Relax Ally Travel Restband Saves Your Trip!

Relax ALLY Travel Restband helps you to relax and sleep while traveling in a sitting posture. A true story that needs to be told! Check out the video and share!

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Relax ALLY said 6 months ago

Hi Luiz,

Thanks for the notice. All the products have been shipped long ago and should have reached destination. We received your email too, we will trace the shipment and respond to you soon.

Luiz Brandão said 6 months ago

I have never received my product, what happened?

Relax ALLY said 11 months ago

Thanks, indeed great advice and will come handy for the future (and other reasers) ..already finished the work and the packets are on the way :)

Yoda Zhang said 11 months ago

For packing things, it’s much faster if you use a tape-dispenser that stands on the table, so you can get a piece of tape with one hand, instead of having to use both hands. It saves you at least 50% of time and also is much more relaxing.

Relax ALLY said 11 months ago

Yes, we have good news and will write an update soon, stay tuned..