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We are committed to growing happy homes by helping young parents regain their emotional balance.
Team Rebalance
San Francisco, California
United States
1 Team Member
This campaign is raising funds on behalf of Architecture For Humanity, a verified nonprofit. The campaign does not necessarily reflect the views of the nonprofit or have any formal association with it. All contributions are considered unrestricted gifts and can't be specified for any particular purpose.

What We Need & What You Get 

We need your votes! One vote is a $1 donation of support for our idea. Once we achieve (or surpass!) our goal of $500, we will donate all the funds collected by our class to Architecture for Humanity, which is a non-profit organization that uses their design skills to help communities throughout the world rebuild, often after disaster strikes.

The class we’re developing rebalance for is concept driven and not about a built product, so by funding rebalance you’re giving us a thumbs up that you think this idea is worth pursuing. Since we are not physically building the product at the end of our campaign, all of the money we raise will be donated to the non-profit organization Architecture for Humanity.

• When you contribute, in addition to that warm fuzzy feeling, you will receive a printable emotional wellbeing checklist or a printable baby gift box template created by our talented graphic designers! 

No matter how much money we raise, all the funds will go to Architecture for Humanity. We want to assist this groundbreaking organization in any way we can so they can continue to do the important work they do.

Who We Are and What We Do

We are rebalance! Our team consists of four Design MFA graduate students at California College of the Arts, and we’ve been working on a business project that aims to help young parents deal with the emotional challenges that arise after having a baby.

The statistics are telling: over 10 million young parents in the United States are suffering from some kind of significant emotional or mental stress due to parenthood and most of them are not receiving adequate help to assist them in this new phase in their lives. This imbalance in emotional/mental wellbeing is not just an individual problem - it’s a societal problem that affects everyone.  

Currently for parents who need help with emotional stress, the choices for mental health care are reading blogs and medical sites, or visiting a therapist in person. There is a need for a middle ground here for people who need a little help, but who aren’t seriously depressed. This middle ground essentially doesn’t exist today, and that’s where rebalance comes in: We offer a simple and enjoyable outlet for parents to de-stress, connect with other parents and feel better through a simple and delightful platform.

The site has 5 main areas:

•Heal - Therapeutic excercises based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

•Learn - Curated videos and articles about the mental health concerns most common to young parents, such as anxiety, stress and sadness.

•Share - An open forum for member to talk to each other and get support.

•Discover - A storehouse of ideas for activities with kids, organized around the time the parent has available, and their energy levels.

•Play - Fun activities like games, video and imagery chosen just for parents. 

The Impact

In speaking with a young mother she stated,  “…It’s been a scary experience of witnessing how a child can read your emotions. Your emotional state plays a huge role in the well-being of the child.”

Having a child is one of the greatest and most challenging experiences in life, and it should never be an experience that a person has to do alone and without support when things are difficult. rebalance is devoted to providing that assistive support for young parents when they need it, so they can guide themselves towards wellbeing. We are here to help them feel better. 

Why We're Doing This

From our research and personal experience, we’ve seen a great need for young parents to regain a sense of their purpose beyond just taking care of a little one, and to take control of their emotional and mental wellbeing. Deciding to take care of their health and happiness is one of the most important choices that young parents can make for themselves and their children for a lifetime.

Your contribution to rebalance doesn’t just help a business idea, it voices support for the many young parents out there who want to regain balance in their lives so that they can better raise their children; those children will contribute to the wellbeing of our world.

rebalance is for families


raised by 64 people in 21 days
105% funded
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Verified Nonprofit
$500 USD goal
Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on April 24, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $1USD
    Emotional Well-being Checklist

    A printable emotional well-being checklist designed by the rebalance team. A typographic keepsake to remind you to take care of your emotional health.

    14 out of 500 claimed
    Estimated delivery: May 2013
  • $1USD
    Baby Gift Box Template

    A printable template for a baby shower gift box designed by the rebalance team. Just cut, fold, attach and give your baby gift in style!

    4 claimed
    Estimated delivery: May 2013
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