Reno CORE: Burning Man Art Project

Fundraiser for the Reno CORE project. An art piece which is part of the Circle of Regional Effigies at the Burning Man event in the Black Rock Desert.
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Reno CORE Project: The Gateway

Who we are:

The Circle of Regional Effigies was created at the 2011 Burning Man event with 22 regional effigies being burnt simultaneously on Thursday night.  For 2012, 35 regional effigies will be burnt.

The Reno CORE Group: Backyard Burners are working to bring an art piece as Reno's contribution to the 2012 CORE.  Our group consists of about 20 people with a good deal of experience with Burning Man, from Theme Camps, Art Cars, and many major playa art pieces over the years. 


What we are building:


We are building an art piece based off the design of the Reno Arch.  The Reno Arch is one of the most famous Reno landmarks ever, and is known worldwide to represent Reno.  Our design takes the overall feel of the Reno Arch and blends it with images associated with Burning Man to create a uniquely Reno Burning Man art piece.  The Arch will be lit up by giant letters and be framed by giant fins that curve to form the outline of the Man. Underneath the arch; a 6-person swing will give participants a place to lounge around.  On the sides, the fins will curve to form another version of the Man, with benches to sit and appreciate all that is Burning Man. 


What We Need:


We are trying to raise $1500 as part of this fundraiser.  This money will be used to get the project moving, by allowing us to buy the wood and hardware we need to start building the Gateway Arch.  Our material costs are about $2700 and the lights for the Arch are going to be another $700-$800.  We plan on making up the difference with community based fundraising events. 

All money raised via this fundraiser will go towards buying the materials needed to build this art project. 


Why we are trying to do this:


Reno has been a big part of the Burning Man community over the years, as one of the main routes to the Playa.  While other regions have their own regional burns to create their communal identities, Reno's proximity to Black Rock City over shadows our Regional Group.  Our community has been part of several major art pieces on the Playa over the past several Burns, but we have never had an art piece specifically built to represent the Burners of the Reno Region.  We intend for this community effigy to be something that all Reno Burners could be proud of and enjoy, while helping to identify the Reno Burner Community. 


Other ways to get involved:


While we know some people are unable to help by donating, it does not mean we still do not need your help!  This art project will require many people to build, assemble, protect burn and finally clean up.  If you cannot help with a donation, please think about helping by volunteering with the Reno CORE project.

Please check out our website for more information about the project, and how you can help!

Our Webpage

Our Facebook Page


Our Swag


The BRC Sign with Lights, our $750 reward


The Mini-Arch replica our $350 reward and Mini-Arch Signs our $35 Reward





 $5 Button , $20 Bandanna, $50 T-Shirt, and $100 Sweatshirt Rewards

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  • $5USD

    A Button with the Reno CORE Logo on it.

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    Get one of our Reno CORE stickers and a Reno Core Button

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  • $20USD

    Reno CORE Bandanna(Burning Man Dust Mask) and a sticker and button

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  • $35USD

    Mini-Arch Sign. A mantle sized BRC sign off the arch

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    Reno CORE T-Shirt with special design representing Burning Man and the Reno Core Projects, +Sticker and Button

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    Reno CORE sweatshirt with specially designed logo for the project. +T-Shirt, Bandanna, Sticker, Button

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  • $150USD

    Your own Effigy. We are offering up the chance to burn an effigy of something or someone as part of our effigies' burn. Our swing will be able to hold 5 people sized effigies. We can build it for you. +T-Shirt, Bandanna, Sticker, Button

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  • $350USD

    Mini-Arch Replica. You will get a scale model of the The Reno CORE Project: Gateway Arch. It will be about 2.5'x2' +T-Shirt, Bandanna, Sticker, Button

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  • $750USD

    BRC sign off the Arch. The BRC section of the Gateway Arch. These letters are about 3' tall and 4' wide in font styled after the font of the Reno Arch. These letters will have all the lights needed to light them up and look great. +T-Shirt, Bandanna, Stickers, Button

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