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RecoFit Compression Gear is going national!


Official Garmin-Sharp Pro Cycling Team jersey by Castelli!  

Inspirational necklaces for men and women!

Perform Better Recover Faster!

Fact: Athletes competed naked at the early Greek Olympics.  Probably because they could perform better -- and look good doing it!  Wearing RecoFit Compression Gear feels like that.   It’s designed and tested by athletes in Boulder, Colorado, a place that was voted by GQ Magazine as the city that looks best naked.  We are proud of that. 

We are also proud of RecoFit Compression Gear and are ready to take it to the next level.  That's why we need your help.  By contributing to our campaign, we can accomplish a lot!  

Our gradient-compression gear helps everybody, not just elite athletes.  Its carbon-based, technical fabric improves circulation, delays fatigue, prevents swelling, keeps your legs from feeling like wooden posts after sitting or standing for long periods.  So we want to develop more awesome products!

RecoFit is a woman-owned, independent company that wants to stay that way, to stay authentic, and to be true to its customers.

We want to continue making our products in the USA, which costs more but is worth it!

Here’s another good reason to donate – our video model is Olympic runner Roberto Mandje, who is on a quest for Olympic gold.  If you help us, we in turn can continue to sponsor him and other athletes.  Plus we have fabulous perks to reward you!

Please tell everyone you've ever met, emailed, Facebooked, tweeted, texted, called or wrote a snail mail to that they should contribute to our campaign. And for whoever refers the most amount of donors, he or she will receive a free pair of RecoFit full-leg compression sleeves -- a $75 value!


Susan Eastman Walton, owner


Please help us reach our goal by donating today! 

Videography by Michael Robson

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