Respect Revolution

Our campaign is about spreading the message of respect around the country and hopefully around the world.
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Toronto, Ontario
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A Great Book for Our Time!


 Short Summary

 “A person suffering from a disease dies only once but a victim of bullying dies every day.”

We have found a cure for bullying –Respect. 


The Book of Respect is a life-sized book at 4ft (122cm) x 2.5ft (76cm). It is part of The Respect Revolution which started in Toronto in 2009.

It was designed by high school students and built by hand. It has been signed by many local politicians, experts and members of the public who added handwritten comments. Displayed in many public places, it continues to draw crowds and attract attention.

It is an excellent vehicle to spread the message of Respect. It is a very ambitious project and judging from the response thus far, we know it is a worthwhile one.   


Where’s the Money Going?

The money raised will go towards enhancements of The Book of Respect including: an interactive website, creation of additional volumes, translations into different languages, design and production of Respect workbooks for schools and transportation for public displays. If we raise enough money, we will purchase a large bus, which we will name The Respect-mobile to travel throughout Canada and the US to display The Book of Respect and to raise awareness of the revolution.

Respect is a currency but you can’t put a price on it. Imagine a world where respect is key. Join us today and pass it on.


What You Get

A variety of limited edition Respect merchandise including:

  • Respect hats
  • Respect T-Shirts
  • Stationary items - sticky notes, pens, notepads and blank greeting cards
  • Blow The Whistle On Bullying whistles
  • Respect buttons
  • A video message of thanks
  • Ability to add your signature and comments to the existing Book of Respect
  • Ability to gift your insertion to The Book of Respect to someone else
  • Donation acknowledgement on a billboard
  • Get featured in our Respect Video
  • Be included in our Respect Photo Montage


The Impact

Our project is awesome because:

This symbolic book is dedicated to the memory of all those who lost their lives by the hands of others or by their own due to bullying.

It is hard to knowingly disrespect someone who you care about! Try it. It's impossible.

                             Respect does not hurt, pass it on.


Quotes from The Book


“Respect is a way of successful living”

-Wayne De L’orme (Provincial coordinator for the industrial program Ontario Ministry of Labour)


“Speak up to end bullying, it works”

-David Miller (Former Mayor, City of Toronto)


“I brought this book to life, stop bullying”

-Rocio Soncini, Artist


“Continue to care deeply, share generously (and) help willingly”

-Barbara Coloroso (Bullying Expert & Author)


Other Ways You Can Help

  • Tell your friends about what we're doing
  • Share our campaign on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites
  • Respect those around you & be kind
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    A Respect button or pen, because you never know when you might need one!

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    A pen and a sticky note pad. Electronic thank you.

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    Blow the Whistle on Bullying whistle, Respect Domain Pen and note pad.

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    Send your messages the old fashioned way with a stationary gift package including a pen, sticky notes, note pad and greeting cards.

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    "Respect Swag"

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    "Ready for Your Close Up"

    At this amount, you will be featured in our Respect Video. That's right! In addition to the physical Book of Respect we will produce an online video to promote the Respect Revolution virally.

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    Estimated delivery: December 2013
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    "Your Name in Lights"

    This donation will generate a billboard about The Book of Respect with your sponsorship recognition on it. You will also receive a poster of the billboard as a momento plus a gift package.

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