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We are raising money to fund a new season of Renman Live and custom content dedicated to helping folks learn the music business.

Renman MB Background

For those who don't know me, my name is Steve Rennie- but my friends call me RENMAN and you can too! I have been working in the music business for the better part of 35 years as a concert promoter, record exec, internet entrepreneur, and artist manager. For the last 17 years I've been the manager of the rock band Incubus. 

Back when I was just getting started, I was very fortunate to meet a handful of folks who took an interest in me and mentored me on the ways of the real music business, lessons you could not learn in a book or in a classroom, taught to me by grisly veterans who had learned by doing. The knowledge they imparted to me was invaluable and had a huge impact on my career in the music business.  I never forgot what they did and vowed 35 years ago that given the opportunity, I would do  for other people what they had done for me. 

That's why I created a website called Renman Music and Business and a web show called Renman Live  dedicated to helping aspiring artists and music industry professionals navigate their way around today's music business. 

(Ren and Pat Magnarella, Manager of Green Day)

If you are looking to do something big in the music biz our website and webshow is the greatest learning resource on the web.

There are no ivy colored brick walls here at RenmanMB. We are teaching you the music business they don't teach at universities or in books. We are talking about the REAL music business, with real music biz professionals who are at the top of their game. 

Over the last year we've produced 87 webcasts and generated almost 400 video clips with priceless knowledge from some of the smartest, most talented people around who've donated their time and knowledge to help people learn. Check out our list of guests

We share thoughts about the Big Picture of the music biz, how to get your head in the right place to do something great as well as REN 101's about the nuts and bolts of the business; who are  the key players, what do they do, and how they can help you. 

Trying to figure out how to get started but don't know how? Check out our Getting Startedsection and you'll hear how some of the most successful people around did it. Maybe you are looking for advice on Marketing & PromotionTouring,  or A&R

But what really made it most special for me was our community. Over 6,000 artists and aspiring music professionals have joined in the conversation as well.  We encouraged them to ask questions in our ASK RENMAN section and I answered them. Folks have called into our webcast. They posted in the chatroom. They networked and made connections. They shared their music, photos, and videos. 

And its all been FREE. 

As much as I want to produce another amazing season, I need your help now to keep this thing going, to hire some folks to help make this run smoothly, and to continue the conversation that has grown so fast. I want Season 4 to be the best season yet, with bigger artists, more music execs, more tech companies, more members, and a massive network. 

I really want you all to be an integral part of this community we are building, and I think with your help we can accomplish even more than we already have! I have loved connecting with all of you this past year and I really hope we can keep this thing going.

How we will use the money...

We are looking to raise $40,000 from this campaign. 

While I certainly had a lot of fun this past year I also learned that building and maintaining a website, broadcasting a webshow, and developing content is not cheap. Over the last year we spent over $200K. A big chunk of that money went to building a great website and purchasing equipment to produce a professional quality webcast. The good news is that most of that spending is done.

If we can raise our goal, the bulk of that money will go to hiring our dedicated production team on a guaranteed basis. Up until now, we've paid folks on a show by show basis which has added to the stress of doing the show and does not allow us to plan very far ahead. In addition, I intend to hire a couple of other full time employees to cover jobs that had previously been handled by our dedicated interns who worked tirelessly in between classes at college. A couple of them, Cody Romness and Audrey Benoalid, have graduated college now and need paying gigs and that is who I intend to hire.

If we can raise funds beyond our goal we can do more Renman Live shows, produce more content, and develop some new ideas we have in mind. We'd love to take the Renman Live show on the road around the world. We'd love to do more promotions on the show that include our members and offer them opportunities we can't do otherwise. 

Rewards (updated frequently!!!)

Unlike a lot of crowdfunding campaigns, we do not have a sexy product we can put in a box and send you in the mail to thank you for your support. But we do have some AWESOME music connections and friends in bands...! 


4 total available. When you buy this perk you get two tickets. Once they're gone, they're gone! Our friends in SOJA were kind enough to offer these meet and greet tickets because they support RenmanMB and with your purchase YOU CAN TOO! Choose ANY DATE on this tour poster. Purchase the item and we will send you an email and confirm the city you want! 

Check out Jacob Hemphill of SOJA discuss the importance of establishing a strong foundation when entering the music business. Catch this quick-quip for some strong advice about breaking into the entertainment industry! 

GROUPLOVE: SOLD OUT. 4 total available. When you buy this perk you get two tickets. Once they're gone, they're gone!  Choose ANY DATE on this tour poster, even though most are SOLD OUT! Only one package per city so first come, first serve! Purchase the item and we will send you an email and confirm the city you want! 

