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Track and retrieve anything and everything, almost anywhere in the world - Pets, People & much more!
Sarasota, Florida
United States
1 Team Member

We're Featured In The Press

From Humble Beginnings!

And Finally.....Our Retrievor

Almost as tiny as a US Quarter and not much thicker than 4 stacked together, Retrievor brings you all of the functionality a true end to end GPS solution should offer!

Having teamed up with some of the best brains in the business and developed partnerships with cutting edge service providers, we bring you the smallest ever, end to end GPS solution in the world. Period! We've also packed some amazing technology into our little Retrievor, which combined with our free Android, iPhone & Web Apps, will allow you to track almost anything, anywhere in the world. 

What's Inside Retrievor?

By selecting and partnering with the very best manufacturers of micro technology, we are able to make Retrievor really tiny. Measuring only 35 mm (1.37") in diameter and 16 mm (0.63") thick means you can use Retrievor to track almost anything. 

Powered by record breaking technology which allows us to keep things really, really small. Our GPS unit is the industry's smallest, fully integrated module with on-board antenna. Featuring  advanced miniature packaging technology and an ultra small footprint too! 

 Key facts

The new technology inside Retrievor is the industry’s smallest, fully integrated GPS module with on‐board antenna.This module is complete SiP (System‐in‐Package) featuring advanced miniature packaging technology and an ultra small footprint.

Autonomous operation Active antenna on-board OriginGPS Noise Free Zone System (NFZ™) technology Fully integrating:


Low profile antenna element, 

C/A code SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS) and QZSS support 48 channels 

Ultra-high Sensitivity down to -163dBm enabling Indoor Tracking 

TTFF of < 1s in 50% of trials under Hot Start conditions

Low Power Consumption of ≤ 11mW in ATP™ mode 

High Accuracy of < 2.5m in 50% of trials 

Self-managed low power modes

ARM7® microprocessor 

Ultra-low weight of 1.4g 

FCC, CE, VCCI certified RoHS II/REACH compliant

Innovative GPS firmware can detect changes in context, temperature, and satellite signals to achieve a state of near continuous navigation availability by maintaining and opportunistically updating its internal parameters while consuming mere microwatts of battery power.

Retrievor Specs


RT -101


35 mm (diam) x 1 6 mm (H)







GPS chip

OriginGPS  ORG1411

GPS sensitivity



Indoor & Outdoor


1 - 3 meters

GPS Start (Hot)

1 second


Proprietary Power Source

SIM Card


Operating Temp

-40°C to +85°C


FCC/CE/VCCI Certified


Up to 3M

Free Android, iPhone and Web Apps

Track your very own Retrievor any way you wish, using our feature rich applications. These allow you to set up a Geo-Zone which triggers either a text, email or ringtone once your Retrievor moves out of the zone. You can pinpoint Retrievor's exact location by zooming in, check speed, distance traveled and route taken. Retrievor is accurate to within 1.5 meters so finding your lost item is a breeze!

GEO- Fencing

Track your Retrievor live online and follow its every move, set up Geo -Fence parameters which trigger an e-mail, ringtone or SMS when the device leaves or enters the designated area. Geo- fences can be selected as shapes (circle, square,rectangle) or manually by dragging the fence area to suit your specific needs.

Ease Of Use Is Always In Mind

You can chose your own icon from a standard menu for each RETRIEVOR device you want to track or even upload your very own. By clicking on the icon in "Radar" mode, you are automatically taken to the "Map" screen, displaying the exact location of Retrievor, route taken, speed, and distance traveled. With all this information, there's little chance anything will be missing in action for too long!

Multi-Retrievor Support!

Want to keep track of your daughter and son's cars or two family pets at the same time? No problem! Upon activation, you can track and retrieve several devices on one mapping screen.

Multi-Purpose Attachment Clip

Your free little attachment clip allows you to attach your Retrievor to just about anything, including pet collars. 

Activation and Subscription Fees

Using satellites orbiting the earth and GSM networks to keep track of your Retrievor is an expensive business, which means there is a $5.79 monthly subscription fee for your first Retrievor. This is charged annually in advance. Additional Retrievor's can be added to your subscription plan for only $4.59 extra per month. Some good news though - As a token of our appreciation, there is NO Activation Fee for Indiegogo contributors!

GSM Coverage

Retrievor will function almost anywhere in the world using GSM networks and autonomous GPS for tracking. We have incorporated (A)ssisted GPS to improve spatial resolution (accuracy) through cell triangulation and to improve App functionality. 

