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The 5 top questions new parents ask their pediatrician. ... What can I do 2 reduce stress of new motherhood? 1 answer:

When I had my newborn three years ago, I dedicated every waking hour caring for her using many juvenile products that were practical, or needed enhancements. When my daughter had self-movement and could roll-over and turn, I needed help desperately when changing her diaper, keeping her still without the mess. That’s when I saw an opportunity.

  • Over 4 million babies are born in the United States each year.
  • Infants diaper changed an average of 7,300 times by baby’s second birthday
  • Average cost of baby clothes is $60 per month
  • Average cost of baby wipes is $20 per month

By Elizabeth Pantley, Author of the No-Cry Sleep Solution and Gentle Baby Care

"Babies are little bundles of energy! They don’t want to lie still to have their diapers changed. They cry, fuss, or even crawl away. A simple issue can turn into a major tug-of-war between parent and baby."

Any ideas on how to keep my 8 month down while changing his diaper? It's next to impossible these days. What do you girls do? 

my daughter hates to sit still and hates to lie down when she's not tired. any time I lay her down, she tries to roll over, sit up or kick her feet out of my hands and makes it impossible to clean her without getting poop on me, her feet, or any surface i changer her on.


Wiggletot is a diaper changing system to securely hold an infant onto a changing pad while changing a diaper. More particularly, it relates to a system of placing a vest with a rear hook and loop fastener, and attaching the vest to the changing pad, securely holding an infant on a changing pad while changing a diaper.

Received a patent: 8,117,698 B1 last February 2013, and we had a sample product made from a factory.


We have a patent, trademark name, website and a sample made of the prototype. A factory waiting to make the product. We need $11,000 to pay for the product, packaging and safety testing (flammability, physical and mechanical, phthalates, heavy metals and a total lead test). 


A few of the unique rewards are: honorary mentions on website, product sample with monogrammed initials, product sample with engraved full name, etc..

Give the Wiggletot Diaper changer as a gift, we'll send a special card to the recipient

If we don't reach the goal of $11,000 but at least reach a goal of $3,500, we will have money to manufacture the 500 pieces of the product without the attachable toys. We will also have money for safety testing because it is a juvenile product. A safe product is extremely important. 


  • Less clean-up
  • Less cleaning supplies
  • Less laundry
  • Less mess
  • Less damaged infant ware
  • Less time spent on all of the above



Just checked out your product. My son is the worlds squirmiest baby to change. This is great! When do you launch?
 Definitely like!! ;) brilliant if you ask me!! :)
 VERY COOL diaper changing help for squirmy wormy babies! :)
 LOVE THIS!! I so wish I had this when my kids were little!!
yes I did....I think that's a great idea
 Thanks! Looks like it could work... hope the product testing goes well :-)
 baby really seemed comforted by it too
 retweeted! Really like the idea! :)


I like the idea, but is it tight enough? Might be onto something there :) Good luck!

This is awesome! I remember struggling with doing diaper change. I think this would be great within our daycares in my community. I see the struggle the ladies go through having to change multiple butts. Please let me know when this goes live! I would love to do some marketing for you within my community. e-mail me :)

This is an awesome ideas! I am in awe that she saw a problem and decided to fix it by creating this simple but genius product!

Oh wow- interesting concept! And I agree, the belt is really a false sense of security. Do you have a website link?

That looks super helpful. I remember how frustrating changing my first baby was when she didn't want to cooperate. So glad she's potty trained now. My second is too young to need this yet, but I'd be interested in getting this when she gets to that point.

This is a GREAT IDEA!! I know many of our customers, and my wife in particular would love to have this.


Is my baby too big for this product?

Both of my daughters have been greater than 95 to 100 percentile for their age in their first year at every check up and have been successfully tested in the product.


I appreciate all of the time taken in viewing my product, product support or passing on this information to expecting parents, parents with infants and/or daycare caregivers.


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