'Relax & Dream' - nature and soothing music for hospitalised children

Bringing soothing music and the natural environment to the bedsides of children in hospital and hospices. An innovative project that fills the gap.
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This campaign is due to close shortly. For further information and to donate to cover the last remaining funds, please contact Kate Murdoch at: kutuliamusic@gmail.com


Good news! Thanks to a donation from a Charitable Trust, *just an additional £3,470* is now needed to reach the target for this campaign. This outstanding funding includes the cost of mailing disc copies of 'Relax & Dream' to children's hospitals and hospices across the UK later this year, with the help of Starlight Children's Foundation.

Arts Council England and Indiegogo kindly agreed to extend this fundraising campaign until 31 July, due to the sudden loss of a family member.

The Goal

Relax & Dream will bring specially-created soothing music, and film footage of outstanding natural locations in the UK, directly to the bedsides of children in hospital and hospices. The relaxing sound-world, and connection with the natural environment, will help comfort and uplift young patients and their families, and help to humanise the clinical environment. 

Kate Murdoch (R&D Project Manager/Artist), has been making music at the bedsides of children in hospital since 2007. She has seen, first hand, that the sickest children are often unable to engage with the fast-paced media currently provided by bedside TVs - particularly after surgery, during treatment such as chemotherapy, and for help with getting to sleep. There's a clear need for soothing and relaxing audio-visuals for these children. Medical staff and young patients also agree - click here for testimonials. 

Great News!! Arts Council England has offered a grant of £10,000 towards Relax & Dream, to support the development of this new genre of wellbeing arts. However, the grant only covers some of the project costs.
Starlight Children's Foundation has agreed to distribute the finished film via 1,200 mobile flatscreen 'Fun Centres' located at bedsides in children's wards and hospices across the UK. 5000 viewings are anticipated in the first year. We also hope that the project will reach hospitalised children in other parts of the world.
So come and join the Relax & Dream Team! With your support we can deliver this innovative project to the bedsides of young patients in clinical environments. 
Kate making music with a young patient

Click here to view a four-minute video introducing music and film locations for R&D:

Midsummer Tree

What we need - and gifts for you to enjoy in return:

Filming for the project is already underway, and we're ready to start creating the music soundtrack, editing the film footage, and designing lovely disc packaging. Then there's the manufacture of the final discs ready for distribution by Starlight Children's Foundation in Autumn 2013. 


On your right you'll see some genuinely unique 'perks' that come with supporting R&D to completion.

Special event in 2014:

All project supporters will be invited to a special Relax & Dream event, one year on, in St Ethelburgas Centre (City of London), with live music and a presentation about the outcome of the project.

Our £10,000 target will help fund:

  • The production of 1,500 HD Blueray & DVD discs for children in hospital and hospices across the UK - formatting, manufacture & packaging
  • Music composition and production
  • Film editing and production
  • Project management
  • Evaluation materials and focus groups (measuring impact for Arts Council England funding)
  • Indiegogo commission 

The artist's team are working at community arts rates and/or donating their time to the project.


  • Any Overfunding of the amount required to receive Arts Council England's grant will help fund the cost of filming the project locations, and producing the introductory video (neither covered by ACE's grant).
  • 5% will be donated to Starlight Children's Foundation
  • An additional 5% will be donated to The Rockinghorse Appeal, Brighton

Note: Arts Council England has agreed that if we don't reach the fundraising target, we'll still go ahead, but produce a shorter film. We're feeling bright and positive that this won't be needed! 

You Can Also Help By...

You may not be able to donate just now, but you can help ENORMOUSLY by:

  • sharing the link for this page with your own online networks
  • reposting R&D updates (lots of photos and production stories to come!)
  • talking to people about the cause 

*See Indiegogo's sharing tools for swift shares on Facebook, and other networks*

We've decided not to Twitter, as we need to concentrate on the natural environment! However... if you're able to tweet our updates, that'd be wonderful!

St Nectan's Waterfall, Cornwall 

Some Other Key Info:

- Arts Council England Monitoring: 

ACE's grants are highly sought after, and awarded on artistic merit and long-term impact. We'll be busy fulfilling their stringent evaluation and reporting criteria as soon as we get the grant!
Iona Sea Sparkle

- Relax & Dream's Core Team: 

Kate Murdoch - Project Manager/Artist - (Kutulia Music for Wellbeing) - specialises in music for wellbeing. Kate is currently training a team of musicians for a two-year programme in children's hospitals in SE England, funded by Youth Music. She uses ilimbas (harp-like instruments from East Africa, where she's studied extensively) and voice as the basis of her work. Kate's also an experienced project manager, having worked for three national charities. She also creates, records and performs her own music. 
Gani Naylor - Filmmaker/Film Production - (Blue Raincloud Films) - specialises in helping individuals & organisations to communicate their stories of inspiration, including filming and co-facilitating TEDxTeen events, and raise environmental awareness.

Charlie Roscoe - Promotional Video: Music Production/Multi-instrumentalist - is well known for creating & producing music inspired by the natural environment.

Annie Klein - Indiegogo Campaign Filmmaker/Social Media Advisor - New Horizon FilmsNew Horizon Films collaborates with musicians, artists, producers and record labels to create music videos, promos and mini docs. 

