Red Shirts

Red Shirts is a loose parody of Star Trek, only this time it's about the little guys; and boy are they stupid!

Red Shirts Season 1 fund-raising campaign!

Welcome and please take a moment to look over mission statement, watch our video and contribute if you can!


What is Red Shirts?

Red Shirts is a loose parody web series of Star Trek created by writer/director R. Benjamin Warren and writer/director/comedian Ryan Gowland. For those not familiar with the original Star Trek series, a “Red Shirt” is one of the many, unlucky, nameless crewmen who would join Kirk, Spock, and Bones on an away mission to newly discovered planet and, typically, not make it back.


Red Shirts Origin.

The idea for Red Shirts came from an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Riker ordered Data to join him on an away team. As Data left his post, a “Red Shirt” immediately took his place. A quick use of the rewind button revealed a wide shot of the bridge. Picard, Riker, Deanna, Data, Worf, and Wesley were all present, but where had this “Red Shirt” come from? Was he standing against the wall waiting for someone to vacate his/her seat? This small moment got Ryan and Ben joking and the result was Red Shirts.


Who are the Red Shirts?

Red Shirts follows Ensigns Monroe, Garibaldi and Barry as they work and live aboard a space ship and their adventures as they travel to distant planets, fight through boredom, fall in love and, most of all, find a way to survive.

Now, you might think Red Shirts is our chance to make these guys the heroes, but that is not our intention. They are not heroes; in fact we like to think of our versions as “idiots in space” -- to give you an idea of our direction. And while our show does not take place in the Star Trek universe, we were very careful to pay homage to the aesthetics of the original series through the uniforms, the sets and the props.


The Red Shirts Plan.

Our goal with Red Shirts is to take your generous donations and use it to fund our first season. As we explain in our video, productions like ours have many costs and many people to pay in order to be successful. As you can see in our video, we have our actors, our theme song, some of our costumes and our sets are mostly built, but we need your help in order to finish them and fund our first full season.

Our costs include:

  • Studio Rental

  • Sets & Props

  • Lights & Sound

  • Visual Effects

  • Music

  • Cast & Crew

  • Costumes

  • Craft Services

  • Makeup Artist.


We have our first season fully scripted and if we can reach our goal -- or even better, exceed it -- we’ll be able to bring you the further adventure of the Red Shirts. So please, donate what you can, support us by watching the episodes when they come out on our website and spread the word about Red Shirts!


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