An action/sci-fi dramedy created by MILEY YAMAMOTO, with YURI LOWENTHAL (Ben 10) and SEAN MAHER (Firefly)



RETCON is an action/sci-fi dramedy for the web starring Miley Yamamoto, Sean Maher (Firefly), and Yuri Lowenthal (Ben 10).


Created by Miley Yamamoto, this is the story of Allie O'Malley, a skilled but awkward analyst for a top-secret government organization called RETCON. From the safety of her desk, she dreams of going out in the field and taking down bad guys like her idol, Alias' Sydney Bristow. But when a case hits too close to home, she realizes that her life isn't what it seems, and she's forced to summon up the courage to live up to her full potential and meet her destiny.


This is a story about love and family; about being careful what you wish for....


…it’s also about slinky outfits, hot spies, action, and all sorts of awesome sci-fi stuff.


It’s Alias meets Bridget Jones. And it’s so much more.


It’s a drama, except when it isn’t.

It’s a spy show, except when it’s a sci-fi show.

It’s one of a kind.




RETCON aims to change the perception not only of what’s possible for independent producers on the web, but what’s possible for broadcast television.


** RETCON Season 1 will eventually consist of 12 half-hour episodes. You’re not supposed to be able to do that on the web. Because apparently you all don’t have attention spans. :) However, the way we see it, if you’re watching full-length shows on Hulu or Netflix or network websites, you’re already used to sitting at your device of choice for an extended period of time to watch a good show. If it’s good, it’s good, right? Of course, right. RETCON is a good show, and we expect a lot of our audience, because we know our audience can handle it.


** RETCON aspires to get right what network television (and even some web shows) get wrong when it comes to diversity. Our protagonist is a Japanese woman. We have a predominantly female writing staff and crew, and the entire crew is ethnically and racially diverse. We didn’t set out to do that, but it’s what happened naturally when Miley created the show after suffering the slings and arrows of cookie-cutter Hollywood casting and production. RETCON provides a vehicle for some amazing talent, both above and below the line, that often goes underrepresented in more mainstream media.


** RETCON isn’t a show About Geeks (though some of the characters are geeky). It’s not a show about Actors/Twenty-Somethings Trying To Make It In [Insert Big City Here]. It’s not sketch comedy. RETCON is an original dramatic narrative (with lots of comedic elements) that will appeal to the geek crowd, but will also appeal to a wider audience. Obviously, we're standing on the shoulders of giants, but we believe that it’s time for web content to kick it up a notch by not being so niche. There are some great web series out there that are starting to do just that! When it comes to telling stories on the web, anything goes, and we think that RETCON is a story you’ll really enjoy!


By backing RETCON, you’re not only supporting a great story you’d be interested in watching, but you’re supporting a certain way of doing things; a way that is all-inclusive and more reflective of the world in which we live. Even as we’re putting these relatable characters into extraordinary circumstances!




So, in order to make RETCON happen, we’re asking for $30,000. That sounds like a huge chunk of change, but it’s actually not when you consider:


  • Each episode will cost about $5000 each to make well. This includes paying our cast and crew, renting equipment, feeding cast and crew on set, etc. So that’s $15,000 to make three episodes.

  • Those are just the bare bones costs per episode. Then there’s big stuff for the entire production like insurance, permits, and post-production stuff (like editing and website infrastructure/maintainance), as well as small stuff like gas in production cars to get to and from locations, location rentals (in case we can’t get something appropriate donated), etc.

  • And then there’s contingency money. Because if ever there was an endeavor that is the most prone to Murphy’s Law, it’s making web content. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong, and when it does, we’d like to be able to afford to handle it.

  • IndieGoGo’s fees - remember, they get a percentage of what we raise. We’re grateful for their crowdfunding platform, but this means we have to budget for that, and make sure we ask for enough so that they can take their fees, and we can still make our show.

  • Lastly, there are your perks. :) Things like posters, scripts, and other goodies we’re providing cost money, both to reproduce and to ship. Your investment defrays these costs, too.


So, we’re asking for $30,000 to be able to film three episodes of RETCON for your viewing pleasure. But, you said above that Season 1 of RETCON was supposed to be 12 episodes. Yes we did. So by all means, if you want to help us make MORE than our goal so that we can film all 12 episodes, we certainly won’t stop you! Ideally, we’d love to raise enough here to do just that, but at the very least, we hope to raise enough to film three really solid episodes to use to seek funding elsewhere. We’re also pursuing matching funds based on this IndieGoGo campaign, so the more we raise here, and the more support our larger investors see us receiving, the more likely it will be that what you give here will be doubled or tripled, which will also help make our entire season possible!


As for what you get? Well, in addition to the joy of watching Miley, Sean, and Yuri in a really fun show that makes them all look really hot, we’ve got some wonderful perks for you, which you can check out to your right. Stuff like signed memorabilia, exclusive access to RETCON behind-the-scenes, advance access to our Series Premiere episode, and even the chance to hang out with our cast at either our VIP premiere party, or at an intimate lunch! PLUS, we’ve got some other great perks we’re not revealing just yet, but that you’ll probably want to jump in on later this month! So keep your eyes on this page!



We are accepting backers at all levels with our deepest thanks! However, if you’re too strapped to give, we understand! There are other things you can do to help. Actually, one big other thing -






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Please share the link to this IndieGoGo campaign, as well as the link to our Facebook page!




We’re going to be doing some IRL grassroots stuff to get the word out in as many states as we possibly can! If you’re interested in becoming one of our FIELD AGENTS on the ground, email Teresa at retconfieldagents@gmail.com with your name and your city/state!


If there are any questions that we haven’t answered above, or if you want further information about RETCON, feel free to send either Miley or Teresa a message, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know!


Thank you for helping to make RETCON a reality!

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