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I want to transform a piece of history into a modern day work of art on wheels that some lucky family can enjoy for many years to come!
Janet Platt
Small Business
East Rochester, New York
United States
1 Team Member

Hello. My name is Janet and I want to take this old trailer I plan to rescue  from sure doom in in Alexandria Bay, Ny and bring it back to it's glory days! I have found myself to be very good at restoring trailers and it is something that fullfills me and I put my heart and soul into...along with some blood, sweat and tears! This is a 1961 Shasta 16SC. I completed the restoration of my first trailer and I was hooked. Then I started to join clubs and one by I completed even more restorations for others to enjoy. I found out that this is something I can put my whole heart and soul into. I also learned...I'm good at it! Real good. As a matter of fact, I saw one of my trailers I completed several years ago on a web page for sale. I called the seller to let him know that I had restored it. He said "You are the Rochester Restorer?". Unbeknownst me, I had somewhat of a title. He then told me the trailer had sold. It was on it's way to Hollywood where it would be in a movie and also serve as a guest house of sorts for the producer. It would be sitting on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. That is when I knew I had something here. A talent and a love for a type of work that I should not ignore. Life is short and I think that if at all possible, we should try our best to spend it doing something that we are passionate about! Don't you? I want to build this business of restoring trailers and this beauty is next on my list!

In order to get myself going in this venture I will need supplies and materials to do so, rental of a shop space short term for exterior work and painting, and to cover various other expenses all related to it's completion. Once I complete this Shasta, I will then invest in another trailer, perhaps two and continue building a name and reputation for myself. I hope to someday have my own shop, with several trailers going all at once, more efficient tools and perhaps hire some hands on help. I just need a little help here in the form of funding to get the wheels spinning and then I am unstoppable. I have hit some bumps in the road on some of my projects but the beauty is I have never let them keep me from holding on and accomplishing my goals. I certainly do not intend to stop now! That is where you come in. With your help, I can do this. I believe I can do it anyway, but your help will give me the boost I need to really speed things up. Your consideration and generousity, in whatever form it may be even simply encouragement, will be greatly appreciated!

The Vintage Travel Trailer scene is becoming quite a craze. There are trailer collectors, antique and classic car enthusiasts who want a trailer to enhance their beloved automobiles and trucks, people who want to turn them into tiny houses to make a smaller footprint on the environment, individuals who use them as guest houses for guests and families who want to get back to a simpler place and time. Someday, I might be able to have my very own. But for now, I am so happy just bringing them back to life for others to enjoy. 

For some time now I have been rescuing vintage travel trailers from barns, fields, and sure demise and have been restoring them back to their original condition. My love for days gone by has inspired me to venture into the art of saving old travel trailers from the fields of doom. I focus mostly on bringing them back to their "original" glory, giving them the feel of yesteryear and allowing new memories to be built with them. 

My experience includes restoring and selling vintage and antique collectibles of all kinds, years of traveling the US with my daughter while she was growing up, and a never ending love of everything that once was beautiful and can be once again. I have the ability to see potential in things that might otherwise be lost to the landfill. This is a special quest to bring back the old and give new life to trailers that would otherwise be forgotten. Seems much of the past is being torn down and left only to our memories and old photographs. By contributing to this project you are taking part in saving an important piece of history. Did you know it is good for the earth as well? Not only does it provide aesthetic beauty, but it is a great thing for the environment. Saving an old trailer from the landfill is important, but so is the purpose these old beauties serve. Camping brings families closer, teaches them about nature and how to live simply even if only for a weekend here and there. Some people even take to the road in these "tiny houses" year round in their own personal desire to downsizing and using less energy.  

Once I begin my work I will start a blog about this trailer that will keep you updated on all the progress, possible set backs, goofy moments, surprises and moments of joy when things slowly come together and we are about to cross the finish line! You will be able to make comments, offer suggestions and I promise by the time I am done you will feel like you are a part of this restoration...after all, you are!

Am I dedicated? You betcha! Much of my work has been done from my driveway in good old cold, damp, cloudy New York! Yes, even in the winters. I have my own tools and I collaborate with other vintage travel trailer owners and restorers researching exactly how things should be done and what these oldies looked like years ago when they left the showroom floor. I am also blessed to know many gifted craftsmen and women who are always willing to lend a hand on my projects. I am never afraid of a challenge and actually prefer it! 

In order for me to take on and complete this project it all comes down to that one thing....funding! Your contributions will be put toward the purchase of the travel trailer, transporting the trailer from Alexandria Bay, NY to East Rochester, NY, possible short term rental of a small work space, upgraded tools, supplies and materials necessary for a restoration that will turn this baby back into the work of art it once was.  All work will be completed by myself and occasionally with the assistance of some very good friends who are also very skilled and qualified to help. Upon completion the trailer will be a rolling work of art that will turn heads, bring back memories and also make new ones! These trailers often serve as tiny houses for the environmentally conscious, guest homes, family campers and are often on display at all types of rally's and events. We need to stop taking so many pieces of our rich history to the scrap yards and start holding on to the beauty they once did and still can possess...with a little bit of love, devotion, and preserverance!


 The following are links to just a few of the trailers that I have done. I hope you find yourself impressed and enjoy perusing these blogs as much I enjoyed building them! I also hope it inspires you to help me put one more back on the road! Thanks for your time and may life always be a wonderful adventure filled with happy trails!!






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    Contributor Recognition

    Your name will be added as formal recognition to the project blog. You will be noted as a contributor to saving a vintage travel trailer and getting it back on the road for all to see the beauty of days gone by.

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    Recognition & Keepsake CD

    Your name will be added as a project contributor and you will be shipped a cd containing a photographic slideshow depicting the restoration progress from beginning to end as a keepsake and a reminder of how you helped make this happen!

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    Estimated delivery: March 2013
  • $1,500USD

    Your name will be added as a project contributor and you will be shipped a cd containing photographs of the project from beginning to end. Every trailer receives a name and you will be the one naming this trailer! In the past my trailers have been named Old Glory, Old Faithful, Lucky, Faith, etc.

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    Estimated delivery: March 2013
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