Why carry something around everywhere, if it isn't useful? ReadyCase is a multi-function iPhone case. It's useful.

The ReadyCase campaign is finished!  After nine long months of development we are now shipping: http://ready-case.com/

Thank you to all our contributors!  

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"...the ReadyCase packs more features than I think any I’ve ever seen, all into a low-profile design..."

"...boy does the ReadyCase look useful..."

"I’m not really an iPhone case guy, but this ReadyCase makes a compelling argument."

"I'm sufficiently excited about it that it just became the second crowdsourced project I've ever funded."

"The idea is simple and a little bit ingenious: If you’re going to tolerate that extra bulk in your pocket, you might as well get something for your trouble."

ReadyCase for iPhone 5 is the new thin Swiss Army Knife"

"This iPhone case is the type that gets handed to James Bond by Q before he heads out on a mission."

Every contribution ships with case bodies for both the iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5. No matter when you upgrade we've got your covered, literally...

The included USB stick and Multitool can be used interchangably with either case body.

The ReadyCase

Slim Minimalist Design. We’ve crafted the ReadyCase to be highly functional, yet as slim and simple as possible.  At less than 3mm thick, your phone will still easily fit in your pocket.  Made of aerospace grade composite materials, it’s durable and slim.

Integrated Multi-Tool. Stay prepared.  We will contact you regarding your knife color preference once we're ready to ship.

Integrated USB Stick.  Share your files easily. 8GB or 16GB.

Use the USB Stick as Multi-angle Stand. Prop up your phone in landscape or portrait, at different angles.

Integrated Headphone Clip.  Keep your headphones tangle free.

Left: iPhone 4s, Right: iPhone 5

Integrated Lens Ring. Attach a variety of lenses specifically designed to work with the iPhone. ReadyCase ships with three lenses.

A macro lens for shooting extremely awesome extreme close-ups:

Taken on iPhone4s with a macro lens on ReadyCase

A fish eye lens for a massive viewing angle with a uniquely stylized look.

Taken on iPhone4s with a fisheye lens on ReadyCase

A wide angle lens for getting the right frame in particularly tight areas.

Taken on iPhone4s with a wide lens on ReadyCase

The wide angle lens also removes the annoying crop in video mode.

Frame from stock iPhone4s video

Frame from iPhone4s video with wide lens attached

Where We’re At

We have a clear plan to cross the finish line, but part of that plan relies on you.  We have calculated that we need $15K to bring the ReadyCase to market.  Here is a breakdown of where the funds will go as well as our timeline for the project:

If you're interested in seeing the ReadyCase made and would like to receive one of the first editions, please contribute. 

Thank You!!!

- Team ReadyCase, Feedback LLC

Questions: info "at" ready-case "dot" com


Can I take ReadyCase on a Plane?
With the knife still on the case, probably not.  Luckliy it's easy to remove and check with your luggage.  If you forget and the TSA confiscates it, you'll only lose the knife not the entire case, and we plan to sell replacement knives for cheap!

What speed is the USB?

Where do I add money for international shipping?
When you select a contribution level, you're prompted to enter in the total contribution amount just below.  This is for people that want international shipping, or if you want to toss a few extra bucks our way just to be nice.

What if I forgot to add international shipping?
After the project is funded and we're ready to ship, we'll contact each contributor to confirm shipping details.  If you didn't add shipping when you contributed, you can add it then.

How do I select knife color?
After the project is funded and we're ready to ship, we'll contact each contributor to verify their preference.

I have an iPhone 4/4S, but might get an iPhone 5 in the near future.  I know I'll receive a case body for the iPhone 5 with my contribution, but will I need a new USB drive and Multitool?
The USB drive and Multitool are interchanable with either case body, so you will not need a second set to future proof your iPhone 4/4S ReadyCase.

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