An impressionistic experience in which the viewer's emotions will be elevated to the limit, through visceral soundscapes and alluring imagery.

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So what is (Rêve)olution?

A film based tryptich installation that explores "an overdose of rationalism" as a form of punishment, distancing us from our connection to instinct, metaphor, expression, wonder and play. 


"(Rêve) olution" tells the story of a peaceful society that lived in a ludic/dreamy world, a world with no rules, no language and no pre-fixed ideas.  This world is shown through the eyes of a blissfully absorbed dancer, a passionate couple, and three kids that coexist in a surreal environment.

Nonetheless, this world and its characters start following their more primitive side and acting more instinctively, making this world go darker and darker until there is complete chaos.  Eventually, loosing all innocence and magic in this world.

In consequence of this chaos, "supernatural forces" decide to punish humankind by having REASON implanted into their heads, leading to the society we are today.

At the end, a certain area in the brain is revealed that hasn't been contaminated by "reason".  It is called the “poetic memory”, an area that records the charming moments that move and inspire us, and awakens the "irrational" dream worlds we used to live in. This provocative place can only be accessed through art, music, and literature.

Although there is a strong narrative line, the main objective of this film is not to tell the story, but the experience itself. 


The film will be presented on three screens. The center screen (1920 x 1080 pixels) will exhibit the main narrative.  The two side screens (1280 x 1080 pixels) will serve as an extension for the main screen, and as well, as a place to show symbolic and supporting imagery.

The main reason for this setup is to explore the concept of peripheral vision in the spectator, and also as a reflection on how we frame reality through ideas. This way, each spectator will have a different experience.

The installation will be presented using rear screen projection with full HD projectors, carefully mapped to fit the customized screens. 


The film will be created using live action filmmaking (shot on the Red Scarlett Camera), and as well as 2d and 3d animation.

Ideally the project will be presented as a three-screen installation for galleries and transmedia festivals. Also, I will be making a single-screen format, one that will make it more attractive to traditional film festivals around the world. 



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