Reel Grrls Rural Transportation Fund

Give young women from rural Washington the chance to learn video production and self-expression skills at Reel Grrls in Seattle!

Thank you for helping us reach our goal! Thanks to you, seven youth from rural Washington are currently learning video production skills and brainstorming the ideas behind their first short films. 

We remain firm in our belief that that all young women - not just those who live in urban or suburban areas - should have access to mentorship, technology, and positive after-school opportunities. Our campaign remains open until Monday, March 5, and any funds we raise beyond our goal will go toward our ongoing Rural Transportation Fund. With the establishment of this ongoing fund, Reel Grrls will be able to offer travel scholarships to rural youth for whom transportation would otherwise be a barrier to participation in our programs. You have until March 5 to support this ongoing campaign!

Our Story

Reel Grrls is an award-winning after-school program, empowering young women from diverse communities to realize their power, talent and influence through media production. Our mission is to cultivate voice and leadership in girls at a vulnerable age in their development. We offer a variety of hands-on workshops for teenage girls in specific skills including animation, cinematography, script writing and more. Our participants don't just drop into a computer lab after school — they develop lasting relationships with women filmmakers and learn skills that propel them to leadership roles in their community, college scholarships, and careers in the media industry. 93% of our participants state that they feel more confident being a leader after participating in our program.

Reel Grrls has a late-breaking opportunity to bring six youth from Skykomish, WA - a low-income region of King County - to participate in our upcoming introductory video production program. These youth do not have access to this kind of after-school technology programming in their rural community.
Skykomish is 72.5 miles away from Reel Grrls. The Skykomish school has agreed to provide a school vehicle and driver to transport the six participants down to Reel Grrls each week for the 13-week program. However, they have no funds to cover fuel expenses. 

You can help us bring Skykomish youth to Reel Grrls!

The Impact

Reel Grrls has a proven track record of providing empowering, transformative experiences for young women. We believe strongly that all young women - not just those who live in urban or suburban areas - should have access to mentorship, technology, and positive after-school opportunities. These transportation funds will make it possible for six young women from a low-income, rural community to master cutting-edge video production equipment and software, build relationships with committed adult women mentors, and tell their own compelling stories through video. 

What We Need & What You Get

The vehicle and driver for the six youth cost $1.15 per mile. In order to participate in this program fully, the group will need to make thirteen 145-mile round trips (1885 miles total). This brings the mileage expense to $2167.75.

The route requires the bus to cross the 520 bridge, which is now tolled. The toll rates (per WSDOT) are $3.50 inbound to Reel Grrls and $2.80 on the trip back to Skykomish. This brings the toll expense to $81.90 total.

The Reel Grrls Board of Directors has generously pledged $1000 toward these costs. 

Please help us raise $1250 to cover our remaining transportation costs in bringing six rural youth to Seattle for this youth media opportunity. You will make a huge difference in the lives of these grrls, you will get sweet perks, and we will love you forever!

Other Ways You Can Help

Spread the word! Encourage your friends, family, coworkers, and social networks to contribute $25 toward this campaign, and to tell their friends about it too. And if you would like to get involved at Reel Grrls as a volunteer, please contact us at info@reelgrrls.org.

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