Reaching out to High School Drop-outs in Texas

Help us steer high school dropouts away from the street life of crime and violence. We can begin to change lives starting today!
Prince Aka
Killeen, Texas
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An Outreach to High School Dropouts


Help us reduce crime and poverty in our community by building a teen outreach center dedicated to help inspire and motivate high school dropouts away from the street life.

Most of these youths simply don't fit in the school system, and there are no compelling alternatives available to them so they just hang out mostly.

In order to make some money, a lot of them turn to criminal activity and join gangs for support in the process. 

We want to intervene at this critical step by providing them with an alternative learning environment where the focus will be on their own personal interests. 

We also want to give them the opportunity to earn some extra cash through positive means by sponsoring fundraisers and events that they can participate in.

We can't as a society blame kids for turning to the streets if we are not reaching out to them and providing them with real answers and support.

Contribute to our project and you will be forever remembered on our wall of honor.


The Problem

8300 high school students drop out across the nation every single day, and 36% of these are freshmen who have not yet reached the age of 15. The statistics show that teens who drop out of high school face a substantially higher risk of experiencing poverty and incarceration in their adult lives than those who graduate.


Law enforcement officials from across the country joined the national group “Fight Crime: Invest in Kids” to unveil a report, which shows that high school dropouts are three and a half times more likely than graduates to be arrested and eight times more likely to be imprisoned.

"With numbers like this, we're not just looking at dropouts, we're looking at a major public safety crisis," said Boston District Attorney Daniel Conley.

Nearly 70 percent of all inmates in the nation's prisons did not graduate from high school, the group said in a news release.

"I can tell you where to find dropouts. You can find them in any state. Go to where there are drug deals or prostitution going on. There are some as young as 13," said San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne.

"Far too often, today's dropouts are tomorrow's criminals," he said.


The Solution

The lifeline club we propose, once fully operational will be a full-time support and training center for high school dropouts that will work to inspire and motivate them by:

  • Providing a friendly, safe and relaxed learning atmosphere where each student can learn at his/her own pace with no pressure.

  • Focusing on each student's individual needs

  • Creating curriculum that cater to each student's goals and interests

  • Providing Counseling sessions and workshops to help  students set & achieve their personal goals

  • Providing Real incentives for students to participate in our self-improvement programs and rewarding students who put forth the most effort.

  • Incorporating team-building activities such as fund-raising projects, field trips and an online social forum to create a strong community of teens that will support & help each other even long after they move on from the club and have started their careers.

The Lifeline club will provide training workshops in essential life skills including but not limited to:

  • Budgeting, personal finance and credit

  • Interpersonal & business communication

  • Emotional balance, meditation and self-talk workshops

  • Cognitive enhancement games and bio-feedback sessions

  • Basic computing workshops

  • Small business and marketing workshops

  • More programs will be added based on the student's interests as the club grows and has more funds available.


Instead of a top down schooling experience, we will offer them the choice to use their talents and abilties to help us solve real world problems and improve our own communities. They will be treated with kindness, patience, respect and most of all, they will be fairly compensated and recognized for their contributions in helping to actually make a difference in the lives of people within their communities.


Help us throw these kids a lifeline by funding the first ever Lifeline Club for High School Drop-outs. We are raising money to lease and furnish our first student training center as well as to hire instructors and counselors.

If you are not able to contribute financially, please help us spread the word so that the right people who can help our club become a great success have an opportunity to take part and join us.

Thank you for your time


 My Story

Hello, My name is Prince Jerome Aka, and several years ago I lost my job and found myself living on the street and having to turn to friends and family for support.

I was able to quickly overcome the challenges presented and get my life back together with their help, but having gone through that experience woke me up to the reality of what was going on around us and what people had to do to survive when they had no support system and no one willing to take a chance on them like I was fortunate enough to have.

Being in my early 20's at the time, I got to meet and spend a lot of time with young adults who seemed to have lost all interest in academia & were fully engulfed in the street life, either selling drugs, weapons or stealing to make ends meet. Upon further probing though, it became clear to me that the problem was not an inherent lack of motivation or drive to succeed.

These young adults simply did not fit into the public school system and soon realized that there were no alternative mediums available for them to explore their interests and express themselves in a productive manner outside of school.

The choice for many of these students was to either subject themselves to years of a system they could not stand and probably did not function well within, or trying their chances out in the real world and experiencing the independence that came with it. I found it difficult within myself to fault them for being so optimistic about their future, because we all are, especially when we are very young and inexperienced.

It also troubled me to find that no one cared enough to reach out, inspire and motivate them to improve themselves. All they usually received were insults, beratings and empty cliches, but no one actually willing to take a chance by providing them with the environment and tools necessary to make those improvements.

Society just tosses them to the way side once they drop out of school, so that they may end up in prisons and homeless on the street. 

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