- Artistic Vision:

The artistic parameters of the project are set by the patients’ special needs - gentle music tempos to encourage winding down, and more dynamic sections to uplift at key moments. The film sequences will be slow-paced, yet creatively presented to engage young viewers, for example, exploring the movement and patterns of water at St Nectan's Waterfall, Cornwall.

The finished film will contain seven individual tracks, each featuring a different music piece & location (approx. 50 minutes in total). The latest music production software & HD film equipment will be used to ensure the highest quality outcome.

The soundtrack will feature Kate's ilimbas and additional acoustic instruments, mixed with natural sounds recorded on location, and quality electronic samples. Initial ilimba music sketches are being created at the film locations to ensure a strong link between the music composition and the natural settings. This is the difference between using stock nature footage with generic relaxation music - and capturing the essence of some very magical places in the British Isles! 

Track locations filmed so far include:

  • St Nectan's Waterfall - Cornwall
  • Cornish Sea Pinks and Sunset - Droskyn Point, Perranporth
  • Midsummer Meadow - Chailey, East Sussex
  • Iona Sea Sparkle - Island of Iona, Hebrides
  • Autumn Canopies - Ancient Ashdown Forest, East Sussex
  • Beach Bonfire - Widemouth Bay, Cornwall

Midsummer Meadow

- Long-term Vision...

R&D is planned as the first in a series of audio-visual projects specifically designed for patients’ bedsides - a little explored ‘niche’ within the arts-for-health sector. The Arts Council funding, together with your support, will help pave the way for future projects in a whole range of healthcare settings, all over the world.

The newly-launched Visions Channel has agreed to host a 10-minute online documentary presenting the concept of R&D, to help attract future commissions. It will feature behind-the-scenes footage, interviews with the artists, clinical staff & patients (if possible) and will be included as an 'extra' with the final film.

R&D is inspired by the new UK National Alliance for Arts, Health & Wellbeing’s Charter (2012), and the Agreement between the French Ministries of Culture & Health (2010) which has ratified a cultural policy for hospital inpatients.

Sea Pinks filming spot















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  • £5GBP
    'Under Redwood' album download

    Beautiful relaxation album by Kate Murdoch. Ten music tracks ideal for driving, yoga, and general winding down. Includes traditional 'ilimba' (harp-like) melodies and songs from the Wagogo tradition of Tanzania, with guest appearance by virtuoso Himalayan flautist, Manose. Audio samples at www.kutuliamusic.org/downloads.

    12 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • £7GBP
    Sponsor a disc copy

    An HD-Blueray disc will be winging it's way to the bedside of a child in hospital or hospice. £7 covers the manufacture, packaging and mailing costs of one disc.

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    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • £10GBP
    'R&D' Locations Travel Guide

    Discover St Nectan's Waterfall in Cornwall, or visit the magical island of Iona in the Hebrides. Original concise guide by Kate, with travel details, photos and accommodation suggestions for visiting key film locations from the project. Sent by email.

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    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • £15GBP
    'Relax & Dream' film download

    Ideal for adults and children alike, for winding down and connecting with the natural environment. The download features seven tracks of specially-created music, with outstanding natural locations filmed in the UK. (Total running time approx. 50 minutes).

    7 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • £25GBP
    'Relax & Dream' signed DVD

    A personalised signed, limited edition, copy of 'Relax & Dream' mailed to you for home enjoyment, or use in community settings. Eco-packaged disc, running time approx. 50 minutes. (Disc copies otherwise exclusively for healthcare setting use).

    8 out of 200 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • £50GBP
    Remember a Loved One + DVD

    A photo of your loved one, plus a personal message, will be included in a 'Book of Memories' made by Kate, and placed in the ancient Hermit's Cell above St Nectan's Waterfall, Cornwall. The little stone cell contains a curated shrine commemorating loved ones who have passed away. You'll also receive a signed DVD copy (available Dec 2013). The book will be placed in St Nectan's Cell by September 2013. Photos and messages received by email or mail.

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    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • £100GBP
    Film Credits + Signed DVD + CD

    Your name will be included in the film credits at the end of 'Relax & Dream', plus you'll receive signed copies of both the DVD and 'Under Redwood' CD.

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    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • £250GBP
    Private Screening + talk + DVD

    Includes private screening at your home, or corporate location, and a presentation by Kate Murdoch about the concept, and making of, 'Relax & Dream'. Plus you'll receive signed copies of the DVD & 'Under Redwood' CD. (Additional travel costs apply outside of England).

    0 out of 5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • £350GBP
    Live music visit + DVD

    Kate Murdoch will come and visit a friend or relative in hospital, or other healthcare setting, to play soothing live music directly at their bedside, with musical interaction where possible. The session can include visits to other patients in the facility too. Includes signed copies of the DVD & 'Under Redwood' CD. (Subject to clinical staff agreement. Additional travel costs apply outside of England).

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  • £500GBP
    Live music + screening + talk

    Private live performance, screening and talk in a location of your choice, by Kate Murdoch. Plus signed copies of the DVD & CD. (Additional travel costs apply outside of England).

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    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • £2,000GBP
    Sponsor an 'R&D' track

    Do you have a special connection with an 'R&D' film location? (Details to your left). Help us bring it into UK children's wards and hospices! We'll include your details in the film credits and disc packaging.

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    Estimated delivery: December 2013
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