Check out more on members of the band and their manager, Nicky Berger, about how their paths intertwined to create the foundation that is Grouplove!


Years ago I was trying to figure out what to get the Incubus guys for Xmas around the time of the "Morning View" album and came across an artist, Adam Stone,  who was displaying his works at a big local art show in a park near where I live. I asked if he would create a custom painting for me of the guys in the band and he said yes. You're probably wondering where the 5th Incubus member is. At the time the 5th member was the former bassist Dirk Lance. Unfortunately for me and Dirk, by the time the artist Adam Stone was almost done with the painting Dirk was no longer in the band. I went to Adam who removed him from the painting by turning Brandon into some kind of singing horse. The painting was finished and I gave each of the remaining guys their own individual gicle prints and kept the original painting which hung on a wall in my office. I've been to each of the band guys homes on many occasions and I've never ever seen their prints again. I suspect they are gathering dust somewhere. 

So this painting no longer has a home and it deserves a better resting place. Perhaps on the wall of a HUGE Incubus fan. It is truly one of a kind. Its 5 feet long and 4 feet high. This one will go up on the block soon in the hopes that it will help fund another Season of Renman Live. Stay tuned. 


Renman is giving up his very own piece of Incubus HQ Live. This is a very special box set that comes with a Blu-ray and a DVD of the HQ Live preformances, 6 CDs and 8 vinyls of the live tracks preformed at HQ live, a special edition laminate, and a HQ live photo book signed by the band. This box set is 1 of 1000, of which only the band and the most loyal fans have their hands on. This box in particular is signed by Renman himself and will be personalized to the lucky person who purchases it. Get your piece of Incubus history before someone else beats you to the punch. 

RenmanMB Mug Shot Row: $55/ mug

Sometimes our guests get so busy they leave without remembering their coffee mugs! Lucky for you super fans we're auctioning them off to help fund another season of Renman LIVE! Get 'em while the coffee's still hot! 

More Photos From the Show in our gallery!

Harry Styles Golf Shirt and Golf Balls  

I think its safe to say that most people know Harry Styles as a member of pop supergroup ONE DIRECTION. I got to know him recently as a golfer. Harry, my friend Cal, my son Matt and I took the afternoon off to play some golf at my favorite golf course on one of Harry's rare days off.  Everybody knows that Harry is a terrific singer and performer, but what they might not know is that he is a heck of a good golfer too. He's also very generous too. I told Harry about our crowdfunding campaign and he offered to help by literally giving me the shirt off his back that he wore playing golf and a couple of used RenmanMB golf balls (not all of his shots went in the right direction) that I lent him. While you may never get to play golf with Harry you can feel what its like to be in his shirt and hold his golf balls. 

You'll note that the shirt he is wearing in the photo is not the shirt he wore while he was playing. The shirt below is a long sleeve Bel Air CC logo shirt which I bought for him, he played in, and autographed. 

Golf Outing with Renman, Mike Einziger, and Chris Kilmore of Incubus

Did I ever mention how much I love playing golf. Well one of the reasons is that its a great excuse to spend time with interesting people. One of my favorite foursomes is playing with Mike and Chris from Incubus. When the band is on the road we always try to find a place to play. What better way to kill 4 or 5 hours before a show. Perhaps you'd like to be our 4th when we go out to play next time. Here's your chance. We'll need to find a good time in the next couple of months that works for everybody. You will be responsible for your travel to Los Angeles and accomodations once you get here. I'll pay for the golf, beer, and cigars. We will play 18 holes at one of Southern California's finest golf courses. After we are done we'll hit the 19th hole for a beer and you'll have one hellified golf story to tell your friends.

RenmanU: A Personal All Day Class Session With Renman  

Session # 1 is Sold Out 

Session # 2 is Still Available

RenamnU will be a personalized all day class geared to educate and prepare you for your career in the music industry.  The REAL  MUSIC INDUSTRY, not the fairy tale version. We'll focus on Big Picture ideas, the nuts and bolts of the business, and other crucial points you'll need to know for a shot at success.  And it's going to get personal: I want to talk to you about your career, your dreams, and how to focus you on your target.  We'll have a structured curriculum for the day, and a link to download and review the full recording of your first day of class at RenmanU.  Remember this class is personal: Only 8 seats are available, $300 a seat.   

*You are responsible for getting to the location and costs associated with travel

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