Rescuing A Rescue Center

Help us rescue Mike The Reptile Guy's rescue and education shelter.


Who IS the Reptile Guy?

The Reptile Guy, Mike Hopcraft, has been fascinated with reptiles ever since his very first pet lizard in Grade 5. Since that early age, he learned all there is to know about odd and exotic animals, expanding his collection and rescuing unwanted or mistreated reptiles in hopes of finding them all loving homes. "I love reptiles; they are my life."

The Reptile Guy supports the rescue program by delivering educational presentations at schools, malls, expos, birthday parties and with tours at the facility itself.

Why does a rescue center need rescuing?

Since opening, The Reptile Guy has taken in hundreds of surrendered and rescued reptiles and lizards. Some of these poor animals have been in very poor health, but with his care and attention have become important ambassadors to their species. While the current donations and admission fees have been able to keep the shelter supplied, and the animals in good health, unfortunate events have cropped up.

Despite having proper permits, and the city of Abbotsford being aware of the nature of the facility beforehand, it has come to light that he may be forced to shut down the current location. While he has been trying to raise funds for a new facility in the past, this has become more crucial than ever. All donations will be put toward a new home, for the lizards, reptiles, and the educational opportunity that comes with it.

So what?

You may have read or heard in the news the last few weeks about reptiles and lizards. Unfortunately, the spot light cast on them has not been a good one. Misinformation and sensationalized stories have caused many people to surrender their animals, and in several cases large numbers of healthy animals have been needlessly euthanized. 

With larger space comes several important changes.

New permits can be obtained to house larger reptiles comfortably, with new enclosures.

More people can come and learn about the habits, lives, and even conservation status of these amazing creatures.

Animals that The Reptile Guy himself had to surrender can be returned to a loving home.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't donate online, there are still ways to help this cause! Spread the word to your friends and family, and to anyone who loves animals. Not all of the creatures in the world are soft and fuzzy, but they all deserve a chance to live.

You can stop by in person to see the current facility (for the time being at least!), or encourage others to do the same. Seeing what it's all about can give you a one of a kind experience, and maybe even change your outlook on our scaled, shelled, and otherwise unique neighbours.

The Reptile Guy
Mike Hopcraft
Telephone: 1-604-746-7228
E-mail: mike@reptileguy.ca

Unit #7 - 34366 Forrest Terrace,
Abbotsford BC.

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