RepRapPro Huxley 3D Printer Kits

Full featured replicating 3D printer kits

RepRapPro - a collaboration between eMaker Ltd and RepRap Ltd - is running the new RepRap Huxley 3D-printer campaign for Christmas.

The RepRapPro Huxley

The RepRapPro Huxley 3D printer is a Replicating Rapid prototyping machine, or RepRap for short. It is based on the eMaker Huxley of our last campaign, but with a considerable number of design improvements.  The machine uses a process known a fused filament fabrication, which it employs to build three dimensional objects in a range of plastics and in a variety of colours.  This process enables the user to create almost any shape which can be modelled on a computer, including some which could not be produced by traditional manufacturing techniques at all. Many examples of the objects people have made with this and similar machines can be found on thingiverse.

The RepRapPro Huxley is one of the smallest 3D printers available at the moment in terms of footprint, but not in terms of build volume. Its primary design goals were to offer a printer which was small enough to be portable, fast to replicate, and fast to assemble and to commission.  The great thing about these machines being self-replicating is that they can also print upgrades and replacement parts for themselves.

The machines have been put through thousands of hours of printing, with a variety of materials, and the design refined to end up with a thoroughly robust and high-quality 3D printer. Examples of parts printed with these machines can be found on our eMaker blog, showing the range of features which can be produced, as well as the consistently high print quality which can be achieved.

We fully understand that merely assembling a 3D printer will not guarantee good prints, so we are also offering backers all the software and knowhow to produce high-quality parts. As well as access to online support, all of this information will be made available to backers on our website.

You can see the RepRapPro Huxley in action on eMaker's Youtube channel here.

We also have an active development plan for the RepRapPro Huxley 3D printer, so users will also have access to software updates and designs for upgraded parts which they can print themselves.

Machine specifications:

   - Build volume: 140x140x110mm
   - Overall size: 260x280x280mm
   - Printing materials: ABS, PLA, 1.75mm diameter thermoplastic.
   - Build surface: PCB-heated bed to ensure parts do not warp.
   - Accuracy: 0.1mm
   - Resolution: 0.0125mm
   - Building speed: 1,800 mm/min
   - Moving speed: 12,000 mm/min
   - Deposition rate: 33 cm3 / hr
   - Motion: Linear ball bearings on X and Y axes, Igus low friction bushings on Z axis.
   - Fully pre-soldered electronics with built-in microSD card slot for standalone printing.
   - Universal power supply; works with all mains voltages.
   - Enhancements to the printed parts to improve the ease of assembly of the X and Y axes

Sources of plastic filament:

You will get 100m of white 1.75mm PLA filament included with your RepRapPro Huxley kit, which is more than enough to make all the 3D-printed parts for another complete Huxley.

In addition, here are some current suppliers of 1.75mm diameter filament:

Cost ranges from $36/kg to $50, and both ABS and PLA are available in a range of colours.
ABS tends to be a little cheaper and easier to obtain, and PLA is available in more colours.

Who we are

One of the most trusted names in low-cost 3D-printer supply is eMaker Ltd.  Run by Jean-Marc Giacalone, eMaker Ltd have supplied over 300 RepRap Huxley self-replicating 3D printers.

RepRap Ltd is Adrian Bowyer's family company.  Adrian invented RepRap, and is the person who started the worldwide revolution in low-cost open-source 3D printing.

These two men, and their two companies, have pooled their resources to form a new joint enterprise: RepRapPro Ltd.  

Sally Bowyer is the third member of the team.  Sally is also RepRap Ltd's Production Manager.  RepRap Ltd has printed over 250 sets of RepRap parts for sale to the community, the great majority of them made under Sally's supervision.

Like its parent companies, RepRapPro is dedicated to the ideas of open-source 3D printing, and making low-cost replicating 3D printers available to everyone.

Our team has a lifelong experience of software engineering, mathematics, CAD geometry, electronic design, robotics, manufacturing engineering, and machine-tool technology.  It initiated RepRap, and has been involved in detail in every stage of RepRap's development and progress from an academic research project to a global phenomenon.

Dates and Times

We are running this Indiegogo crowd funding campaign to enable us to bulk purchase parts for a large quantity of RepRapPro Huxley 3D printer kits in order to offer you a great price.  We guarantee that the first 86 kits will be delivered before Christmas.

Due to the overwhelming demand for these kits, we have reviewed our manufacturing strategy and teamed up with some of the most qualified RepRappers in the world to increase our capacity.  All kits will be shipped from our RepRap factory in the UK.

Kits will be sent to backers in the order that funding is received, so the sooner you invest, the sooner you will receive your kit.

We will keep everyone informed of our progress with regular updates on www.reprappro.com as well as through our twitter account.

Included in the RepRapPro Huxley kit

Backers will receive a complete kit of parts to enable them to assemble and use a RepRapPro Huxley 3D printing machine. The only things which will need to be provided will be some simple tools, and a few hours to assemble and to commission the machine.  100m of  filament will also be included to get you started.

Please note: shipping costs will be added based on location, but will be charged at cost and should be less than $70.

If you have any questions regarding this campaign, please feel free to contact us at reprappro at gmail dot com or via the contact-us page on our website.

Team on This Campaign: