sound designer available. However, after realising that Antii and Minzy weren't available, he decided to come to me... So here I am.
But in all seriousness, from a sound perspective, this project promises to be a challenging yet fulfilling one for me. I have created sound design for many different styles of film, including comedy, drama, and even a Japanese language film with Geoff. I enjoy exploring sound for all genres of film, and i am excited to get stuck into the world of Steampunk, with a bit of Sci-Fi thrown in for good measure. Having worked with the different team members on many previous projects, I am confident that this production is going to live up to expectations!'
Alice Wibberley - Hair and Make-Up Artist
'I was asked to be the make-up artist by Geoff Willis, the director of Revelations, as I have worked with him may times before, for example on 'Over You' and 'The Infinity Room'. I was really pleased to be to be asked to work on Revelations as I think the concept sounds great and I will be able to create some really dynamic and creative looks. The concept enables to me use prosthetic pieces in the film, which is an area of make-up that I am very interested in. I am really looking forward to being part of the team and working on the production together.'

To do complete justice to our story, getting the look of our film is of utmost importance. So a large chunk of our budget will be going into costumes, hair and make-up, prosthetics and locations. Our make-up artist, Alice, will be using a lot of prosthetics to blend the neck port and the wrist communicator into our actors’ skins to give it an almost Matrix-ish look. And finally, to complete our visual ensemble will be the locations: stately homes, bedrooms with four-poster beds, large dining rooms, reception with chandeliers, study, etc. and renting out these locations comes at a price.


You can find out more about the film and about us by visiting;



  https://twitter.com/FilmRevelations - @FilmRevelations



What your donation will achieve is helping a young group of film makers create a product that will become a fantastic calling card with high production value. We hope this film will lead to more funding in the future so we can continue bringing you content that we are proud of, but which you can also fully enjoy. We are challenging ourselves with this ambitious project and we can only do it with your help, and the more help we get the better and higher standard the final result will be.


We feel that Steampunk and Cyberpunk films are underrepresented in the industry, and giving a voice and a film to a movement and community is very exciting for us. Our film blends themes and issues with an aesthetic backdrop that we believe isn't really present in the genre at the moment. Ultimately, this film is something new.

Even if you can’t make a donation, you can still help. Share this page with your friends, with family, with strangers, your dog, everyone! You can follow us on twitter and facebook where we are constantly updating you with the production progress and answering any questions you might have.

So get funding, get promoting and lets get Revelations made!!!

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