What We Need & What You Get

In a nutshell, we need your help through pre-orders to get the required funding to commercialize our venture and put Retrievor into large scale production. This is also an exercise to assess demand for our innovative product and at the same time helps us build a strong relationship with our early adopters. 

With your help, we need to: .

  • Place our first production orders (we are working with a manufacturing company with lot's of GPS hardware experience, but ultimately, we need to know how many Retrievor's to make!)
  • We also need funding to further our App development and back-end technology and support.
  • Futher develop our proprietary power source (in parallel with the above).

And if you’re international, we want to help you out too. With the exception of the USA, Canada and the European Union (EU), we still have a lot to figure out in regards to regulations in other specific countries. We'll get there eventually, after all, GPS technology is already available in almost all of them so it's really just a case of getting the correct paperwork in order!

Risks and challenges

As with any product, supply chain logistics can potentially impact parts delivery. Additionally, delays may result from final detailing and testing lab procedures and certifications.

The Road Ahead

At this point in our venture we have already selected technology and manufacturing partners and the hardware design is secured. This design needs tweaking and is an ongoing process during the development and refinement of our product.


What happens if you don't reach you funding goal.

We are asking for your help to assist us (through pre-orders) in financing  the manufacture of Retrievor in sufficient quantity. As we have already reached our funding goal and utilized the funds for development thus far, we still need more funding to enable us to manufacture and further develop our product. 

How long will the battery last?

We are developing our very own propriety power source. Battery level is dependent on usage and the rate at which you want to track the device. User defined ping rates can be adjusted from every second through to once per day so Retrievor may never need a recharge for a whole year!

Will I have to sign up for a carrier subscription?

We are using AT&T for data so that Retrievor will function almost anywhere in the world using both GSM networks and autonomous GPS for tracking.  There is a subscription charge of $5.89 per month.

Will there be additional costs?

There will be  a small monthly fee of $5.89 per month per device. In effect, we are guaranteeing the subscription price at $5.89 per device for the 1st year for all of our Indiegogo pre-order customers.

How accurate is Retrievor?

Accurate within 3- 7 feet (1 - 2 meters)

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, besides USA we will ship Worldwide.

What languages will the App be available in?

During the first year we will release the App. in the following languages English, German, French, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Spanish and Italian.

Can I travel with Retrievor?

Yes, without additional cost or any changes, Retrievor can be used all over the world! Tracking is not solely dependent on GSM network access as our device uses traditional GPS too.

How can Retrievor be so small?

With the help of smart technology and the inclusion of Solar and a propriety charging solution, Retrievor can efficiently manage the battery consumption, which means that we can use a very small power source. Retrievor is also packed with the latest components that are all very small in size and can also switch to sleep mode when not in use.

How do I connect with Retrievor through my SmartPhone?

In the box there will be a code for the App and our hosted web mapping service. After downloading the App from AppStore or Google Play you enter the code and right away you are connected and can start tracking Retrievor.

Will it be possible to remote control the polling frequency ?

The polling frequency can be adjusted remotely by the user by logging into our server based application platform. Polling can be set at anything from every second through to once per day or the device can be set in 'sleep' mode for extended periods.

What are GPS and Glonass?

GPS is a satellite system created by the US military but is today mostly used for civilian purposes. Glonass is the Russian version that has better reach in many locations. To be able to offer both will give superior coverage.

How can I attach Retrievor to my child or pet?

In the box you will find a multipurpose clip that makes it possible to attach Retrievor anywhere and there will also be a specially designed collar clip for pet collars.

Can I become a distributor/dealer/reseller/retailer or partner?

At the moment we are focusing our efforts on our first manufacturing run and QA but do have small retailer/reseller bundles available here on our campaign page. We will be discussing possible distribution/retailer/partnerships during Q1 2014. Please contact us through this link http://www.retrievor.com/contact-us showing your interest and we will contact you once our first manufacturing run is complete and dispatched.

How do I charge my Retrievor?

Retrievor is self-charging through the use of Solar and Kinetic motion. For times when your device is stationary and in an environment of low light for long periods, a micro USB cable is included in the box. Attach it to Retrievor and then you can charge it via your computer or by using the adapter that came with your SmartPhone. You can also use any standard USB A cigarette lighter adapter to charge Retrievor if needed (using the USB A - MIcro B cable which is included with your device) These chargers are freely available in most stores. 


Grab Yourself a T
For those who want to support us without actually pre-ordering a device, we have a special T-Shirt for you to show our appreciation. Just contribute $25 and one will be on it's way to you for Christmas.



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