reAction 2013 Fundraiser

re/Action (www.reactionzine.com) is a reader-funded indie publication about the games industry: its product, its players, and its culture.

re/Action is an experiment in reader-funded opinion, commentary, and analysis about the games industry.

Our site (www.reactionzine.com) is a platform for talented writers, from the mainstream of the games industry and beyond, to discuss the sorts of issues that are vitally important but do not serve a specific commercial purpose. During our prelaunch, re/Action has featured amazing people with compelling stories:


Why do we need your help?

For this to continue, we need funding. We intend to pay a quality rate -- $200 per article -- and that can only happen with your financial support. We aren’t taking advertising from the games industry. We need $41000 to support our team for the last six months of 2013. Here is the breakdown:


  • $200/article to the writer * 78 articles (avg. of 3 each week for 6 months): $15600

  • Staff costs (Mattie, Stephen, Andrea) of $833/month each: $15000

  • Costs for print publication’s layout, artwork, and similar: $5000

  • Webhosting, monitoring, domains, taxes, and other administrative costs: $1050

  • Approximately 7.5% buffer for unplanned expenses: $2750

  • 4% Processing Fee: $1573

  • Total: $40976. We rounded up a bit. =)


This project is all-or-nothing. Either we get enough to launch for real, or August 1st will be our last day.

What’s In It For You?

Other than the nifty writing that you can’t find anywhere else? Other than making the statement that the games industry has many voices and all of them deserve a chance to be heard? Other than supporting a site that will honor the smart, kill the trolls, and celebrate the unique? Perks, of course.

  • Like almost every other funding campaign, we will post your name on a page. Two pages, really --

  • A physical copy of our magazine will be made for our dedicated subscribers. A keepsake of our site and the issues we discuss. We intend to print one each quarter.

  • Consulting services from Mattie Brice, our Editor in Chief. She will consult about topics concerning diversity, narrative, and play.

  • Consulting services from Andrea Shubert, our Producer and Managing Editor. An award-winning game designer, Andrea will consult almost any game project you’d like.


We believe that a commercial enterprise funded by its readers can be a fearless voice in the games industry. This can only happen with your help. $5/month (via a $30 contribution) would help plenty. Please, have a look at our articles and decide for yourself.

Team on This Campaign: